Puppies and Ponies Are Not for Christmas

Puppies and Ponies Are Not for Christmas

puppies and ponies are not for Christmas but these alternatives are

No matter how many times countless numbers of people write a post about not buying puppies for under the tree there will still be people who buy their children a puppy for under the tree. The puppy under the tree is between the new Xbox or iPhone or latest toy. And oh said puppy is wearing an adorable Christmas bow. A puppy is a living breathing animal and is a lot of responsibility to care for. A puppy is a family decision and a lifelong responsibility.

It always boggles my mind how quickly parents will dismiss a request for a pony but but consider and sometimes grant a request for a puppy. Yes the pony is bigger and requires a special place to live so that most families would have the added expense of finding a stable to take in the pony. But in every other instance a puppy has almost identical needs to the pony. Both need food and water, grooming, veterinary care, exercise, leashes, collars, harnesses. Yes it is cheaper to supply these things for a animal the size of a puppy but puppies grow up to be as big as Great Danes or Mastiffs and that pony doesn’t have much on that dog anymore. Actually in truth in terms of training you would purchase a fully grown pony that is already trained as compared to a puppy that has just left its mother for the first time and will need house-training, socialization, and obedience training.

Puppies and Ponies Are Not for Christmas

For the little boy or girl whose heart is set on a pony parents come up with all sorts of alternative presents. Instead of a pony they purchase horse back riding lessons, books about horses, stuffed animals, posters, jewelry, bedspreads, or if it is in the budget they send their children to horse back riding camp for the summer. Alternatives to buying a pony as far as I know has never hurt a child but when you suggest alternatives to a puppy under the tree for Christmas there is always someone who will say but it is the only thing on my child’s wishlist or they have been begging for one for over a year.

Yes that might be true but is the family ready for that commitment. Are you ready to come home every few hours to take a puppy out to potty? Are you ready to spend a few hours a week at puppy class instead of playing video games and watching tv? Are you prepared for the cost of the puppy, medical care, food, and accessories for your puppy? Are you prepared for the puppy to turn your life around for the next 6 months to a year? Between caring for a brand new puppy to going through the hyper teenage phase your puppy will consume your life. You can leave the xbox home when you visit grandma and grandpa this summer but you cannot leave a dog home all alone with no one to watch over it.

What are some alternatives to puppies and ponies you have gotten over the years?

Please share the message that Puppies and Ponies Are Not for Christmas!

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  1. Excellent reminder…hope the message spreads
    Gizmo (@GizmoGeodog) recently posted..TASTY TUESDAY – THE LABMED COOKBOOKMy Profile

  2. Great post!!! I hope that people will take it to heart and really think about getting that puppy. We have 3 furbabies (2 yorkies and yellow lab) and as much as we love them and can’t imagine our lives without them – there is responsibility and lots of work that goes in to making sure they are properly cared for.
    High Heeled Life recently posted..Something is Stirring ….My Profile

  3. I completely agree! Excellent post, I love the alternatives you illustrate. The alternatives I liked the best as a kid were books and stuffed animals. I devoured the Misty of Chincoteague books.

    Thanks for writing this, I get very passionate about this subject. I’m sharing!
    Langley Cornwell recently posted..Smiling survivors of Michael Vick’s fighting ringMy Profile

  4. According to the Human Society they get a great many puppies turned in to them around February – those puppies were bought as Christmas presents. It’s sad and certainly not fair to the puppies,

  5. Great article and so very true… maybe kids could get their fix by playing with dogs at a shelter, if they’re old enough anyways. Just like an alternative for buying a pony is taking riding lessons.
    Ann Paws recently posted..Veterinary Medical Terminology 101: What is ADR?My Profile

  6. great message! Another option is a chia pet or one of those virtual pets
    Teresha recently posted..Enter to Win $74 Worth of Prizes in the #GreenChristmas Gift Giveaway!My Profile

  7. There are laws in most states for larger animals, particularly horses. Many states require you to have at least a half-acre (most statutes are at least 1 acre) of land to house the animal on. That was just FYI. I think if we had discussed it as a family and decided to get a puppy, it would just make it more fun and special to wait for a great day like Christmas!

  8. Excellent post!!! I wasn’t allowed pets when I was a child due to allergies, and no stuffed animals either so I would say dolls are a nice alternative.

  9. Such a great post. I always cringe when I hear about how cute a puppy or kitten is and then the family no longer wants it once it is grown. 🙁
    Michelle recently posted..Keeping Up with Trends with People Style Watch and InStyle + Get a $5 Target Gift Card #PollinateMediaMy Profile

  10. I’ve never given pets as gifts, but I hear of it all the time…and, I admit, I always wanted a puppy for Christmas. LOL. But it’s almost always a bad idea. Great post!
    Kristin recently posted..Who wants a Furby — or two? (12/2)My Profile

  11. I love that you shared this. So true. Great post.
    Tiffany Cruz recently posted..Lady Bird’s Christmas Cranberry Salad Mold – Christmas with the First Ladies #NGFirstLadiesMy Profile

  12. Totally agree & neither are bunnies & chicks for Easter!
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Lux Archive Offers Museum-Quality Fine Art Photography Prints – Save 20%My Profile

  13. ha, ha, ha… I just asked Hubby last night for a puppy for Christmas, LOL… love your post

  14. This is so true! Despite H asking me for a pony,lol!
    mel recently posted..Avon Fragrance Samplers for Men!My Profile

  15. Puppies are not something you buy on a whim at Christmas. Young children can lose interest quickly. The Parent realizes that he or she does not want to care for a puppy. Spur of the moment decision before Christmas-leads to hearbreak (by the puppy) after Christmas.
    Tuck the Law Dog does not support puppy mills or stores that sell animals in cages
    Tuck the Law Dog recently posted..CHRISTMAS "TREES FOR TROOPS" PLEASE SHARE!My Profile

  16. I don’t have an issue with a puppy for Christmas IF the recipient wanted it and willing to take on the responsibility. I know my husband would love for a puppy to enter our house. But, I’m the one not wanting the responsibility at the moment.
    Laura O in AK recently posted..Resurrect by David E. StevensMy Profile

  17. This is a great message and we once adopted a puppy that ended up at the pound because it was bought as a Christmas present. Our neighbor was a dog catcher and brought her over to us because he knew we’d love her. This happens much too often.
    Grace Hodgin recently posted..Zombie Zoo #W!n ZombieZoo Plushie or Set of MinisMy Profile

  18. I always cringe when someone says “Hey, we’re buying the kids a puppy for Christmas”… Worst idea ever!! They are NOT cool ‘gifts’. They are a lifetime commitment full of responsibilities and takes such detailed research to get the right ‘fit’ breed for your fam… NO SURPRISE PUPPIES!!!
    Grandma Juice recently posted..The Best Homemade Meatloaf Recipe Comfort Food at It’s FinestMy Profile

  19. Jenna Wood says:

    I am so glad to see MY Little Pony is coming back, loved them as a child and a GREAT alternative to livestock 😉

  20. Stacey Monroe says:

    Good advice. I hope that people remember these tips.

  21. Love Ebay commercial about the pony though. My daughter would probably like a non-real pony – HA! All these are adorable
    Lena – @elenka29 recently posted..Sharing is Caring and Can Be Profitable with BesoMy Profile

  22. I do not see how the puppy would stay under the tree. Thank you. Jerri Davis
    Jerri Davis recently posted..http://momandmore.com/2012/11/toilettree-professional-skin-care-system-review-giveaway-ends-1128.htmlMy Profile

  23. Here, here! This is one of my biggest pet peeves yet it happens all the time 🙁

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