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A disabled woman from Madison, Wisconsin was cited Monday for using her car to help her take her dog for a walk. While the dog takes itself for a walk the disabled woman follows behind with her car and this isn’t the first time she has done it either. Apparently this is how she routinely takes her dog for a walk. There have been several complaints from local residents to the police about the way this lady chooses to walk her dog.

Police saw a little white dog without a leash in front of a car Monday afternoon. Madison police said the officer pulled her over. The woman explained she is disabled, and that is why she walks her dog while driving. However, the officer explained she must find another way to exercise her canine as dogs are not allowed off leash in Madison. He told her she should  put up a fence which you would think would be something this lady should have thought of instead of taking the car and following the dog as it runs around the community. I have seen older people in golf carts with dogs on leashes running next to golf carts or people with bigger dogs who want to exercise them who get on their bicycle with their dog at their side but this is the first I have ever heard of driving in the car behind the dog so it can get exercise.

The lady was issued a citation for permitting a dog to run at large.

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  1. Roxy Ann LaRue says:

    She needs to contact medicare and get one of those scooters. It would sure give her more freedom and I would think be more enjoyable for her and the dog.

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