Red and Black Mini Cooper Goes to BlogPaws

Red and Black Mini Cooper Goes to BlogPaws

Hello! Red and Black Mini Cooper here. I know that there are a lot of Blog Posts out there that were created after BlogPaws 2015 in Nashville from the point of view of the attendee, or a cat, dogs, ferrets, and even a few mini pet pig but none of them from the point of view of a car. You are probably scratching your head wondering what sort of input a car might have about a Pet Blogging Conference so it is best I start at the beginning.

Mini Cooper Route to BlogPaws

I am a Red and Black Mini Cooper and I happen to be owned by the BlogPaws Blogger Outreach and Communications Manager. That means that I am privy to the behind the scenes stuff that happens at and for BlogPaws. The door to the garage might be closed but I can still hear tidbits of conversations and conference calls. When my owner needs to mock up a Campaign I am the one that goes racing down the road to help pick up the supplies. Sometimes I even get to go to beautiful places for a few pictures for random Blog Posts and get to shuttle the Two Little Cavaliers around locally and on longer road trip like when we headed out to Nashville (the lady said she would share those images in a different post).

view out my front windshield on the way to Nashville

Ready for some insider scoop on the BlogPaws 2015 Conference?

Actually I can’t give you too much insider scoop but I am allowed to share behind the scenes stuff because I was privy to all of that.

After arriving at Nashville and getting all the stuff unloaded from me I was unceremoniously parked in a lot that was pretty empty at the time. Several hours later is when the craziness started. The storm clouds were rolling in and we were in for another downpour. At that exact moment a complete stranger walks up to me and gets in. Ok fine he wasn’t a stranger I did meet him once before but no one informed me that I needed to be on my best behavior. I thought I was going to get to sleep for the week after the 5 hour drive through curvy mountain roads.

Indiana with Tito'ss Vodka

How wrong I was. Thank goodness my owner at least got me two new tires, an oil change, and pretended to vacuum me before we hit the road. Apparently we were off to pick up the bottles of Tito’s Vodka that went into the BlogPaws Attendee Swag Bag. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is produced in Austin at Texas’ first and oldest legal distillery. It’s made in batches in old fashioned pot stills by Tito Beveridge (actual name), a 50-something geologist, and distilled six times. It also happens to be Gluten Free made from Corn! Vodka seems like a really strange addition to a swag bag at a Blogging Conference for the Pet Space but have no fear. Tito’s bills itself as Vodka for Dog people and even sell some fun dog accessories on their website. Unfortunately there are no pictures of my boot filled with all of those Tito Boxes so the lady said she will have to share a recipe on the Blog using the Vodka very soon. After dropping the boxes off at the hotel I was taken back out and visited a number of PetSmart’s across Nashville.


While I was out motoring around Nashville with the strange man which might have at some point become strange men (you see there was a lot of car swapping going on so my owner isn’t positive of every where I visited) my owner was back in the BlogPaws Office with the Two Little Cavaliers Cavaliers working on last minute Conference things and getting ready for #BlogPawsChat with the nice people at VetriScience. The Vetricience people were talking all about a product called GlycoFlex which is for dogs or cats that are getting on in years and need joint support or for younger more active dogs so that they can stay limber for dock diving or agility events. They also has a booth at BlogPaws set up like living room in a house. I heard my owner visited their couch so that she could say hello.

Red and Black Mini Cooper
Keep on Motoring on,
The Red and Black Mini Cooper

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