Facebook Fan Pages No Longer Show in Chronological Order

Yep! You now have to go searching to find a post someone left on your fanpage and because they will always be less popular then a post that you put up yourself since it will get more views it puts comments from your valued fans way down the page where people will never be looking.

Lets say someone asks a question about your product or company or posts a picture etc. You will still receive the email alert about the post but when you go to your fanpage it seems like it is missing. You might have to scroll down several days worth of other posts to find it and being so far down your page there is not much of a chance that other fans will see that post either.

Yes its nice to be able to see popular wall posts but people who visit your fan page will easily be able to find them there is no need for them to appear first. Facebook needs to being back chronological order for fanpage walls. Oh and while they are at it they need to bring back the tabs it was so much easier to find things that way. Plus for the bigger companies they could create splash pages or direct visitors to their contests etc. Now you have to know to look under the companies logo (avatar) and figure find the page you are looking for that way. This system also makes no sense its like burying the lead in a story or hiding content that should be front and center.

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  1. The entire “new” facebook look and functions is frustrating
    Benny & Lily

  2. LuLu and Wally says:

    Yes, this is EXTREMELY frustrating! The only workaround I've found is to select to show only my posts on my fan page. This way, my posts show in chronological order. You can still view everyone's posts by selecting the “Everyone” link at the top of the page, but again, they are sorted by popularity. There needs to be an option to chronologically sort fan page posts. The current setting makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!

  3. Mommy Kerin says:

    And I hate it!!!!

  4. Michelle McGuckin says:

    I wondered what was going on, I thought I was going crazy. Thanks for sharing. I hope they switch it back!

  5. Boris Kitty says:

    facebooks iz so stoopid. dey shuld allow page owners to sort da posts or at very least choose how dey wish to view dem.

    I finks dis iz just a way of gettin businesses off fb.

  6. I agreed with this facebook fan pages because very useful in any company, organization or institution and also very joyful for the entertainment activities.

  7. Yes, this new order is making me crazy…I know I'm missing posts on our page!

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