Do You Ever Travel with Your Dog?

Do you ever travel with your dog?

travel with your dog

We want to learn about your travel with your dog stories! We would love to be able to share them along with some fun pictures of your adventures with your 4 legged friends on our blog in a weekly post. If we get a ton of feedback and emails of your stories we will make it a twice a week feature here on Two Little Cavaliers. We will also share our travel stories with you.

Davinia and Indiana love to travel they have literally been around the world and back. They have their own Passports which really are of no use in the US and don’t get stamps in them like a Passport for a person theirs gets vaccination stickers. They would however have a pretty easy time traveling around the European Union if we ever make it back there. I say back there because both Davinia and Indiana were born in Germany in a small town on a farm about an hour or so outside of Berlin. They didn’t really get to do much sightseeing in Europe just the small town and then a little bit of Berlin and I believe a direct flight to NY where I was living at the time. They each made their first trip to the US escorted in the cabin in carrying bags.

When Davinia first came to live with me I was in NY and didn’t really need a car to get to work so her only traveling was to NJ a few times to visit family. She did fly with me to Miami once before Indiana came along. Then Indiana came along and just for fun she was a show dog. We didn’t have much of a chance of making it to Westminster or anything by invite only she was really young and I was completely inexperienced but we had fun and got to do a lot of traveling to shows in NJ, PA, NY, and even up to Boston for a weekend of showing and a road trip to Virginia. Indiana’s last show ever was Westminster weekend 2007 not Westminster itself but the weekend of events leading up to the big event.

Why was that her last show? A few weeks after Westminster 2007 we moved to Hong Kong for a year. Yes we as in Davinia and Indiana came along though this time they had to fly under the plane due to quarantine rules for Hong Kong. Talk about travel with your dog there were a lot of lessons to be learned from the entire experience. In Hong Kong we lived in corporate housing for the first few weeks on Hong Kong Island itself in an area called SOHO. I had to leave the country for a corporate retreat for a weekend so the girls went to the New Territories area of Hong Kong which is connected to mainland China (the rest of Hong Kong is made up of varying sized islands). They stayed at the kennel until we moved into our permanent apartment in a community called Discovery Bay on Lantua Island. Davinia and Indiana made friends with people and dogs from around the world. They really loved it there.

When we got back to the US they have been Florida / Georgia dogs as we haven’t been able to do much traveling but I would love to change that and start traveling with them again. They are great in the car. Love hotels. Have no problem flying though I would need a companion in order to be able to take the two of them on a plane in the cabin.

Now we just need some suggestions of where to go. That is where your travel with dog stories come in so that we know where to go and what to do once we get there. We will share our stories with you to give you some travel ideas as well.


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  1. Charlie loves to travel with us. We had a car seat for him but now he is a little big. He goes on 3 hour car rides to my parents once a month.
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    • Aww! Cavaliers are the best car trip dogs. I think Davinia and Indiana would be scared not to travel in a carry bag or crate.

  2. My last dog went with me everywhere. He had most of the 50 states under his collar, but we never went anywhere internationally. He was a great traveler. I miss him. Thanks for the memory.

    • You are very welcome. Sounds like you last dog really enjoyed adventures. Almost all the states is pretty impressive!

  3. My dogs have never been around the world like Davinia and Indiana. I bet that has been quite an experience.

    I haven’t traveled outside the US with my dogs, but we’ve had some great trips. Years ago me and my dog Smokey drove from Texas to Arizona. Several years later, Sephi and I drove from Kansas to Oregon. Today, Maya & Pierson go from Kansas to either Missouri or to Texas once a year (actually, Pierson is a new family member so he has yet to go to either.)
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  4. Jeni Mitchell says

    My first dog as an adult, Madison a black Cocker Spaniel, she was born in Germany. I brought her back to the states with me and then she went everywhere with me, especially my round trip drives from MO to WI. My next dog Logan a Bichon Frise, he also went everywhere with me with the biggest trip being a round trip drive from WI to VA just me and him. My current pup Toby also a black Cocker Spaniel (they’re like potato chips, you can’t have just one), he too goes everywhere with me and the longest trip with him was a round trip drive from WI to OK.

    All my dogs have been rescues and always will be. 🙂

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