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20 Incredible Salmon Recipes

As many of you already know. Several weeks ago I went on a cruise to Alaska! While in Alaska I ate a lot of Salmon so I thought that it would be fun to bring a little bit of Alaska to my Blog by sharing some fantastic Salmon Recipes from across the web! Salmon comes in all sorts of fantastic recipes. You can catch it and eat it fresh when the salmon are running. Unfortunately we did not get to see any salmon running upstream in order to lay their eggs. We were a few weeks too late for one variety of salmon and a few weeks too early for others.

While it would have been a lot of fun to get to see the salmon running upstream it wasn’t like we were planning on taking any of the salmon fishing expeditions. Neither my mom or I felt 6 hours to salmon fish was really what we were looking for. It would have been interesting if we could have gone out caught one fish and paid to have it smoked and shipped home but that was just not one of the options. Salmon would have meant more whales around the ship while we were at sea and potentially while we were in port. But we got to see a few whales. a pod of whales came swimming alongside the ship one day at lunchtime. We got to watch them breach for a few minutes before they all swam off. I think it was that same night that another pod of whales decided to give us a water show during dinner. They spent time swimming near the ship and blowing the air out of their air holes before diving back down. Of course in both instances I only had my phone and not my good camera so the pictures are barely recognizable.

I did learn that the “salmon” I have been buying lately called Keta Salmon doesn’t seem to be a variety of salmon that any Alaskan Native has ever heard of. That means I will be buying the more expensive stuff again. Actually this is a great time to share a little bit of info about Wild Caught Salmon vs Farmed Salmon. In Alaska they called the Farmed Raised Salmon “Frankenfish” because it looks nothing like real salmon. While Farmed Salmon serves it purpose it is also really bad for Wild Salmon and a lot of work is being done to keep the “feral” farmed salmon. That would be farmed salmon that gets into the open ocean out of the areas where the Wild Salmon run.

20 incredible salmon recipes

Crusted Salmon

Sriracha Almond Crusted Salmon
Herb Crusted Dijon Salmon
Mustard and Herb Crusted Baked Salmon
Cranberry Pecan Crusted Salmon

Glazed Salmon

Smoky Maple Glazed Salmon
Easy Honey Glazed Salmon

Baked Salmon

Creamy Dill Baked Salmon
Baked Salmon

Grilled Salmon

Tropical Grilled Salmon
Grilled Salmon with Maple-Sriracha-Lime Glaze
Grilled Salmon with Sun Dried Tomato Relish
Grilled Salmon Puttanesca

Salmon Salads and Sandwiches

Grilled Salmon Sandwiches
Asian Salmon Burgers with Avocado and Hoisin Sauce
Pesto Salmon and Edamame Salad Niçoise
Asian Flavored Wild Salmon Patties

Even More Delicious Salmon Recipes!

Dill Saurkrout Salmon
Ginger Soy Salmon
Lemon Herb Salmon
Chinese Salmon, Veggie and Noodle Stir Fry

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What is your favorite way to enjoy salmon?

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  1. Wow! A cruise to Alaska! What a dream vacation! How fun to bring a little bit of that trip home and share it with your readers through this wonderful post! We’re so thrilled to be a part of it! Thanks a million for including our Easy Honey Glazed Salmon and our Asian Salmon Burgers! We hope your readers love those recipes just as much as we do! And I’m definitely pinning this to share with others – so much great inspiration here! 😀

  2. Some great recipes here…love salmon! Thanks for sharing.
    Jennifer recently posted..Pancakes Bananas FosterMy Profile

  3. Love it! Thanks for including my favorite salmon recipes Felissa! <3 These all sound so awesome!

  4. sounds like an exciting trip! And those recipes sound fantastic!
    De Hufford recently posted..Mischief Monday Aussie StyleMy Profile

  5. There isn’t much I like better than salmon! Thx for sharing my mustard herb salmon recipe with this great round up!

  6. Hi, Felissa. I have used your zucchini dog treat recipe as inspiration for a song in a children’s opera I’ve written. Please write me — I’d love to talk to you about this!


    Lauren Bernofsky

  7. So many wonderful salmon recipes! Great collection. We love salmon! I may just try the Smoky Maple Glazed Salmon recipe! Thanks!

  8. You are so lucky! Alaska is at the top of my Bucket List, I’m dying to go there! I’d love to take two trips; one in Summer and one in March, when the Iditarod race is being run. Having a Husky has created a fascination with Alaska and the Great Serum Run. I also adore Salmon, but I didn’t realize that farmed Salmon could potentially become a threat to wild Salmon! That is so funny that Alaskans call it “Frakenfish” BOL!!! Thanks for an informative post!
    Cathy Armato recently posted..Don’t Over-Vaccinate OR Under-Vaccinate Your DogMy Profile

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