Meet The Worlds Most Spoiled Cavaliers

Meet The Worlds Most Spoiled Cavaliers

And Their Exotic- Car-Collecting Owner Ron Sturgeon

Willie and Dixie with Ron and his 2005 Ford GT

Willie, Dixie, and Lance affectionately known as the Spoiled Cavaliers live the good life. The doghouse they lived in at their estate home was so incredible that HGTV included it in a segment called Pet Palaces. Their digs even had a separate street address.

“I’ve downsized, but Willie, Dixie and Lance are still the world’s most spoiled Cavaliers,” says Ron Sturgeon, the eccentric Fort Worth entrepreneur who dotes on the trio and gives the royal treatment to Cavaliers he fosters through Cavalier Rescue USA.

The Worlds Most Spoiled Cavaliers

His Cavaliers accompany Ron to his office each morning and even get twice-daily walks from a dog walker who is on staff. A mobile groomer keeps them beautiful, and work stops whenever one of the dogs has a birthday. Willie, Dixie and Lance even have a social media consultant, Made in Fort Worth’s Josh Davis, who shares their adventures with the 26,000 followers of their Spoiled Cavaliers Facebook page and keeps up their Instagram.

“I kid my family that these celebrity dogs are going to inherit my fortune,” says Sturgeon, who has sold businesses to Fortune 500 companies three times in his 30-year business career.

What Do The Spoiled Cavaliers Drive To Work?

Willie and Dixie two of the Spoiled Cavaliers in the 2005 Ford GT

Like all dogs, Willie, Dixie, and Lance especially love a car ride. A diehard gearhead who made his first fortune in auto salvage, Ron indulges the Cavaliers’ penchant for head-out-the-window fun in cars from his collection: a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan, 2015 Rolls Royce Wraith, BMW i8, a beautiful red 1992 Ferrari 512 Testarossa and a Ferrari F430.

No matter the weather – rain or shine – Ron gets behind the wheel of one of his Exotic Cars with Willie, Dixie, and Lance riding shotgun in their safety harnesses.

Asked to choose his favorite from among the cars he has owned, Ron says, “Definitely, 2005 Ford GT,” a car he describes as bold, breathtaking and blazingly fast.

The Spoiled Cavaliers Have Their Eyes on The 2017 Ford GT

All-New Ford GT R-L, 3/4 Rear, January 2015

Ron and the dogs now have their eyes set on the new 2017 Ford GT. “It’s a beautiful car,” says Ron, who attended the Detroit Auto Show to see it and who hopes to be one of the lucky 1,000 Ford selects to buy a GT.

When tornadoes struck Dallas in December, having been homeless himself at age 17, Ron offered two of his luxury homes for $1 per month to families displaced by the disaster.

He says, “I’ve been blessed to be successful enough to be able to enjoy my life, to give to causes I care about like Cavalier Rescue and to spoil my dogs rotten.”

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  1. Lucky Pups they have a blessed life,xx Rachel

  2. BJ Pup (Lynda) says

    They would love going to the Auto Show in New York.

  3. Interesting article. My dog is big (Dogo Argentino) and he loves riding on my left seat (I live in the UK). Unfortunately, my car is cheap… 🙁 I hope someday to have the opportunity to buy Maserati.

  4. These puppies are lucky. Raised them with love. 🙂

  5. That Ford… Come ooon. I have to say that I want to be a Cavalier right at this moment.

  6. Interesting article…Like every dog, Charlie loves to show his head outside the window. It is so funny 😀

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