Blogging Success Summit and our Blogging Challenge

Want to win a free ticket to the largest online blogging event of the year?

Social Media Examiner, BlogWorld and SmartBrief on Social Media have partnered to bring you Blogging Success Summit 2011. And they have come up with a fun way to get everyone involved and maybe even win a ticket to this amazing event.

First, what is this event?

Blogging Success Summit 2011 is a large month-long online conference dedicated to help businesses master blogging. More than 500 marketers have already signed up, including Tupperware, World Bank, Home Depot, The Daily Telegraph, Arbitron, SAP, Simple Green, Virginia State Parks, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and hundreds of smaller businesses.

Twenty-three of the world’s most respected blogging experts will share their strategies with you. Hear from Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra, Scott Monty (head of social media, Ford), Darren Rowse (co-author, ProBlogger), Brian Clark (Copyblogger), Debbie Weil (author, The Corporate Blogging Book), Douglas Karr (co-author, Corporate Blogging for Dummies), Joe Pulizzi (co-author, Get Content Get Customers), Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Jay Baer (co-author, The Now Revolution), Chris Garrett (co-author, ProBlogger), Dave Garland (author, Smarter, Faster, Cheaper), Mike Volpe (VP of marketing, HubSpot), Rick Calvert (CEO, BlogWorld) and Michael Stelzner (Social Media Examiner)—as well as experts from Sony, McDonald’s, Cisco, Southwest Airlines, and Procter & Gamble.

Presentation topics include developing a blogging strategy, creating engaging content, and how to sell using your blog (just to mention a few!). Check out all the sessions.

At the last summit, 95% of attendees said they’d recommend the event to a friend and attend again.

How can you win tickets?

We have three free tickets to the summit, valued at $597 each and the opportunity to be promoted to more than 130,000 of your peers! And remember, this is an online conference — so no travel is required to participate.

Two ways to win: There are three tickets up for grabs and two ways to win:

#1: Twitter Entry: Simply tweet what you see below for a chance to win one ticket:

I want to win a ticket to Blogging Success Summit (via: @SBoSM ) #winBSS11

You can tweet up to two times per day. Each tweet is an entry to win. They will randomly draw the winner of a free ticket. All tweets must have the #winBSS11 hashtag included.

#2: Written Entry: The winner gets two tickets PLUS a mention in SmartBrief on Social Media and the Social Media Examiner Newsletter (130,000+ subscribers total)!

Simply write about your biggest blogging challenge and link back to this page (please link to your post in the comments box below) OR submit your entry by adding a comment to

Hello Judges and welcome to Two Little Cavaliers!

Before we answer your question I feel like we should introduce ourselves to you so you can get to know a little bit about us. We are Pet Bloggers our blog is all about everything having to do with animals specifically dogs. (Sometimes we talk about cats or bunnies or ferrets. Sometimes we even talk about wild animals). We discuss everything from the latest news headline to upcoming dog events, animal rescues, pet health awareness, and do Reviews and Giveaways of Pet Products and Pet Friendly Products. We have a big event coming up for Syringomyelia Awareness a horrible disease that effects many toy breed dogs Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels in particular.

Thank you for stopping by our blog and considering our entry. Here is a picture of the three of us:

L to R: Felissa, Indiana, & Davinia

Our Biggest Blogging Challenge:
I think that is a difficult question to answer. Everyday brings new challenges in producing new and interesting content that resonates with our readers and friends. It is no longer about having a schedule where we post three times a week and being able to visit and enjoy other Blogs. Like most Bloggers the more we post the more people want to read. At this point we are posting between 3 and 4 times a day and our traffic has increased and our readers come back throughout the day to check out our latest posts. Getting people to comment on those posts is a big challenge. I feel like it goes in waves. I know there are ways to get more comments consistently but I also don’t want to post about controversial topics just to get the comments going. That is not what this blog is about and so my biggest challenge is to stay authentic while continuing to grow.

My other huge challenge is finding more readers, creating more events to draw in new readers, and connecting with our audience. For me these three things are all connected. I feel like there just isn’t time in the day to visit everyone’s Blog and say hello to keep up with everything going on out there so we don’t miss anything that might be something fun to post about or join up with. At the same time we need to be out there doing those things so we can draw in more traffic and create a connection with our readers. It not that we don’t value and cherish each of our readers we truly do its all about time and again staying authentic because if I am going to go and visit a blog I don’t want to leave a pre-written response just to show I was there. I want to show I read the post or found something special on their blog that day. Maybe the answer is to make a video once every so often and leave a link to it on a few blogs each day just to let them know we are stopping by to say hello. I really don’t have the answer hopefully if we win the tickets one of the sessions will cover these topics so we can figure it out and share all of the new information we get with our readers.

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  1. Blogging successfully requires such a huge investment in time, like a full time job really. So those of us with other jobs find it even more challenging. There simply isn't time for me to visit all of the wonderful blogs I love, no matter how much I might want to. I'd need at least two clones. LOL. So I blog about things that matter to me, and hope that the readers who do find the time to visit me, will get something meaningful from it.

  2. Yoda_the_Dog says

    Good luck Felissa! I'm already signed up (I had a discount because I attended one of Michael's programs before and also work paid for it).

  3. I tweeted!

    I also follow a number of the people that you mentioned, their advice is amazing and hugely helpful albeit non-pet blogger focused (but that is most of what I love about their blogs!) Sometimes you have to think outside of the box and get away from the animals for a bit!

    ….best of luck to you!!!

    Would be nice if someone from the Pet Blogging world would win….

  4. Carol's Critter Corner says

    There are so many challenges in blogging and bringing in traffic to your blog. I think you do a wonderful job and good luck in winning a slot to this wonderful conference. There really isn't enough time in the day to do everything you want with your blog. I think you do a wonderful job so I want to say keep it up.

  5. Lorie Huston, DVM says

    There truly are a lot of challenges in creating a successful blog. Finding as much time as I'd like to work on my blog is one of my biggest challenges.

    I think you do a wonderful job with Two Little Cavaliers, Felissa. I love your reviews and always come here first if I'm looking for information about a specific pet product.

    Thanks for presenting the opportunity to win a free ticket to the blogging summit. That would be truly awesome!

  6. Felissa,
    You are the WINNER of the FREE tickets to Blogging Success Summit 2011!! Check your email for details.

    Phil Mershon
    Asst. Director – Summits
    Social Media Examiner
    [email protected]

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