Photo Shoot for Instagram #WHPIDrewThis

Photo Shoot for Instagram  #WHPIDrewThis

Davinia contemplating her work
We often get asked how we create a photo shoot and end up with some pretty cute pictures to share on Instagram. Davinia and Indiana are not Obedience Champions or even that patient when it comes to having their picture taken. We don’t have some fancy set up. I use what I have to create the end result. There are some days when I think a fancy white background would be a dream and others when I think to myself what a nightmare a white backdrop would be to try and keep it white.

Davinia - Sorry mom but I don't think anyone would actually believe I drew this
The basics of our Instagram Photo Shoots

  • I rely on what they would do naturally and make sure I have the camera handy and ready to snap away.
  • I make sure that I turn off any lights that are on in the area that I am going to be working in and open the blinds.
  • Turn off the flash unless you really know what you are doing.
  • I figure out where the sun is coming from and make sure that it is behind me and not the girls.
  • I put the dogs where I want them with whatever the prop is I am trying to get a picture of them with and start taking pictures.
  • I let them explore the object I am trying to get them with and allow them to be comfortable with it so close to them especially if it is invading their “space”.
  • I don’t generally attempt both dogs at once unless there is a treat or food involved and they can just go ahead and stick their heads in and chow down.
  • I start the photo session with the dog that I think will do best for the image I want to create but sometimes they are not interested and so I will try with the other one. Pushing one or the other or both results in mostly unusable images.
  • Indiana has the better sit stay but she gets too impatient and wants things to go her way so it is often Davinia who is happy to sit down or lay down with something next to her.

Davinia - that sounds yummy mommy
Is food a motivator or an Instigator? For us it is an instigator.

  • They might look at the treat in my hand for about 30 seconds before trying to come over and get it. If I put the treat in the picture I better want a picture of them eating it.
  • If I want pictures of the girls in action I can use food in the photo shoot. If I want them checking out the product and not knocking over the bag or actually looking at me I don’t use any food. For us it is a distraction.
  • To get their attention I call their name or make funny noises or just talk to them. It usually holds their attention long enough to take a few pictures in that pose before trying something else.

Davinia - You want to take a picture of me doing what
How long is a photo shoot?

  • A photo shoot lasts maybe 3 minutes total. If I haven’t gotten anything that I think will make a great picture we stop and try again later.
  • I don’t sit and ponder each picture to determine if I think it is the right one. I take as many as I can. It is only at this point that I will check out what I have already taken to see if there is a really great one or if I need to try something else.
  • I don’t try multiple photo shoots at once. I might try to get the perfect picture for the Blog post, Instagram, one to share on Twitter, and something that I think will do well on Pinterest but all for the same product or idea.

Davinia I can just lay here and you take pictures
How do you set up for a Photo Shoot?

  • That all depends on what you are trying to get a picture of. Is it a staged photo or is it something more natural.
  • Set up could literally mean I look over and see the girls doing something that would make a good sharable image so I get up from my desk walk over so that the sun is behind me if I can and take the picture. This usually takes all of 30 seconds because by this time they are more interested in what I am doing and have moved.
  • Other times set up is more involved. I will set up the scene while the dogs are off doing something else so that when I call one or both over they are curious and interested in exploring whatever I just did. I make sure my camera is ready and I snap away.

Davinia coloring
Our biggest tips?

  • Use natural light
  • Don’t push it. Let that WOW picture come naturally.
  • Don’t do anything that would put your dogs in any danger or encourage others to put their dogs in danger to copy your picture. Outdoor off leash pictures should be done in a fenced yard, at the dog park or on a leash. Don’t like the look of the leash in the pictures make an investment on some collars and leashes that either blend into the background or really pop.
  • The more you do to your dog the less comfortable they will be. Let them be natural.
  • If your dog doesn’t want anything to do with the scene you envisioned try again later or think it through so that you can do it in a way that is more natural to their every day behavior.

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  1. I can’t believe you guys have an IG photo shoot, BOL! We don’t 🙂 Love my new phone; been using it and use iphone editing apps (if needed). At least, your photo shoot is only 3 minutes +treats. We love IG. Golden Woofs

  2. These are awesome tips! Treats can be both useful and a nuisance with Haley too depending on what I’m trying to do. You’re right, letting them naturally explore and not forcing anything usually results in the best shots.
    Elaine recently posted..6 Simple Ways to Build Trust With Your DogMy Profile

  3. Instagram is definitely my favorite out of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

    Thank goodness Bain is very patient, I usually have a treat in my hand and normally I get him to “stay”, then I take the photo and I give him a treat. It has been a lot of fun, I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, now I take too many!

    Nice to meet you!
    April recently posted..Custom PrideBites Toy ReviewMy Profile

  4. Such great photos and a willing subject. I love the expressions on that adorable face.

  5. Natural light makes such a big difference. Mom uses a flash less than 1% of the time, only if there is really no other way.

  6. That’s more than sensible! That’s a great post!

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