Budget Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

Budget Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

Budget Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

Need a little inspiration about what to do for your dog or cat but working with a tight budget this holiday season? Don’t fret! Your dogs and cats just want to be loved. They want to feel like the center of attention when everyone else is getting to open presents they want to open a present or two themselves (or let you open the unwrapped bag of dog cookies and let them smell! Tell them you love them and rub their tummy. It really doesn’t take much for them to know you care.

Budget Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

Some budget friendly dog gift ideas:
1. Buy a new bag of their dog food and put it under the tree. Want it to look festive put an elf hat on the top of the bag. You don’t even have to open it just let your dog or cat see it and smell it and let them knwo it is for them and have a zip lock baggie with a handful of their already open food in your pocket.

2. Buy your special dog or cat a new bowl. You can find bowls starting at $1. Again have a few pieces of kibble in a zip lock baggies in your pocket and when you show your pet their new bowl spill a few pieces inside.

3. Splurge a little and get their favorite treats and surround the bag with Christmas tree balls or other decoration. Open the bag after letting them sniff to get their tail wagging and give them a treat or two. If kept sealed and used only for special occasions the treats will last at least a month if not more.

4. If your dog’s collar is looking a little ratty get them a new collar for under the tree. Davinia and Indiana love putting on collars I tell them they are necklaces and that they look so pretty. Their tails wag and they don’t know its because their old one was gross or you couldn’t afford some great new toy. They love you anyway.

5. If you are struggling just to buy your dog food each month don’t worry. You can put their already opened food under the tree and give them a few kibbles in a special new dish (can be one of your plates or cereal bowls or even a paper plate will do.

6. Spend time focusing on Your dog. It really doesn’t take much to keep them happy.
Go for a walk Christmas day instead of staying inside all day.
Too cold?
Play tug of war in the house.
Bring the blankets and pillows and get on the floor with your dog for a movie day.
Stay in bed and cuddle with them all day. (If they aren’t allowed in bed or on the couch make an exception for the day.)

7. Give them their own Christmas dinner plate. A little spoon of mashed potatoes with a cut up sliver of meat and some vegetables is a really special treat for your dog (or cat).

8. Instead of buying a bone at the Pet Store go to the butcher section of your food store and buy marrow bones for them (they might be in the fresh section or the frozen section ask the person behind the counter. People buy them for soup stock feel free to let everyone in the store know you are getting them as a special treat for your dog. (Do not cook the bone just let it defrost and give it to them as is allowing them to eat the marrow out and then chew on the bone.) {It should last at least the entire day but could last for a very long time and you can restuff with peanut butter or a giant rice ball or cheese}.

Budget Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

Our Budget Friendly Dog Gift Ideas pictures consist of already opened (from our #smallbreedtastingparty Nutro Crunchy Natural Dog Treats with Mixed Berries, already opened Nutro Crunchy Natural Dog Treats with Pomegranates, and a bag of Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Formula along with a new dog bowl and collar. All of these things including the Christmas decorations were found around our apartment.

Season's Greenies

Stick an old bow on top of a box of Greenies and then put the bow on your dog’s head they might not like the bow but they will like the fact that you are paying attention to them and probably taking picture. You could have even more fun and make a giant “hat” for your dog out of the ribbons and wrapping paper from all the gifts opened and then stick it on their head. use treats or pieces of their food to keep them still for pictures to share with family and friends of the fun your dog had with our Budget Friendly Dog Gift Ideas!

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What are some of your Budget Friendly Dog Gift Ideas?

Thanks you to the Nutro Knowledge Network for the inspiration for this post.

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  1. use coupons to get a good deal on treats or wet food or save doggy treat samples from pet stores and sign up online for, make them a fleece blanket or fleece pom pom ball or fleece rope, get stuffed animals from yard sales in the summer and wash them add squeakers from old toys that your dogs destroyed if you have any, i got a snoopy dressed like Santa for a quarter at a yard sale and because my girls are beagles they love it save up money every week or month and buy a gift card you can use it for your dogs regular food and treats and maybe let them splurge on something special like the day after Christmas when everything is 75% off you can even make homemade treats like i did the day after thanksgiving with your leftovers
    katie mitchell recently posted..LeLe Pets Giveaway Ends August14, 2012My Profile

  2. i have $1 off any purina dry or semi moist food I am going to use them to get the $1 2 pack of moist and meaty at family dollar for an extra stocking stuffer for molly who really likes it(she thinks its a treat not food) i did buy my dogs special treats and toys and pet supplies plus sent me a $5 coupon in a christmas card because i am a psp card member so if you have a pet supplies plus make sure you are signed up(you also get a birthday gift for your pet)
    katie mitchell recently posted..LeLe Pets Giveaway Ends August14, 2012My Profile

  3. I always do something special for my dog on Christmas. These are some very good ideas.

  4. Those are great ideas!! We usually take that time to replace old collars, get a few new balls to chase that are wearing out, etc. Stuff we need. And those Greenies snacks… they are ‘da bomb according to our guys BTW!
    Grandma Juice recently posted..KitchenAid Stand Mixer Giveaway! Mixing In The New Year EventMy Profile

  5. My cats usually get there “birthday certificate” from PetSmart around Christmas where I can get $5 free with a certain amount of purchases. I pick them up a few cans of special food and put it in a stocking under the tree.
    Pam recently posted..Creative Gift Wrapping with #DisneyPrincessesWMT #cbiasMy Profile

  6. Thanks for the ideas! I’ve been struggling to find a great gift for Charlie.
    Amber Killmon recently posted..40 Last Minute DIY Christmas GiftsMy Profile

  7. What a cute idea to give them their own Christmas plate!
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Online Reputation Management for Dummies is a valuable business toolMy Profile

  8. Actually my dog is so spoiled that everyday is like Christmas!

  9. This is a great list (although Holiday season is over) I think we can borrow the idea fro some other occasions. I bought my presents for my beloved dog at biteem and I think she loves it to bits.
    But I would like adding some food presents for her too. 🙂

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