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Many of you probably don’t realize that you can do much more with Google Friend Connect then just know when people are following your blog. You can use Google Friend Connect to email new followers and thank them for following you or you can use it to set up polls or even send out emails to all of your followers. But before you go and try to figure out how to use the tools lets discuss etiquette.

I personally see nothing wrong with sending a personalized message to your newest follower thanking them for stopping by and maybe sending them a link to your favorite post or a cute video you put on your site a while back that they missed. Be sure to be respectful of the new followers time and email. After saying hello and thanking them do not use GFC to continuously send out emails to individual followers. Some people will welcome every new follower and some will only do it on occasion when they hit a milestone or they are working on actively building their numbers.

The  real reason why I am writing this post is Google Friend Connect Email Newsletters. To be fair I have not to my knowledge received a GFC Newsletter from a Pet Blogger so my annoyance with this feature is not directed towards any of you. There are however a number of mommy Bloggers that think just because I am following their blog via GFC that gives them permission to continuously email me.

If your followers wanted to receive daily email updates from you they would have done so by signing up for your feedburner or whatever application you use. Well at least those of your followers who are Bloggers themselves and understand how to follow blogs. Those who don’t sign up might have any number of reasons for choosing not to receive your email update so to overflow their email accounts with daily or weekly emails using the feature in Google Friend connect will only loose followers for your blog.

Please don’t send me a GFC Newsletter about your 12 Giveaways for cloth diapers or the $75 fertilizer giveaway or a notice about how you are promoting along with 50 other Bloggers a giveaway for a weekend getaway between all of your blogs (if only because I am going to receive the same GFC Newsletter from at least 20 of the other Bloggers participating and chances are I will unsubscribe from all of you). Not to be harsh but I receive well over 100 emails a day that need my attention. If I receive a newsletter from you that looks like spam after a few times 4 or 5 I will unsubscribe from your blog and so will a lot of other people.

If I am looking for giveaways to enter I will find the ones I am interested in entering by visiting some of the sweepstakes round up site. However if you have something MAJOR going on like your blog is giving away a weekend at a hotel chain and one of your reader will win or you are giving away a substantial cash prize then feel free to use Google Friend connect to let me know. Just don’t keep sending out reminders every other day about the Giveaway once is enough.

You can also use Google Friend Connect to send out polls if you need demographic information about your readers. Once a year is perfectly acceptable or every six months but your readers have no desire to receive a survey about your blog any more often then that. Not all will participate that is their choice please don’t send out another email as a reminder.

Basically what I am saying is that if it would annoy you to receive unsolicited newsletters, mulitple emails, or polls don’t do it to your followers.

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  1. I had no idea you could do all that with GFC, but it's nice to know. I would be SO annoyed by getting all those e-mails, though! I can feel your pain on that one!

  2. Amen! I hate when I get those “Here are my giveaways this week” emails. If I cared, I would subscribe via email to know about all of your emails. Thanks for saying what everyone was thinking!

  3. I didn't know you could send emails to GFC followers…I would like to welcome the new followers I recently got…how do I do that?

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