Fudge the Puppy Who Was Never Given a Chance

From Jules in the UK

Fudge was my mum’s 4 month old Staffordshire puppy
On Tuesday last week at 10pm 5 police officers knocked at her door, mum lives alone with Fudge. She didn’t open door and when they knocked on her window and yelled POLICE she opened door.

They had come to take Fudge, they said she was a Pit bull dog and she was a banned breed. Mum tried telling them she wasn’t and that if they rang the vet whom she is [seen by] they have her as a staff.

They didnt listen they asked mum to sign Fudge over to them she refused, they said she herself would be arrested and Fudge taken anyway so she had no choice. What she didnt know was they had got mum into her kitchen to sign the forms, mum thought Fudge was going into a kennel until they tested Fudge for her breed, the other policeman was on the phone making arrangements for Fudge to be put to sleep.

Mum had to carry Fudge to the police van, poor baby thought she was going for a walk.Within an hour mum received a phone call to say Fudge had been put to sleep and was gone.

From Jules Mom Carol, Fudge’s Owner:

This time last week, just before 10, came the knock on the door,but i didnt know then
that this was only to be the start, of the pain that went deep into all of our hearts,
if i had any rights, then they were not explained,
why didnt i put up a much harder fight,
to save my fudge from her terrible plight
they took her away in the dark of the night, she trotted out proudly, head held high, not knowing next time she woke, would be in the sky,
she was so trusting of this strange man, she just jumped up, right into the van,
shaken and scared i closed the door,
never guessing i would see her no more,
half an hour later the phone call came through, i will never forget, it broke my heart in two,….left so much regret, they, the police, had destroyed my beautiful pet,
no chance to say goodbye, before she made her journey up high
the police were so wrong in the judgment they made, now i wont rest till i know they have paid, and wont ever be allowed to do this again, taking our pets and leaving such pain,
Fudge became just another number, all due to one untrained policewomans blunder
never will you be forgotton baby girl


Sign the petition created in memory of Fudge to try and get the dangerous dogs act in the UK amended to stop innocent dogs being sent to death !! This is not to repeal the act only to modify it so that dogs can’t be taken away from their loving owners in the middle of the night without a chance to prove their case.

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  1. I feel physically ill after reading this post. i am so very sorry for your loss. My heart is breaking for you. I cannot believe anyone would do that to a puppy. It's so very upsetting. Sweet FUDGE. May you rest in peace.

  2. I know some of the friendliest Pit Bulls ( And Am Staff is lumped into the Pit Bull category)and some of the most vicious Toy Poodles. I agree that breed discrimination has got to stop. If they want to get rid of the breed so bad they should go after the breeders and stop them – no rip an puppy from a good home and kill it. I am sorry for you.

  3. Lis Carey says:

    Poor Fudge!

    And how sad that even her family, in their grief, apparently do not see that the breed ban itself has to go, in order to prevent innocent dogs and innocent families from suffering such gross injustices. A four-month-old puppy–would it have been okay to kill her if she HAD been one of those Dread Pit Bulls?

    You can't determine a dog's dangerousness or lack of dangerousness by determining its breed. You need to actually look at the behavior of the dog and the behavior of the owner. The Ban on Scary-Looking Breeds makes no one safer, and is grossly misnamed when it is called a “Dangerous Dogs Act.”

  4. Team Beaglebratz says:

    I have no idea of the laws in the UK but the first thing I would do is consult with a fair and totally impartial lawyer. The police were trespassing – what was their proof that Fudge was dangerous? They had none. I really have a problem with people who do things solely based on prejudice and stereotypes – as a person with disabilities I live with that every day and as a dog lover and owner, I have a very difficult time with issues like this and knowing it is the norm in many areas. There is no proof that a 4 month old puppy will grow into a dangerous dog – that's like saying a specific group of toddlers will grow into serial killers.

  5. This is tragic-I am heartsick

  6. Lis Carey says:

    The UK Dangerous Dogs Law bans certain breeds as “dangerous,” and has had, of course, no useful effect on the number of dog bites and dog attacks. They continue to happen, with the main effect being a shift towards breeds not legally defined as “dangerous.”

    Fudge's family has suffered a tragic loss, but their response seems to be to say that they should have had a chance to prove that Fudge wasn't a “pit bull,” rather than to say that, regardless of breed, authorities should have been required to prove she was actually dangerous.

    Her death in these circumstances would be no less tragic, no less outrageous, no less unjust, if she had been a four-month-old pit bull rather than a four-month-old Staffie.

  7. Carol's Critter Corner says:

    So sorry to Fudge's family and to Fudge. Killing a puppy of 4 months old because of a stero type. And I can't believe it took the police only one hour to put poor Fudge to sleep. How about proving the dog was dangerous before destroying it. Fudge deserved to live and I'm so glad I don't live in the UK. It's so wrong what they have done and I'd sue the pants off them if it was done to me. Justice is the best medicine but nothing would fix this.

  8. Karen Harrison says:

    That story breaks my heart. Pit Bulls are banned here in the city where I live. I don't understand why an entire breed is banned……it's how a dog is raised, their environment that makes them act the way they do, not simply their pedigree.

  9. That is awful. Poor Fudge. I can't even imagine how I would feel if this happened to me. My sympathies to the family.

  10. Anonymous says:

    That is just dreadful. Poor Fudge. It made me cry just thinking what happened to the little dog. Sympathies to the family – I can only imagine how I'd feel if this happened to one of mine.

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