Parkour Dog TreT in Moscow with Translation

Tret the dog using an old castle as his agility course

Tret is an American Staffordshire Terrier who lives in the Ukraine he has unlimited energy and loves to play, run, jump, and fly with his friends.

We catch up with Tret the dog during his visit to Moscow, Russia where he takes the streets by storm. With true celebrity status everyone wants to say hello and play with him and he obliges them all except of course when he wants to run then it is everyone for themselves trying to keep up with him as he literally flies over walls up and down buildings and around parks. In the video we get to meet some of Tret’s training friends who all have such great things to say about this dog.

The following is a translation into English of the video TreT in Moscow (Parkour Dog From Ukraine in Russia`)

Narrator: We’re filming Tret. Ready? Let’s Go.

Bait: Tret is a really awesome dog.

Tosha: It’s a super mega dog. (can’t tell what he says over the laughter)

Sheza: I want to say that Tret is really a wonderful dog. He’s a cool (dog?). It’s very cool that he trains with us. He does things that some people can’t. They wouldn’t even wonder if they could do it, but this dog can. That’s definitely very cool. I wish him much health and the ability to keep training like this, it’s very cool. A parkour dog. I was asked, ‘What’s a parkour dog? Can you imagine, how can you runaway if you’re being chased by dogs that can jump fences?’ Well, I answered, ‘Yeah, that would be interesting. It would be cool. It would make things more equal. It would be a new development.’ Definitely very cool. Awesome dog.

Gorky: We’ve become good friends. We understand each other. I think that this is just an amazing dog because he’s very friendly, smart, and i’ve never seen him bite anyone or show signs of aggression. It’s great to work with him, train with him, and video tape him.

Bait: I think it’s really great that not only people, but animals too, can mix in together and do traditional (parkour?). It’s really great.

Ren: I never thought a dog of this breed can be so friendly. And the dogs tricks are more impressive in real life then they are on screen.

For those of you who have never met Tret before here is one of his amazing urban agility videos.This dog literally flies through the air and no obstacle is too great. The pure joy this dog has when running and playing full out is just a joy to see in action.

Tret’s story could be so much different if he had landed in someone else’s hands. If he were allowed to get bored and lay around at home he would be destructive because he wasn’t given an outlet to get out all of his energy. Yes all the running, jumping, and flying trough the air is probably hard on his body but he has a love for life and so well adjusted that he and makes an amazing Ambassador for his breed.

Thank you to Avi Soroka for the translation of this video.

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  1. Yea I’ve seen some of the videos on youtube, what an extraordinary dog!

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