Friendly friday Some pictures and update on our vacation

Mommy got an email from Xenia of Thanks, Mail Carrier who currently is hosting a giveaway for mommy of the Stella & Dot Little Girls Line ( that she is doing a Blog Hop with some of her friends every Friday so mommy thought it would be fun to join up. She also thinks it is a great way to spread the word about the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop that we co-host every Saturday! She told me to tell you that your blog doesn’t have to be devoted to Pets you just need to have one or want one to be a part of your family in order to join the Pet Blogger Blog Hop. – Davinia

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

Pictures from our vacation

Here I am sitting on the window sill of our Hotel room last Friday morning before we got back on the road to grandma and grandpa house. Mommy has been having problems uploading pictures to blogger here. It keeps switching back to the really old version of blogger. We don’t know why. – Davinia

Can you believe it?! Mommy brought our new sleeping bag bed with us so we could be comfy since grandma will not let us sit on the furniture and Kahlua stole it! He doesn’t even fit on it let alone in it. He is too big. Every time mommy puts it on the floor for us to rest on He starts to cry and then lays down on it. Someone needs to tell Kahlua he is too big- Indiana

Here we are eating our raw bones. Mommy and grandpa went out to the food store and they brought us back these yummy bones. One for each of us and one for Kahlua. He tried to eat his by chomping on it. Even though he is so old he barely has any teeth left (he is 12). We knew there was something yummy on the inside so we worked on getting it out first. Mommy said our teeth were in desperate need of some good chewing and grandma and grandpa have a screened in porch that we can be outside but safe so she thought this was a great opportunity. We got to be outside all by ourselves which we haven’t been able to do since we lived in Hong Kong and had our own balcony. Of course mommy keeps her eyes on us when we are outside but we got to clean our teeth without mommy trying to use that stupid toothbrush thing. The picture above is me Indiana and the picture below is Davinia. -Indiana

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    I already follow your blog and thank you for following mine. I got a free combo treat, water jar for travel from @Love2Pet. I mean to review it but plan to road test it in the Amazon in a few weeks. I love it and you should request one!

  15. Stacey Monroe says:

    Good lookin’ pups.

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