Dog Picked Up by Animal Control and Killed Within Hours

A dog who had gotten loose from his yard was picked up by animal control and taken to the shelter. A notice was left on the owners door that the dog was picked up and they had 72 hours to go and get it back. Only when they went to get the dog after work the dog had already been killed.

Apparently it is shelter policy to end the suffering of any animal that comes into its facility that is sick or in pain if they don’t know who the owner is. Wait but they did leave a notice on the owners door about the dog. So they were pretty sure that the dog had a home and they knew where that home was. I guess that policy includes when they do know who the owner is as well. The owner has records of recent vet visits and testing to determine what was wrong with the dog so it seems the dog was being treated for what was not heart failure but heart worms.

Either way I don’t see how a shelter can kill a dog that was brought in that way without waiting the proper length of time. They could have given some sort of pain medication if they thought the dog was suffering especially because there was paperwork with the dog that they left notice etc for the owners. And people want to know why I wouldn’t turn a dog over to a shelter that I found running the neighborhood if it seemed like it had a home. In the space of a few short hours they had killed a family pet.

Do you know how easily veterinarians who see a majority of large dogs listen to small dogs hearts and say they hear a heart murmur? Or what about a dog with hip dysplasia would they consider that dog in pain and PTS while the owner was at work and before they could go and pick up their pet. Or what about a small urban shelter that has a sight hound brought in when they never see them and they decide that the dog is starving to death and suffering just because it has a different body appearance then what they are used to seeing.

How do they make the determination within hours of being picked up for what is supposed to be safe keeping to kill an animal without waiting the proper amount of time. And how many shelters have this policy in place? Does it make you think twice about turning over a dog to the shelter now that you found running the street. If instead of safe keeping as a place the dogs owner will go looking they find their family pet dead? I think there is a major problem with that “policy”.

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  1. So unbelievable and sad!
    Benny & Lily

  2. What an awful story. We would love to think this was an unfortunate and UNIQUE story, but it happens all the time at shelters around the nation.

    We know that shelters and their workers perform a thankless job, and are not out to just murder animals. But things have gotten out of hand and it is the dogs who suffer for the lack of human responsibility.

    This shelter clearly knew who the owner was. It really seems as if in their rush to keep space open, they have determined that they need to 'put down' any animal who is not claimed within minutes and not a 2 year old full bred pocket dog performing circus tricks.

    Just disgusting

    A very disgusted Who and her momma.

  3. This does scare me. Both of my dogs are on the skinny side (4-5 on the body condition scale) one being a performance dog. My fear is if they got out someone would think I was starving them and abusing them or even I fear that someone would call on me because of their weight. The truth is though that they are both healthy weight but people are so used to seeing dogs not at the proper weight they think Im starving them. One dog is a competition flyball dog the other is in training for flyball. Neither are sight hounds but I fear that people would react the same way as mentioned in this article.

  4. I feel it, I feel it. It wasn't more than a few years ago that a friend of mine's dog went missing. The dog had tags with identification and the shelter even called him. They said come get your dog by such and such a time or he will have to be put down.
    He called me because he was out of town for the day and unable to get back in time. I took off over to the shelter and found that they had already euthanized the dog and I was there in plenty of time.

    I see no policies, just floating policies and it scares me to death what might happen if one of my dogs ended up at one of these shelters. Juno has a heart murmur that is significant so if she was in a shelter her time would certainly be ticking by.

  5. The policy is bad enough, but the fact that they didn't even follow it is worse. Who knows what the poor owners must be going through.

    People should think twice (and thrice) before committing an irreparable evil.

  6. Rumtruffle says:

    This is just awful, it would be fair to do if no one had turned up after the 72 hours but this is a dreadful crime.

  7. Sisko, they didn't “euthanize” your friend's dog; they killed that dog. Euthanasia is for the benefit of the animal, not the convenience of the shelter.

    Rumtruffle, a dog with heartworm doesn't need to be killed.It needs to be treated.

  8. says:

    Gosh that's awful! How did that happen?, very sad.

  9. This story is heartbreaking. 🙁

  10. A very sad story. Thank goodness I live in the U.K. at least here we do not have these kill shelters.

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