Rescue Dog Saves Elderly Woman’s Life

Thor is a dog who was recently rescued by his family saved the life of an elderly neighbor. When one of his neighbors fell Thor knew something was wrong and went to investigate leading his owners a block away to where an elderly woman had fallen while getting her mail. The woman yelled for help but no one heard her that is except Thor. Thor must have heard the woman’s screams and figured out a way to get loose and check it out. Thor led his owners to the woman nearly a block away. They called for help and the EMT told Lewis that Thor probably saved her life.

“He was just so gentle and like, ‘are you okay, are you okay?'” explained Simmons. “It was like somebody asking, ‘are you okay, are you okay?'”

Thor is a very happy boy who loves his new family. His family says he has learned commands very easily and is a really friendly dog who loves people and other dogs. They don’t know where he came from or how he found himself in need of rescue but his old life has not effected him at all in his new home and hope that others will consider adopting a dog when they are looking for a new companion.

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  1. What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing – dogs are so amazing it always humbles me to be part of their lives – not the other way around!!

  2. what a great story
    Benny & Lily

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