Help Find Lucy’s Abusers

Lucy a week after being found (photo AARF)


Lucy was found in a ditch on a dead end street in a rural area near Ashland, Kentucky. A very nice person saw her in the ditched picked her up, and contacted the Ashland Animal Rescue Fund (AARF), to see if they could help. AARF agreed to help her right away and had Lucy brought to the nearby Ashland Animal Clinic. On arrival she was weak, severely emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in open wounds and scabs. She barely had any hair left on her body just a few patches of hair on and near her tail and a few patches along her back and her body just skin and bones. Lucy’s hair loss and starvation was not something that happened from being dumped in a rural area this is something that was present before she was dumped and left to fend for herself. She was most likely dumped in an already very weakened state so she could not get herself to sources of food or water.


Lucy on the day she was found and taken to the vet for care.


You can watch the video of Lucy getting a visit by the lady who is on standby to be her foster mom. For now though Lucy must remain in the care of the vet staff until she is strong enough and healthy enough for release. She is still receiving round-the-clock medical care for her condition. She obviously has a very strong will to live and wants to be loved by everyone.

Any information about her former owner(s) should be sent to [email protected]. Please help find those responsible for her condition.

For more information about Lucy, the rescue that is helping her, or for how you can help please visit her facebook page Seeking Justice for Lucy.


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  1. Sherry Eckman says

    This is so sad!!! I am glad she is in good care!

  2. WHEN DOES THIS STOP??????????? UGH!!!!!

  3. This is shocking, I can not believe the abuse we have been hearing about. Thanks for sharing.

    • ldrboyle says

      This is so sad and something needs to be done to people that abuse pets. I want to do something and not just talk about it. I’m sick of hearing about the poor pets going through hell with some sick abuser. Justice is what we need! This needs to stop!

  4. ldrboyle says

    There is too much of this abuse going on. We need stronger laws against the people who do this to helpless animals. Something really needs to be done and i do want to do something, not just talk! I’m sick and tired of seeing the poor animals suffer, because of some sick and mean person or people!

  5. Kolchak & Jodi says

    That poor poor baby. What is wrong with people?!

  6. It sickens me that humans have been so desensitized against the suffering of another living being. Is there something in the food?? What the hell is going on? There are way too many stories like this.I surely hope karma has it’s way with them. I’m greatful for everyday I have with my dog. If someone ever abused him… let’s just say I would be in jail for a long time…

  7. Michael Taylor says

    This makes sick!! Why do people want to do SH**…

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