No Live Rabbits for Easter

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Most rabbits and bunnies purchased for Easter are abandoned on the streets or in shelters.


Homemade Peeps
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Rabbits are not toys to be set up in a kid’s room only to come out when the child FEELS like playing. The rabbit needs a family to live with who loves them. They need room to play and be themselves.
Rabbits are not always cuddly and do not always like to be hauled around. They are affectionate, enjoy running and playing on the ground and use litter boxes.
Peeps Nail PolishRabbits can live 10 years, sometimes longer.
Rabbits need medical care from an Exotics vet. Spay or neuter can cost $150 or more, and rabbits require routine veterinary care. Rabbits have special diets and housing needs.


Peeps Sunflower Cake
Make this cake yourself
Rabbits can become frightened when held or confronted by prey animals, like the family dog or cat.
THEY NEED LOVING, GENTLE CARE.Rabbits need to live indoors to be safe from diseases and predators.
Rabbits are not low maintenance pets. They require as much work as a cat or dog. Rabbits have high social needs and often want another rabbit as a companion.
Peep Topiary
Rabbits are not good first pets for a very young child. Kids lose interest quickly, and rabbits need continual love and support for a lifetime.
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Rabbits cannot be set “free” out of doors- it’s a death sentence. They are usually killed by predators within 72 hours, suffering terribly.
Peeps on a wreath
Every year thousands of tiny baby rabbits are purchased for Easter gifts! Baby rabbits are promoted as basket stuffers for Easter morning, as cute, soft, gentle pets for kids to play with. Little thought or help is offered about their needs, care and well-being.
Peeps Cake
Unfortunately, many people don’t take time to find out about responsible rabbit guardianship before they buy a “cute little bunny”, and the result is an overwhelming number of abandoned rabbits, overcrowded shelters, and rescues without resources to manage a huge influx of rabbits.
peeps in flowers
Instead of Rabbits in the Easter basket this year how about making one of these fun cakes with your children or makes crafts and center pieces for your Sunday table. The memories of the time spent baking and crafting will last a lifetime.
If Rabbits are a thought out decision for you and your family this year one that has been months or years in the making and you are ready to commit to owning a rabbit why not wait a month and check out rabbit rescues in your area and give a home to an abandoned Easter present.

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  1. shawna durk says:

    what great ideas!!! ty for this

  2. We’ve never done the live bunny thing, but bunny cake has always been a fav at our house. I love the beautiful and tasty alternatives you’ve posted today.

  3. OMG! These are soo cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are such great ideas! I love the wreath. These little peeps can last for years. I know. I found one one year in our Easter stuff. It was a little hard, but looked great! Thanks for sharing.

  5. So springy and Eastery!

  6. I love all the ideas. And you have some great information about rabbits. Thanks!

  7. This article goes well with yesterday’s article about vet bills. Candy bunnies are much more fun anyhow. lol Happy Easter everyone!!!

  8. These are some cute ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  9. These are super cute!!

  10. anita leibert says:

    Thank you for sharing these very creative ideas!

  11. Good news in that Tractor Supply was convinced to no longer sell rabbits at Easter! Now to work on other suppliers.

    And if you DID get a rabbit and find you can’t care for it, there ARE rescues for rabbits out there. Contact them first!

  12. what a great post! thanks for sharing!

  13. Love the Easter dessert ideas! I have a couple in mind to make for next year. 🙂 My kids always wanted a bunny for Easter, but thank goodness.. we didn’t give in. They are alot of work and definitely not meant for young ones.

  14. How neat! These are so creative. Care to deliver one to me…lol

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