Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Formula

Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Formula Tasting Party!

Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Formula

We were asked by the Nutro Knowledge Network if we would throw a Small Breed Tasting Party for some of our friends. While we have dog friends all over the world we don’t currently live in a dog party sort of community. So we asked if we could have our party and share with some friends at BarkWorld. Only I was too sick to get out of bed to attend BarkWorld. If I could have cried (between no voice and hacking up a lung talking was hard enough) on the phone when I called the creator of BarkWorld to tell her I couldn’t be there to host an event where I was going to be putting out some food and treats for all the dogs in attendance to try out I would have. To make a long story short I had an infection at the beginning of October went on Antibiotics took the entire prescription and the day after they ended I came down with a nasty flu. So yeah that didn’t happen.

But now I had all these goodies and food sitting in my apartment but can’t really throw a party because no one would come and there are very few dogs that Davinia will allow in her house and none of those dogs happen to live any where near us that they could come to a party. We do have a small dog park in our apartment complex but none of the dogs we hang out are allowed to go because it is never cleaned so we have only walked there 3 times in about 10 months each time more disappointed then the last. It is sort of hard to let the dogs loose especially small dogs when the entire ground of the dog park is covered in poo. We had one more option that would have made for an amazing party and fantastic pictures but for legal reason I would not have been allowed to take pictures or even talk about having a party there so another option gone.

Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Formula

I finally settled on just bringing the food and treats outside and setting up in the parking lot outside of our apartment to say hello to some of the dogs in the neighborhood. This started off pretty well. Davinia and Indiana’s two friends came out to play and get some treats. They are both smaller dogs. One is a little black spaniel of some sort. Either way she is a sweet little old lady with a name I cannot spell. She didn’t want any treats but was excited to get to hang out with us without having to be through the bars of her balcony (she lives on the first floor so sometimes when we walk by she will come out to say hello). Then when she went back inside because it was time for her human brother to get ready for dinner the girls other friend came out to play his name is Pete and he is a little terrier man he is a little skittish around the girls even though he likes them and wants to play. I know they would all have the best time if they could go to the doggy park and run together. He had some of the cookies but wanted the broken in half before he would eat them. Not because they were too big for his mouth but his daddy says he is very difficult to get any cookie for so the fact that he would eat them even if he needed to break them apart he was happy about. The Indiana and Davinia’s sworn enemy came out for a walk. Davinia thinks that she needs to protect the two children that walk the dog because they love playing with the kids and the dog thinks he needs to protect the kids from Davinia so they are not allowed near each other.

Bag of Nutro Natural Balance Goodies

That was my cue to put the dogs away and bring out my camera. After putting them away I only saw one more family of dogs (they were big dogs) and they loved the other treats we had out. Now armed with my camera I was hoping for some pictures but they wouldn’t stay still long enough so they continued on their walk. I waited for more dogs to come out but only saw a little pug being carried to his car so I gave them a bag of treats as they walked over. I made up a few bags of goodies and left them at the door of someof their friends apartments. Each bag was a little different because along with the food we were sent collars for small dogs, cute little pink picture frames, pink dog bowls, and some of their Crunchy Treats in all sorts of yummy flavors. I think those were everyone’s favorite. Their owners picked what flavors they thought their dog would like the best most just opted for the chicken flavor small breed biscuit. I told you people around here don’t doggy parties and apparently the awesome flavors of the Crunchy treats was just too much. Davinia and Indiana suggested they try the Peanut Butter because they love peanut butter and the carrot that smell like carrot cake. So we convinced their friends’ daddies to let their dogs try the peanut butter which Pete did and he seemed to like it so they took a few for treats before they left. They also took a bag of the Small Breed Biscuits. Pete didn’t want a pink collar or bowl because he is a tough guy so he just took some treats. We made up a giant tote bag full of treats and food for the black spaniel to share with her Chihuahua sister.

Since we had so much left over we brought some of the small breed food and treats over to the senior center n town that is always in desperate need of dog food. They have a meals on wheels program for home bound seniors and when they can they try their best to send food for their dogs or cats as well. They were so excited with the delivery since most of the seniors that do have dogs have smaller older dogs that often have difficulty chewing big kibble. We put together a few other bags for dogs I know that don’t live in our apartment complex and will be bringing it to them this weekend so that I can take pictures.

About Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Formula

Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Formula – Puppy:
Small breed puppies have higher metabolisms, sensitive skin, developing teeth and are often finicky eaters. They require the right energy and nutrients from their food in order to support rapid growth. Because finding the right food is crucial to their overall development, we’ve formulated a natural diet for their specific needs. Made with real, farm-raised chicken, this healthy, natural small breed puppy food contains targeted levels of protein, DHA, minerals, and the right balance of calcium and phosphorus. Its unique kibble shape is designed to reduce tartar and plaque buildup. Plus, our natural puppy food never uses artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and is packed with a taste your small breed puppy will enjoy.

Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Formula – Adult:
Small breed dogs require the right balance of proteins and fats to keep up with their higher energy levels. To meet their unique needs, NATURAL CHOICE® Small Breed Adult Dog Food contains real chicken, whole brown rice and oatmeal along with increased natural antioxidant support. Our kibble is appropriately sized for small breed dogs to grasp and chew. Not only will your dog enjoy the great taste, but they’ll benefit from increased immune system support and a healthy solutions for their higher metabolism. We also guarantee healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat with omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic acid), zinc and B vitamins to help small dogs look as good as they feel.

Nutro Small Breed Dog Biscuits
NATURAL CHOICE® Small Breed Adult Biscuits Chicken & Whole Brown Rice Recipe are formulated just for small breed dogs. The size and shape of our natural dog biscuits are designed for smaller mouths, and our natural, healthy ingredients support high metabolisms. Even finicky eaters will enjoy the great-tasting, real chicken.

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    • That does sound like fun! Some boarding kennels will read to your dog as an a la cart option. I wonder if they read that book?

  11. Jenna Wood says:

    Small Breed Adult White Rise With Chicken

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    Chicken, Whole Brown Rice & Oatmeal Formula

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    Kermit would love Grain Free Small Breed Adult kibble because he is very fond of fish.
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    Chicken & Whole Brown Rice Recipe Slices in Gravy

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    Small Breed Adult
    Chicken & Whole Brown Rice Recipe Slices in Gravy

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  47. I’d like to try the crunchy treats. I’ve only seen three flavors- My dogs love the blueberry (and it helps their breath!), they’ll eat the carrot (but like the blueberry better), and the apple ones make them both sick (allergy?). I don’t think they’d like the banana flavor, but I know they’d love the mixed berry, and the peanut butter, and I’d bet they’d like the pomegranate, too!

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    Small breed puppy. I have a 6 month old Yorkie and I’m wondering how she would like it. She isn’t very picky lol She is always trying to steal my 3 yr old malti-poo’s food. Little stinkers.

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    WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS Adult- We have a 7yr. old Boston Terrior / Pug, (Bug) and a 13 yr. old Giant Chocolate Lab.


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