Pinterest Tuesday – Horrible Christmas Sweaters for Dogs!?!

I don’t think there is one redeeming quality about this sweater. A dog in reindeer antler chained to the sweater.

  Source: via Felissa on Pinterest

 While looking for most horrible Christmas sweaters for dogs I came across this little number a few times. Each time the dog or cat wearing it looked miserable. Maybe it would be ok if it was more functional like covered more of the dog’s back to keep warm or had material to cover the poor dog’s legs.

Source: via Felissa on Pinterest


I don’t know that the sweater would be all that bad just not feeling the whole outfit. Sorry.


This one wouldn’t be bad at all if it didn’t have that white material sticking up on the back like the Loch Ness Monster was coming for a visit. Maybe Nessie is only a myth but you have to admit that it does look like there is a whale tail sticking up.

Source: via Felissa on Pinteres



The cat so ashamed of wearing a dog on its chest it is playing dead. Seriously what self respecting cat would want to wear a dog on their sweater? Even a cat that gets along with dogs would think twice about this one.

Now for the pet themed Christmas sweaters for people:

Source: via Felissa on Pinterest


This one is so beyond words. You have to take a close look at it to even stop the chaos.

Source: via Felissa on Pinterest


Christmas Sweater for the cat lover

Source: via Felissa on Pinterest

Cute pug but who in their right mind would wear a tinsel wreath on their chest?

Source: via Felissa on Pinterest


Then there is this sweater. Seriously not my cup of tea with the color thing but I do know at least a few people who might be convinced to wear it in other less bright background colors. Though I do know someone who would wear it exactly the way it is.

And because we couldn’t end with the crazy we had to add a cute:

Source: via Felissa on Pinterest


Two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels showing us whose Naughty and Nice

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