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Indiana showing off their special room after playtime in the dog park


Several months ago Davinia and Indiana were invited to stay at Best Friends Pet Care on Disney Property in Orlando, Florida so they could give their opinion about the facility. They gave it 8 paws up there was nothing about their stay that they didn’t love. I know they would have absolutely stayed longer if they could. I mean what dog wouldn’t — they got to have a really well air-conditioned room in the hot Florida heat! They got to play with the nice staff who by the way are assigned to specific dogs to take care of them and make sure they are happy and doing well. They got to eat at the times I specified not at some predetermined time that makes no sense for them. I got to take a look around the entire facility they hid nothing from me including the kitchens where they prepare the food and treats or the quarantine area where they keep dogs or puppies that show up without their paperwork and they are waiting for the vet to fax it over. They showed me the kitty room and the small animal room and discussed with me that they are willing to allow playtime for siblings even if they happen to be dogs and cats or bird and dog. They monitor the playtime and will separate them if they see a an issue occurring. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and as we went through the different areas they could tell me who was a regular and their special needs. Before I continue since it seems to be such an issue for some people who use the Disney Facility unless you pay for the upgrade your dog will be in a crate. No there is nothing wrong with your dog being in a well air-conditioned crate indoors. Your dog will most likely rest most of the day on the bed they are provided and be taken on walks according to your specifications. It is up to you to understand the perks of the accommodations you choose and what you will need to add for your pets health and your peace of mind.  Borders are not put into the regular daily playgroup unless they have been pre-screened and admitted to their program through their extensive interview process and gradual introduction to the group. However you are more then welcome to go and visit your pet anytime during the day up through an hour after the Disney Parks close for the night (sometimes later just ask at the desk when you drop your pet off). You are allowed to sit with them, take them on walks around the facility, play in the dog park, or if you have upgraded accommodations sit and watch the Disney movie with them after a long day at the Theme Parks. There are vet techs on staff but no veterinarian. However they have a special arrangement with a local vet and will ask you to sign paperwork when you check in as to what you would like them to do in an emergency situation.



Did you know that Best Friends Pet Care offers all new clients one free night stay at their kennel facilities? That’s how much they know you will like their services. Davinia and Indiana got to spend a night at their Orlando Facility on Disney property — they had the best time. The staff there was very attentive to their needs and were willing to go the extra mile not just for us but for everyone who brought their dogs in to board. Since their visit was to the Disney location and I slept at a nearby hotel I got to stay with them while they had dinner and then took them out to play in the dog park before I left them for the night. We also got to play again before packed up and got back in the car for the rest of the ride home to Miami.


Davinia and Indiana when I went to get them the next day. Tired out from play time with the staff.


Of course they didn’t mind having a big room all to themselves with a few soft beds and a Disney Movie playing on the TV. In fact when I got there the next day to pick them up they were fast sleep and didn’t wake up until I had unlocked their door and picked up their collars and leashes to take them out. They didn’t jump against the glass door. They were too tired from having playtime in the little yard with a staff member to get up to greet me. Since they were there for such a short amount of time they still hadn’t taken their vacation picture which will be used in the future to welcome us back to the facility on the tv screens at check in.


Playing in the dog park having the bes time


We then went to play in the big yard because it was pretty empty again since most people were at the Disney parks or just picking up their dogs to go home again and not interested in playtime. We took hundreds of pictures of the girls running around the doggy park in the grass area and them playing in the jets of the water fountain. I even managed to put Indiana into the little puppy pool for a minute so she would cool off a bit. Davinia on the other hand was happy to jump in on her own while drinking the water. I know that the water is changed at least once a day since the night before when we were in the dog park the pools were empty and turned over to drain out so I didn’t feel like there was too much of a problem with them drinking from the pools. There were also a bunch of water bowls around for the dogs to use. The only negative about being in the dog park for so long was that it was super hot still in October and there was no water fountain for people inside of the play area.  The girls literally were not interested in going back inside and getting ready to leave.


Davinia and Indiana runnng around the dog park


Some things to know about your dog’s stay you choose what you want and don’t want. You don’t want them playing with other dogs they will not. If you want them to socialize they will. If you want them completely inside when not on a walk they will be. You choose the accommodations for your pet and then add on as many a la cart special items as you would like. Davinia and Indiana were treated to the Vacation Villas which are described as two-room villas that provide an 8ft x 9ft (72 sq ft) tiled bedroom, with a raised platform bed and doggy-eye-level flat panel TV. Each villa also has a private outdoor 4ft x 7ft (28 sq ft) relief patio. The Vacation Villa boarding experience includes 1 Potty Walk, 1 Playgroup Session and Turn-Down Service each day. We traded out the playgroup session for playtime with the staff because Davinia is very picky about the company she chooses to keep. I believe turn down service is basically some cuddle time and hanging out with a staff member in the room with them. If I was actually going away for a few days I would have added an extra walk and explore in the fenced in adventure area. We also suggest you pay very little attention to the directions you print out from Google Maps then again from what I understand there is a problem with any directions you get for anything on Disney Property. Once you get lost make sure you are willing to ask for directions. I did mention the issue to staff at Best Friends who told me they have called the Google Maps people so they could get on the map in the first place but that even though they brought out the Google Maps truck they still have a problem with many of the locations in and around Disney.

Of course the dogs had no idea there was any sort of issue getting there. All they know is that there were fire hydrants to pee on and near when we arrives and a giant bone shaped climbing thing by the door. Check in does take a bit as they have lots of paperwork to go over with you. They put on special paper collars with your pets name on it and since it is Florida they run a flea comb through the hair close to their hips to make sure they are flea free.

You can check out some of the pictures from Davinia and Indiana’s stay that we uploaded on Flickr




Davinia and Indiana’s stay was provided by Best Friends Pet Care. We did not receive any other form of compensation for this post. All thoughts about their stay are our own and were not swayed in any fashion.

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