Pay Attention To Your Dog #LoveYourPetEveryDay

Pay Attention To Your Dog

Chicken Soup Disclosure

One of the very first posts ever written on Two Little Cavaliers was about winning a Giveaway for a sample of Chicken Soup for the Soul Brand Pet Food®. It wasn’t a very long post but I did mention how Davinia and Indiana both really liked the food and it agreed with Indiana. That was huge at a time when almost everything set off Indiana’s tummy. If she could eat even a few piece of a new food that was exciting for us. The idea that you really need to pay attention to your dog should be common sense for any dog owner but sometimes life gets in the way and we don’t pay as much attention as we should.

At the time I couldn’t find anywhere local that carried the food so I continued feeding whatever they happened to be eating at the time. In true Miss Picky Pants fashion Davinia decided she no longer wanted her old food and only wanted to eat Chicken Soup Pet Food which meant even more motivation for me to find a local place that sold it. I was finally able to find it at a small store a bit further away but everyone wanted to eat it and could eat it so it was worth it for me. Most people with a Cavalier know that their are either picky eaters and or have a sensitive tummy so if something works you will do everything in your power to find a way to source that food.

Davinia and Indiana now need a very specialized Senior Diet but we know that our readers, followers, and fans have dogs of all ages. One of our new promises is to share products that not only work for us now but have worked for us in the past that might work for your dog now. We love that Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food has expanded their line to include both Dog and Cat Food options as well as some fantastic Grain Free options. I don’t know about you but my grandmother is always telling me how I should have chicken soup because it just makes you feel better. To me chicken soup invokes the idea of calming, it is warming to the stomach and the soul, and helps get you back on the right track.

Chicken Soup Logo
When it comes to Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food here is what they have to say:

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul developed a line of wholesome pet food more than ten years ago—to help you turn your own moments into stories, because we know that when you love your pet, every moment matters.
  • We pride ourselves on being a family owned and operated business that offers wholesome and balanced, super-premium pet food to health-conscious customers.
  • Holistic in nature, both our dry and wet pet food products are made from only the finest ingredients: real meat as first ingredients, fruits, vegetables and herbs. With no added corn, wheat, soy, artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives,
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul pet food promotes overall health and well-being for dogs and cats. And all our pet food products are proudly made in the USA!

That sort of sounds like your grandma’s chicken soup except hers probably had matzah balls or noodles or rice and the fruit or juice was on the side. Grandma also says you should save money when you can so hopefully this $5 off Coupon will come in handy so that you can pick up a bag of Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food.

Pay Attention to Your Dog #LoveYourPetEveryDay

Pay Attention To Your Dog

1. Listen to what your dog is trying to tell you.
An chronic upset tummy could potentially mean there is something going on internally that requires a vet visit.
If the issue isn’t medical it could be food related and a switch to a different protein or line within a Pet Food Brand might be the answer.

2. Really take the time to observe your dog on a regular basis.
Don’t let life get in the way of taking time out of your day to groom your dog. Grooming your dog gives you a chance to bond but also check for nails that need to be clipped, ears that need to be cleaned, lumps or bumps, and anything out of the ordinary.

be aware of changes to their everyday health

3. Watch the amount of food and treats you are offering your dog.
The richer the food the less your dog should need to maintain their weight.
If you add a dental chew to their daily diet or are using treats to work on obedience or dog sports be sure to deduct that from the amount you offer at dinner time.
Keep a watchful eye on your dog and adjust portion size as necessary this can change with activity level or seasons.

4. Be aware of changes to their everyday health and wellness and take notes!
Be mindful of any changes in the way your pet eats, sleeps, plays, walks, or runs so that the next time you visit the vet you can point it out.
If you notice a change make a note of it because it is so easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of a visit to the vet.

Loving your dog means that you pay attention to their real needs.

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  1. BJ Pup (Lynda) says

    Not surprising that that product would’e be good. Jewish grandmothers knew chicken soup would cure all. Homemade chicken was always a staple in my house. My mother made a huge pot of chicken soup, adding noodles, carrots, and celery every for every Friday night. It’s a traditional Shabbat dinner. There was always enough leftover for soup during the week.

    The ingredients in Chicken Soup for the Soul are the same as those Jewish grandmothers used. People always joked about the chicken soup “cure”, until a research study proved that there was truth to the “cure”.

  2. Norm, my 8 year old Great Dane and I spend a lot of time together. I know what he needs. when he needs it and when he doesn’t!
    Melissa Lawler recently posted..Gluten Free Breakfast MuffinsMy Profile

    • I’ve got a Great Dan as well (Charlie), he’s always sure to let me know what he needs. Most of the time he just wants a bagel, but he’ll always settle for a nice chew toy
      Jake recently posted..Full Grown Adult PomskyMy Profile

      • Nothing wrong with sharing a bagel once in a while. Davinia and Indiana would agree there. They like theirs with cream cheese because that is the way that grandpa makes it for them but if it has egg or tuna I can be sure I will have two sad eyes little dogs staring at me.

  3. I agree with what you say. It’s really like raising kids isn’t it. Paying attention to them and spending them with them is showing them love. And that’s all they want sometimes 🙂

  4. I always try to listen what my dog tell me, that is really important in our relationship. Dogs are our best friends and we should try to be in maximum touch with them! <3

  5. Dog’s are people’s best friends, they’re friendly and lovely and we own them to treat them well.

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