#NaturalBalance Delectable Delights Wet Cups

#NaturalBalance Delectable Delights Wet Cups

Anyone that has followed our Blog for any amount of time know that Davinia and Indiana LOVE Natural Balance. We don’t keep these things a secret 😉 I had no doubt that the girls would really like the Delectable Delights Wet Cups what I didn’t realize is just how much. When our box arrived I immediately opened it up so that I could let them taste the new wet food (and I could give Davinia her medication).

Wet food isn’t something that we do very often in this house so right from the start it was a special treat. Instead of my camera I should have had my phone in my hand recording their reaction in a video. The two little old lady dogs went from calm and collected to feeding frenzy during Shark Week. That might not seem like something to brag about but it really is at least the Two Little Cavaliers house right now. It was a big enough deal that she was happily eating without needing an anti-nausea medication.

Natural Balance Delectable Delights Wet Cups

One sniff and a lick of Natural Balance Delectable Delights® Duck’en-itas™ Wet Cups had her eyes light up and she couldn’t get enough. Every drop of the little snack I put on her plate was licked up and she was looking for more. She did get more with her medication hidden in the extra baby sized spoonful. I let them have about a half of the container maybe a little less as a snack and saved the rest for dinner as a topper for their kibble.

Natural Balance Delectable Delights Wet Cups as a Topper

You would have thought it was Christmas in this house.

Yes, I am excited that Davinia and Indiana both loved the Delectable Delights Duck’en-itas Wet Cups. I am actually beyond thrilled. The situation with Davinia is not something that will necessarily go away and unfortunately comes with good and bad days but it is something that can be managed. That leads us to a teachable moment and another reason why we are so excited about Natural Balance’s most recent addition to their already incredible line up.

Davinia eating Delectable Delights as a topper

Delectable Delights Wet Cups are perfect for small dogs on the mend!
When dogs are sick, after surgery, or getting old sometimes it is hard to get them to eat and drink. And sometimes getting them to eat kibble or drink from a water bowl is against medical advice. Delectable Delights are a perfect size for small dogs on the mend!
Pull the top off and pour the contents in your dogs bowl or special plate and they can be a meal on their own.
Several of the Wet Cups throughout the day make have enough calories to nourish your dog completely.
Not only that but you don’t have to worry as much about your dog not staying hydrated.
You can even add a little extra water before serving if you want to ensure your dog is getting enough.
They are pretty easy on their little tummies which is important when trying to help your little one feel better.

Delectable Delights Fish N Chicks Wet Cups

Delectable Delights® Wet Cups are an indulgent experience for your dog while still being made with wholesome, grain free ingredients. They are a fun and new type of product that will excite and delight your dog while maintaining the high standard of quality food Natural Balance is known for. Delectable Delights Wet Cups offers flakes of proteins in a delicious savory broth. They come in 4 fresh and fun flavors and are available in 2.75 oz cups:
Duck’en-itas™ – Duck & Chicken Formula in Broth with Pumpkin & Potato
Fish ‘N Chicks™ – Chicken & Salmon Formula in Broth with Sweet Potato & Green Beans
Woof’erole™ – Tuna & Turkey Formula in Broth with Sweet Potato & Green Beans
Surf ‘N Turf™ – Chicken & Tuna Formula in Broth with Pumpkin & Green Beans

Natural Balance Delectable Delights Wet Cups give you the opportunity for you to spoil your dog with something flavorful and delicious while still knowing that you are offering your dog the best ingredients possible.

Natural Balance was founded on the philosophy of providing pets with premium quality nutrition based on sound scientific principles and backed by our Buy with Confidence program.

Pet parents can feel confident and trust Natural Balance because we believe in using premium quality ingredients, being nutrition experts offering tools and solutions to find the right formula for your unique pet, ensuring our food is safe by testing to the highest standards and through our satisfaction guarantee.

Delectable Delights Wet Cups Products Are:
-Grain Free
-Gourmet blend of wholesome ingredients for complete and balanced health
-Cooked to perfection in a savory broth
-Great for all size dogs (as a full meal, kibble topper, snack, or even a healthy way to help medication go down!)

You can heck out your favorite local store order from your favorite online retailer. Just be sure to call ahead because these are so new not everyone has them in stock yet or ready to chip immediately. In fact we could only find one location that could get the product shipped out to us in time but we had to order two cases because we wanted to try at least two flavors and they didn’t have the combo pack with all 4 flavors available yet.

Indiana with trays of Delectable Delights Wet Cups

I am not in the least bit upset that we have too much because I have decided that since I have to go away next week that Davinia and Indiana will bring the Delectable Delights to the Kennel with them so that they can share a Wet Cups for Breakfast every morning. In all honesty it is to make me feel better because they can’t stay at their regular kennel with access to self access to the indoor and outdoor part of the run.Heat seems to be a trigger. To be on the safe side and potentially needing quicker access to Veterinary care they are staying in the VIP suite (the only one left). While I am hanging out in person with Natural Balance they will get to have Delectable Delights Wet Cups for breakfast. Feel free to follow Natural Balance on Instagram as I am sure they will be sharing from the event!

Drop by the Natural Balance Facebook Page and let them know how excited you are to give Delectable Delights a try and what flavor you think your little one will like the best!

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  1. Lynda Fisher says

    I’ll have to remember this when I get another dog.

  2. It was great seeing you at the conference, Felissa, thanks for everything! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of these wet cups, we’ve been dying to try them! We are huge Natural Balance fans too, so it was no surprise that my dogs went gaga over them. I’m definitely adding this to our dogs’ diet. I hope Divinia did OK while you were away.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. What a lovely idea on putting this delectable dish on top on their kibble.

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