Seeing Eye® Dogs Play Just Like All Dogs!

Every wonder what seeing eye dogs do when they are not working? They play just like every other dog when their harness comes off. … [Read more...]

Dog Tucks Himself Into Bed

Since today is Cute Animal Video day on our blog I really can't resist posting this video. The dog pulls his cover from the top of his crate brings it in the crate and covers himself up perfectly. Too cute. You have to watch this video if you have and even if you have it is sure to bring a smile to … [Read more...]

Spooky Buddies Are Coming to BlogPaws! How Cute Are They?

Spooky Buddies world premier on the Big Screen at BlogPaws! When I first heard about this Friday night activity it was so hard to bite my tongue and not tell everyone. The wait is over and I can spill the big secret ... DISNEY is coming to BlogPaws and they are bringing all of the DISNEY magic with … [Read more...]

Puppy World Track and Field Championships

This video was sent to us by one of our readers who thought you all might like to take a look. I think this is probably in the top 5 of the cutest dog videos of the year. Which track and Field event would your dog excel at? … [Read more...]

Clicker Training for Chickens

I am going to be the first to admit I admit I don't know why anyone would want to clicker train a chicken other then to show they can be. The chicken does "get it" pretty quickly if this was the first session of training. Maybe its a good way to get them to move around in case they get injured and … [Read more...]

Cute French Bulldogs on the Swings

I love the little Frenchie with the giant grin on his face you can tell he loves his swing time. The other one well maybe not so much. … [Read more...]

Dog Video Fun on Friday

  Some of you know that I have not been having the best two weeks with Internet connection. I have lost single over 300 times in the past month all of which has been documented by my provider and I am working with the Presidential Escalation team in order to figure out the cause of the … [Read more...]

Harry Potter Re-enacted By Cats

*******Spoiler Alert********* ****Rated R (for language)**** This little video is a fantastic re-enactment of the complete Harry Potter Series. I think my favorite Character in the video is Doby but I do have to say that He who must not be named is quite accurate looking as well. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Time to Sleep

Someone is really really sleepy... … [Read more...]

Dog and Baby Play Football

Cocker Spaniel playing football with his little boy. Too cute how the little boy is just fine playing keep the ball but the second he drops it and the dog picks it up he starts to cry. Really well behaved dog basically just drops the ball when the little boy comes to get it. No growling, teeth … [Read more...]

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