Family Denied Adoption for Christmas Puppy


Many families think Christmas is the perfect time to get a new puppy and place them under the Christmas tree surrounded by other presents and family visiting from out of town. Yes the kids might be over the moon about their new baby and not let it leave their sight for a few months even begging to sneak it to school in their backpack if the puppy is small enough. But what happens to the puppy when school and other activities take precedent over time spent with the new fur-y addition? The puppy is now bigger and has energy to spare so when the kids leave for school in the morning and the parents leave for work Christmas Puppy now spends its days outside. And that is the conclusion many rescues will make if you already have a dog that spends its days outside and only comes in when the weather is bad or the kids decide they want to play. Whether or not the dog has a swanky dog house that costs more then your car payments each month doesn’t matter, the dog is outside and no longer a true part of the family. What is a rescue supposed to think when you apply for a new puppy for delivery in time for wearing a ribbon under the tree and you promise because the kids would never leave the puppy out of their sight that it will live inside? They will say no sorry DENIED.

One family was so outraged by the decision of the rescue that they contacted their local news and are all up in arms over the decision. Here’s the scenario:
The adoptive family is made up of a single mother, two twin 9 year old girls, and a 3 year old German Shepard that spends the majority of its time outside in its straw lined dog house. The dog does not have free access to decide when it wants to go in or out the family physically have to go to the back door and open it so that Panzer their current dog can come in. Panzer is not a fully integrated member of the family and therefore the rescue felt that this was not the right situation for one of their puppies. After all the twin girls were about 6 when they got their first dog and they probably didn’t let the dog out of their sight then either but eventually slowly life got in the way and the puppy was put outside. No amount of begging or pleading with the rescue is going to convince them otherwise. And telling a rescue this would be different because it is a small dog or your other dog is a guard dog will just have them stamp your application with a big red DENIED even quicker. Small breed dogs are notorious for being more difficult to potty train whether because it is not a big giant swimming pool of pee in the kitchen or because the family thinks its funny that the little Chihuahua lifts his leg to mark the furniture and walls eventually it is neither funny or exciting to wake up and step in pee. And saying the other dog is a guard dog – does that mean the dog is more aggressive or not socialized around other dogs or that the dog doesn’t interact with visitors because they think they need to protect you? Instead of realizing why they were denied and trying to make a change to maybe taking the dog that lives in the backyard to get groomed and a new fancy collar and put it under the tree the mother is furious because Santa was bringing some bowls, a bed, and other things for the new puppy and she now needs to find a new puppy so close to Christmas. Getting denied should be a wake up call to make some changes not to involve the media and if you aren’t interested in making those changes or can’t then now is possibly not the right time for a new puppy or dog. Then again it is so much easier to tell the sob story to the media or post it all over Facebook and Twitter about how so many dogs need a home and it is ridiculous that you were denied because you are the perfect home.

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  1. L. D. Pegram Boyle says:

    Agree! Getting a new puppy for christmas is not always a good idea. Most children think of a pet as a toy, then the pet ends up being abused and not taken care of. It’s up to the parents to instill good values about taking care of an animal.

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