UK Dogs Gearing Up for Very Hot Summer

dog cooling off in the pool

British Weather forecasters are predicting summer temperatures to be so hot they will see spikes hotter then Greece and Rome along with a few days of temperatures that could be well above those in the Middle East. While people and dogs that live in areas that get so hot have air conditioners and other means to stay cool in and around the UK that is not the case. Which means that a plan needs to be in place to keep not only yourself cool but your pet as well.

Tips for keeping your dogs cool and healthy in the summer heat.

If you go out now to buy a fan or two to keep the air circulating in your house you will beat the summer rush when fans are at a premium or not found on the shelves at all. Leave your windows open so that fresh air flows through your house even if there is little to no breeze leaving them closed will make the inside of your house hotter. Plus with the use of a few well placed fans you will be able to create a breeze to keep the air moving in and out of your house.

If your dogs stay in a crate during the day there are battery operated fans that can be clipped onto their crate in order to keep the air inside their crate cooler. Make sure you leave a bowl full of water out for your dog to drink from – don’t make it ice cold but filling it with fresh cool water as often as possible is a good idea. If your dog is not a good water drinker here is a post called 5 Ways to Get Your Dog to Drink More

If you are home and out in the garden or on the patio you can give your dog some ice cubes as long as they do not try and swallow them. Licking with their tongues is a great way for a dog to cool off. You can also freeze plain yogurt with a bit of cut up fruit as a special treat for your dog.

After a walk in the hot summer sun make sure your dog has a place to rest on the nice cool tile in front of a fan with a bowl of water to cool off. Just like you want to cool off so do your dogs. Make sure your dog stops panting and is relaxed before getting their dinner ready. Even if you have to feed your dogs later in the summer then you would in the winter it will be better for their health if they aren’t as hot.

If you have access to a dog friendly pool or lake be mindful of the water temperature especially in the Spring. It takes the water a lot longer to warm up then it does the surrounding air. If the water is too cold it can cause your dog to become hypothermic or their stomach to knot up. This can be potentially fatal to your dog so always test the water temperature yourself before allowing your dog to swim. This holds true for the garden hose as well. In cases where you are not attached to city water lines your water comes from underground and will be cooler then room temperature by at least several degrees if not more.

Make sure you have a plan in place to keep your dogs cool this summer so that disaster doesn’t strike at your house.

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  1. freeze plain yogurt with a bit of cut up fruit as a special treat for your dog. – great tip! thanks 🙂

  2. What great tips and a timely reminder. Far too often we forget about our furry friends and the heat.

  3. Thank-you for this. We have a whippet, which means that it has no protection from the sun because no coat. She does indeed get hot, and I give her water in a bowl with ice cubes. Also a fan.

    However, I am a little sceptical about the heat wave. We were promised one last year too and it never materialised!

  4. looks lovely!

  5. michael cudahy says

    I have three dogs, and we live on a lake. They spend so much time in the water every summer, I fear they’ll turn into fish!

  6. I think the best is to make like the dog in the picture, to have a swimming pool. ^^ I remember a video on YouTube with a dog who jump on a pool with a toboggan. 🙂

  7. Thanks Felissa for sharing this great article with such a nice looking dog! Have a wonderful weekend! Best, Lucas

  8. Some great tips out here !

  9. Lovely 🙂

  10. Our first “baby” (our dog Trixie) loved to go swimming! She would even swim under water, crazy dog! =)

  11. paula hamilton says

    Great tips, may I add dog theft is rising and my dog was stolen from the garden, so even if your dog is out side in a closed off garden he or she is still at risk, if she he, is left alone or out of sight. I got my dog back,I was one of the lucky ones…..thank you for a great artical! and if your dog goes missing, get in touch with they are brilliant in helping owners get back their dogs, 17,000 dogs have been returned with the help of, it is free and run by good souls who are very effective….LOLpx

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