Animal Life in Fukushima Exclusion Zone

Dog rescued yesterday by JEARS

New pictures have emerged from inside the 20km exclusion zone around Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant. Tens of thousands of people have already been evacuated from the area, and the only people allowed in are workers battling to limit the radiation leaks. However a camera crew that ventured into the zone has discovered that despite the health risks some people still remain determined not to leave their homes and lives behind for an unknown future.

When the news van pulled into the area they were greeted by several dogs laying in the middle of the street just hanging out. The dogs seemed curious about the new comers one Akita looking dog looking pretty dirty and probably in need of food. There were also several cows who looked like they could use some food and help. They were left behind to fend for themselves  according to the neighbor.

Before everyone starts screaming at the news crew for not offering help we don’t know if the people who have chosen to stay in the danger zone of Fukushima are the owners of the dogs or at least looking after them and want them there for protection or companionship.

JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support) was made aware of the animals living in the danger zone and will be trying to check the situation out hopefully bringing a vet along to treat the animals whose owners are choosing to stay behind.

Here is an update from JEARS: 
Update from the road. Isabella and crew spent the day navigating earthquake damaged roads in Fukushima Prefecture. At the time of the call, the teams had found five dogs and hoped to catch up with two more before heading home to do some creative organizing of shelter space.

I don’t believe they were in the exclusion zone yesterday when this report was relayed to volunteer coordinators but they are as I said aware of these animals and will figure out how to get out there to at least check on them.

To see the video visit:

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  1. Leontien says:

    I had been wondering about that. I don't know what i would do if our farm was in that 20km zone. I don't think i could leave them.

    Thanks for posting

  2. In Japan they don't seem to want to take care of anything that isn't 'theirs' as in adopting a dog that has been turned into a shelter or left behind. For some reason taking on a 'second hand' thing is shamefull to them and most animals turned into shelters are gassed. We don't get that mentality, but there's been no word anywhere even about the two pal dogs that have gone viral world-wide even after all the efforts they've made to remain together during and post tsunami. They were rescued, turned into a shelter and well, as it is usual in Japan shelters, most likely gassed. I've been looking online for some type of word about those two dogs and there's nothing.

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