Thai Activists Rescue Flood Dogs in Bangkok

A member of an animal rescue team tries to catch an abandoned dog during an evacuation from a flooded temple in Ayutthaya province, Thailand. Chaiwat Subprasom / Reuters


Activists rescue dogs and cats stranded by Thai floods as water continues to inch towards downtown Bangkok. In one area alone they have already rescued 300 dogs and cats and those are the survivors. The ones who found a bit of dry land to stand on or a way to an upper level of a building. Those who could not find a dry patch to stay on were swept away as flood waters rose and sandbag dams were washed away drowned. People who could save their pets and take them with them left their homes with nothing else having to carry their pets through the flood waters.



It seems that not all of the animals left behind some were street dogs and feral cats who had found shelter and a bit of food at local temples and stayed since their basic needs were met and they were not harassed by those living at the temples. This is posing a bigger problem for rescuers trying to get them away from the flood waters as many of these dogs and cats are not used to such close contact and interaction with people forcing rescuers to create makeshift muzzles to keep the scared dogs from biting them as they are brought to safety.



There are several organizations that have mobilized around Thailand to help bring aid to the animals in need. Some are putting together care packages for the pets and their families and bringing them to their homes because there is no access to stores or food supplies. Other organizations are going out and bringing in as many cats and dogs as they can. The organizations are then getting them veterinary help if necessary, getting them vaccinated, and then to government shelters were they will hopefully be adopted.

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