Vacation Time – Instructions for Your Dog Sitter

Vacation Time - Instructions for Your Dog Sitter Whenever you have to leave your dogs with anyone that doesn't know them intimately you should always have a set of instructions ready for your dog sitter or kennel manager for that matter. The more information you can provide the more they … [Read more...]

Is Hong Kong Dog Friendly

Is Hong Kong Dog Friendly? Hong Kong in general is pretty dog friendly. You just wouldn't really want to have a dog in Central. At least I didn't feel that it was the best place for them to live. The sidewalks are very narrow and there really isn't any grass you can get to there for a … [Read more...]

Hey USA Suitcase Giveaway

Hey USA Suitcase Giveaway Have you ever stood watching for your suitcase at the airport luggage carousal and regretted choosing a black one? When searching for new luggage I realized that one brand stood out in every store that carried them. Heys USA make excellent hard shelled … [Read more...]

Travel with Your Dog Guest Post Arizona

Travel with your Dogs Guest Post About 15-20 years ago, just me and my dog Smokey took a week-long vacation. We took a road trip from Texas to Arizona. As a single female, I felt quite safe with my big black dog around. Smokey took good care of me. Smokey was basically very friendly but he … [Read more...]

New Animal Facility for JFK Airport

New Animal Facility at JFK a step in the right Direction for Animal Care John F. Kennedy International Airport is to get a state-of-the-art animal facility appropriately named the ARK, which at times is sure to resemble Noah’s ark with all of the animals that have to come and go through … [Read more...]

Travel with Your Dog 3 Tips Before You Go

Travel with Your Dog How do you prepare your dog in the week(s) before traveling? Davinia and Indiana are seasoned pros at traveling. They love to travel so unless we are going somewhere very far we don't do anything special before hand to get ready. If they need to fly of course they … [Read more...]

Do You Ever Travel with Your Dog?

Do you ever travel with your dog? We want to learn about your travel with your dog stories! We would love to be able to share them along with some fun pictures of your adventures with your 4 legged friends on our blog in a weekly post. If we get a ton of feedback and emails of your … [Read more...]

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