Davinia and Indiana Help The Garden Grow #BarkBoxDay

Davinia and Indiana Help The Garden Grow #BarkBoxDay

Barkbox Disclosure

I have never really been a huge fan of Subscription Boxes for me or the dogs. The whole element of surprise when it comes to treats and toys for 2 dogs that don’t generally play with toys and already have a kitchen full of treats seems a it silly. That was until I learned more about BarkBox®. While they don’t promise to always be able to send out completely themed boxes or that you will get the same exact box as your neighbor they do make an effort to make the box fun for you and your dogs while keeping to a general overall theme. But what is even better is that they know a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is not going to want to play with the same toys as a Labrador. And your picky Poodle might completely reject a part of the box that you just paid good money for. Their Scout’s Honor policy will replace the damaged/disliked with no fuss, just email their Happy team ([email protected]) and they’ll fetch a better item for your pup!

The other reason BarkBox made sense for us was timing. I knew that our very first #BarkBoxDay would happen only days before I went away on vacation and left the dogs home (they don’t let dogs on cruise ships) and I felt a bit bad about it. I figured a few new toys they could bring to the kennel with them to play with the staff there was a fun idea. They love the kennel and Indiana especially likes getting to play with all of the male staff who always seem to fall in love with her right back so having some fun toys to bring along seemed like a dream come true for Indiana. Plans changed between applying for the campaign and the VERY last minute delivery of the BarkBox and their grandpa said he would dog sit. Even better! They love to bring “babies” with them to grandpa’s house to cuddle with generally ones they haven’t gotten too attached to (in case Whisper the Husky decides she wants to play). This was perfect! BarkBox surprised us not only with the contents of the box but they each received a box! Double the fun with toys and treats. Since we were running slightly behind schedule I tore the boxes open and immediately decided it was party time! So I threw together a Garden Tea Party for the girls.

Garden Party Set Up #BarkBoxDay

Davinia was all about the party. She checked out her new friends joining the garden party and dug right into the treats I put out on the table. She was so into it she might have eaten Indiana’s share as well. She gave the new treats 4 paws up and so did Indiana they were both Happy Dogs but Indiana was not really “digging” the garden party and I couldn’t get any pictures of the two of them together.

Garden Party Indiana #BarkBoxDay

Hey momma! Grandpa says no caterpillars in the garden!

I had another idea but I wasn’t sure I would be able to get Indiana to concentrate long enough to get pictures out in the fenced yard. Try number 1 was a bust. Not because she wasn’t cooperating but because after I thought I took a bunch of great pictures of her in the garden I realized I didn’t have the card in the camera that I left it in my computer in the house. After a brief break I went out with her to try again. Unfortunately Davinia was done and didn’t want to come back out with us. It was just Indiana and I and of course in true Cavalier fashion with a treat in my hand she ran off in the other direction chasing a butterfly. You need Butterflies to help your garden grow and BarkBox just so happened to send us a butterfly which had crinkle paper inside so I moved the Butterfly and called her name and reminded her I had a treat and she came running back! Our butterfly bush was starting to share its purple flowers so I thought it would make a fun picture to use it as our backdrop.

Indiana in the garden hanging out with her Caterpillar and Butterfly #BarkBoxDay

BarkBox Logo Blue
BarkBox is an enrichment experience for dogs that comes in a box that gets delivered to their door on a monthly basis. If you click this link so that you can try BarkBox out for yourself you will automatically receive 10% off and free shipping! http://barkbox.com/twolittlecavaliers Your very first BarkBox will probably be a welcome to the family Box and they boxes often include offers form the brands that participate in that box to receive a discount so that you can stock up on a new favorite treat via the BarkShop as well as other fun information about your new BarkBox Subscription. If nothing else your dog will get to try out some fun new treats and have some great props for fun Instagram pictures to share with your friends! We plan on sharing a few pictures on our Instagram Account throughout the day today so stay tuned! Speaking of fun Instagram accounts check out BarkBox on Instagram and don’t forget to tag them in your pictures so that they know you are a part of the BarkBox family!

Indiana the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel shows how #BarkBoxDay = Happy Dogs!
Davinia and Indiana left their new treats home because grandpa makes them so many yummy treats already but they did take their new Butterflies with them to cuddle and play with and to help grandpa’s garden grow.

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  1. They’re so adorable! I have never tried BarkBox, but I am sure my dog would love getting them in the mail 🙂
    Christy Maurer recently posted..Sunday Strolls Giveaway Linky 6/28My Profile

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    BarkBox sounds like so much fun! My dog, Milo, loves getting treats, so I am sure he’d love this.

  3. That bark box thing sounds pretty wild! When I had a puppy, I’d have been all over that. I love it when companies or services help us to acknowledge that pets are just an extension of the family, not an accessory. 🙂 – Jerusha, TheDisneyChef.com
    Jerusha (TheDisneyChef.com) recently posted..Flank Steak Dry Rub – Liberty Tree TavernMy Profile

  4. A bark box looks like the perfect way to spoil our pooch…or at least pay attention to her. The poor girl has gotten neglected now that we have two small kids…but at least she gets lots of cuddles from them!

  5. I should tell my SIL about his – her dog literally eat dog toys as soon as he gets them. She needs new ones all the time

  6. I’m sure my dog would love getting a special box every month. He loves new toys and all kinds of treats.
    April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition recently posted..6 Tips to Save Money on FitnessMy Profile

  7. I’ll have to suggest this for my friends with dogs. It seems like it would be a perfect gift.

  8. Elizabeth O. says

    Sounds like the perfect box for my sister’s dog. I will pass this on to her.

  9. Awww what a cute idea! I wonder if they do boxes for cats and rabbits!
    Joanne recently posted..Is Your Garden Pet Safe? | GardensMy Profile

  10. I love the idea of the bark box. What a fun idea! I have a new dog and I think I need to look into that!

  11. That looks like a great sub box! If I had pups, I’d get one for sure.

  12. Aww So cute! I don’t have any puppies but this box looks great for those that do.

  13. Jeana B. says

    I love small dogs. I have a cross between a shih tzu and a pinscher and I love her.

  14. Those toys are so cute! I know they are for your dog, but my toddler boys would love those too!

  15. Oh my goodness. What a cute, sweet dog you have there. I would love to get a pup. We are considering it. 🙂

  16. Oh that is so cute! I want to sign up but I am not sure if my dog will appreciate it haha.

  17. Cute! I’d thought about getting one of these boxes for our dog. We have two kids and they wear her out. She could stand an extra treat or three! lol
    Camesha | Mama Motivator recently posted..Summer Days + Spare KeysMy Profile

  18. How adorable is that – I love the Garden box that we received and Dex is playing with his stuffed toy bee right now!
    Carol Bryant recently posted..Seven Summer Safety Tips Dogs Wish You Knew and GiveawayMy Profile

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