Keeping Senior Dogs Happy and Healthy #BrightMind

Senior Dogs have special needs. Keeping Senior Dogs Happy and Healthy starts with admitting they are seniors and need some extras special love and attention.

Keeping Senior Dogs Happy and Healty #BrightMind

Bright Mind Disclosure

Keeping Senior Dogs Happy and Healthy with Purina® Pro Plan® Bright Mind™ Formula.

They are a little slower to get out of bed in the morning and a little less willing to jump up on the couch for cuddle time in the evening. and in between there are a million small things that just aren’t the same. From cuddling with toys instead of playing with them to laying in the sun instead of running in it. I am not saying they aren’t doing any of these thing anymore their excitement and enthusiasm just isn’t at the level it used to be.

The doesn’t mean all they need is a soft quiet spot in the middle of the house to watch the coming and goings. It means they need some extra help and effort on your part to keep them sharp and alert and not like they are carrying the weight of the world on their little (or big) bodies.

Senior dogs need to be at their optimum weight:

The less stress on their joints and bones and heart the better. This will help them feel less achy first thing in the morning and better able to go on slow wandering adventures by your side.

Senior dogs need to be at their optimum weight #BrightMind

Senior dogs need extra grooming care:

Even those senior dogs that are still active might not be keeping their nails as short as they once were able to from their daily walks. This holds doubly true for the fur on the bottom of their paws. Make sure to keep nails and fur trimmed on a regular basis. Regular brushing and bathing is key to helping your dog look their best plus you can keep an eye on any bumps or bruises nicks and scrapes more easily. Be gentle with the grooming brush and combs and you should be able to make this a nightly bonding experience.

Senior Dogs Need Small Meals Throughout The Day:

Think back to the time when your dog was a puppy and how you needed to offer 3 meals per day in the beginning and taper off to 2. If somewhere along the way their small morning meal became a treat go back to a small meal in order to get real nutrients into your dog’s system first thing in the morning.

To aid us in those smaller meals I decided to set up a treat jar that is filled with the Bright Mind Food in my office for snack time throughout the day. This way I know that if I am not offering them some fresh steam vegetables from my plate that they are getting nutrition from their snack. That I can just grab even while on a conference call.

Keeping Senior Dogs Happy and Healthy #BrightMind

Keeping Senior Dogs Happy and Healthy Means Finding a Food That Aids You in Keeping Your Senior Dogs Happy and Healthy:

  • The scientists and researchers at Purina Pro Plan discovered a way to promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7+ through nutrition and has introduced BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+ formulas.
  • BRIGHT MIND contains enhanced botanical oils shown to promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs seven and older with visible results within 30 days.
  • When added to the daily diet formulas that contained enhanced botanical oils promoted memory, attention and train-ability.

You can check out what we think about Bright Mind in our post Senior Dogs Need Specialized Nutrition

Keeping Senior Dogs Happy and Healthy Includes Keep their Minds Sharp with Adventures and New and Exciting Outings.

With two senior dogs in this house it was easy not to notice (or pretend not to notice) them slowing down because they were slowing down together. It is important that you still take them places and keep them socialized. Just because they might not be as fast as they once were does not mean they will not benefit from being out and about and smelling all of the smells and breathing in the fresh air. We satisfy these things with our regular visits to grandma and grandpa’s house in the mountains where even a visit to grandpa’s garden gets us almost to the National Forest Line and a longer walk means going up and down the mountain!

Keep Senior Minds Sharp with Adventures

If outdoor crazy adventures are no longer an option there are lots of great indoor adventures to be had. Like when you visit PetSmart® in order to pick up a bag of Bright Mind your dog along. Everyone there will be excited to see them and say hello. From big people to little people and everything in between it is a great chance to allow your dog to meet new people and potentially other dogs if everyone is friendly enough.

Take your Senior Dog on Outings #BrightMinds

Plus, after you pick up the bag of food you can check out the fish section and watch the fish swim around or sit mesmerized by the birds singing. Davinia and Indiana love getting to do that though we end up in the fish section because it is quieter there and in our local store the birds are near the check out counter so lots of people going by.

Last but not least Keeping Senior Dogs Happy and Healthy Requires Plenty of Comfy Places to Sleep.

Senior Dogs Need Plenty of Places to Rest #BrightMind

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  1. We used Purina Bright Mind with one of our dogs who is a senior and we really did see a difference! It was a great product for us.

  2. What a little cutie pie. Smaller meals really do help throughout the day.

  3. Our dogs need different care at all stages of life. I think it’s easy to forget that after the puppy stage ends- our senior dog, Tobey, crossed the rainbow bridge at 14+ and had very different needs then from when he was 3-9!! So important to remember and adjust care for their well being

  4. Great tip with the smaller meals. We’ve started doing that with Katie as she doesn’t want to eat much in one sitting and she needs to gain or maintain her weight.
    Emma recently posted..Happy New Year’s Eve 2015My Profile

  5. What great tips! My dog isn’t a senior yet, but some of these tips are helpful for us because she has problems with her joints. Dogs give us so much love and joy in our lives, it’s the least we can do to help keep them healthy and comfortable.

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