Two Little Cavaliers – A Lifestyle Blog for Dogs and their Owners

Two Little Cavaliers – A Lifestyle Blog for Dogs and their Owners

Two Little Cavaliers

For several months now I have been debating on what to do with Two Little Cavaliers. I knew that things were broken but reverting back to an older version just made things worse. I wanted something I could work with myself meaning plug and play not writing my own code. Which I don’t enjoy and quite honestly scares me. I also wanted something with similar functionality to our last theme but something that is much more dynamic an easily viewable on tablet, smartphones, laptops, desktops, whether using Firefox, IE, or Chrome.

I also wanted to do a bit of re-branding in the process. Obviously we are no longer a news only or news heavy site we are going back to our roots and updating according to what I have learned over the past few years. I think you will all enjoy the changes at least you seem to like them all so far.

Back to the problem of what to do about the look of Two Little Cavaliers. I considered hiring a designer to do it all from scratch but I wanted to be able to fix things on my own in the future. Small things like color or a new logo for our header without having to pay for the service. But when you involve someone else somehow things that are most important to you get lost in the mix. Or the designer wants 2 weeks to a month to get it done knowing that really means they will take double that amount of time. So when I needed to relax I would go out searching for Blog themes that I liked but none felt right. Then yesterday when I was at the point of wanting to throw the computer across the room because somethign as simple as adding ad code to my sidebar once and for all broke my theme. I went in and uninstalled the very final plug-in that could have caused it but by removing it. I now needed a fix for that and well the only fix was a brand new blog theme.

Then I was issued a challenge for Two Little Cavaliers. I was sent a list of Blog Themes and was told to choose one from the list of free or low cost themes and work with it. I accepted the challenge and 2 hours into the transformation I am pretty happy with the results. I can’t get some of the elements to work but I put in a ticket to the support desk and we will see how that turns out. Seeing how the support desk helps or doesn’t help was part of the Challenge so I guess I am on track and well into the result phase now. Several changes will occur between now and Monday but hopefully we have a new theme that lasts at least as long as our old one and is much more user and viewer friendly. Fingers crossed.

While Two Little Cavaliers is under construction we would really appreciate it if you could help us help rescue dogs. If you did not read our post yesterday or just didn’t have time to sign up for Sweet Relish (for each sign up via our post Cavalier Resue USA will receive $1!

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  1. First thing I noticed is that your site is loading much easier now…I think you’re on the right track

  2. So happy to see you making more of a return to your “roots”….the former look was quite discombobulating!
    Would still love to see YOUR dogs featured here more…unless you change the name to “Two Little Cavaliers & Friends”
    Glogirly does AMAZING blog redesigns I am sure she could help too!

  3. It looks lovely.

  4. I feel your pain! Going through a similar process and thinking the same thoughts. I guess great Cavalier people’s mind think a like? There’s not much on our web page yet, but we do have pictures of our two little cavalier puppies.

    Good luck with your site, its looking good so far 🙂

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