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I am sure you all experience this at least once in a while while others of you get bombarded with it on a hourly basis. You get tagged in pictures of animals on death row to try and draw more eyes to the animal in case you or any of your friends who see the picture (because now you are tagged in it they get to see it as well) are interested in adopting that animal by 10am the next morning in in the middle of nowhere 10 states away.

I get it the people posting the animals just want to try and find them a home before it is too late but there has to be a better way to go about doing that then tagging every single person with an animal on their friends list. It got to the point where I had to unfriend several people on Facebook (Davinia and Indiana’s account)  because they were tagged in  so many of these pictures that my entire feed stream was clogged with these pleas.

I am not sure what the answer is to this but I have heard several people ask how  to make it stop. Is the answer creating a Facebook page where people can post just  such animals in need and those that can  help will?  I have no problem setting up the page and telling everyone about it but I  am  not convinced that this is  the answer. Do you have another idea that you have been thinking about as a way to help draw attention to the animals on death row before it is too late for them?

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  1. I post animals that need homes, and occasionally ones that are on “death row” but I NEVER, EVER tag anyone on them. I just tweet them, and post them on my two facebook pages. I don't use tagging period because I HATE IT. I HATE when I am tagged…mostly because let's say someone tags 100 people…when they respond I am the “lucky” recipient of ALL of the responses…I can't stand it!!!!
    I think twitter would be one of the best ideas.
    I also like your idea of a Facebook page dedicated to that issue alone, as long as the “tagging” feature is inactivated!!

  2. I almost never get tagged, perhaps because I've expressed my thoughts about “DIES TOMORROW” posts.

    If you're inclined to start another Facebook page for rescue posts, that might be the easiest way to go. You can also remove yourself from tagged posts so they no longer show, and I believe in your account settings you can stop people from tagging you in their photos.

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