Man Shoots Dogs Then Turns Gun On Wife

no guns no dogs

Its true some people really shouldn’t ever be allowed to own a animal or live in normal society for that matter. Who picks up a gun because the dog had an accident inside. Yes of course we would all prefer that 100% of the time the animals living in our home wouldn’t have an accident but pointing a gun at them and murdering them for nothing more then going potty in the wrong place is just insane. There are no excuses. If that wasn’t enough the person that shot his dog then pointed his gun at the other dog who had done nothing wrong and pulled the trigger again. Now if you were a sane person and witnessed this happening you would probably be screaming and pleading with the person doing the shooting or trying to get the gun away from the person. Only the person doing the shooting in this case happens to be your husband and instead of stopping looks you in the eyes and kills you as well.

That is exactly what happened in a suburb of Dallas, Texas this week. An elderly man shot his dog for going potty in the house and then turned the gun on the rest of his family including the other dog and his wife. He did try to shoot himself as well but he ran out of bullets. He didn’t call the police or for help he just stayed in the house with the body of his now dead wife and two dogs. When police showed up a few days later because the wife’s boss was getting worried about her not showing up for work or calling the husband would not allow the police in the house to check on his wife and so the SWAT team had to be called in.

The man eventually confessed to everything and is now in jail.

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  1. Well, obviously this man had problems aside from being ticked off about the dog going potty inside. I feel so sad for the dogs and lady.

    I am lucky as my dog is very well house-trained. I was always told never to react to an accident so the first things I do is remove the dog from the site of the accident, clean the area well with Nature’s Miracle, throw out the dirty paper towels, and then take my dog outside for a walk to show him the appropriate place to go potty. It can be frustrating but it’s a biological function-what is there to do? Everybody has to go!

  2. CRAZY!!! And so very sad…

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