How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Fleas

How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Fleas

How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Fleas

When your dog gets fleas, there is usually a mix of emotions associated with it. You want to help your dog get rid of fleas, but you’re also a frustrated that they have fleas again and the cycle is starting over. Long time readers know that this is a battle we engage in regularly. Thank goodness we managed to avoid fleas for the majority of the summer and ticks the entire summer! No matter how vigilant I am Davinia and Indiana manage to get fleas. Fleas love to jump on their little white legs and make their way to nice warm cozy spots all over their body. It is horrible. For us it is a fact of life but there are things we can do to try and keep fleas and ticks away.

How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Fleas? Use a Control Product

One of the only long term ways to keep your dog from getting fleas is to give them a flea control product. Your vet can help you decide which flea and tick product is right for your pet according to your budget and your location in the country. There are dozens on the market, and recently many have arrived that have the same active ingredient as an old favorite but at a fraction of the cost.

How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Fleas? Rip out the carpet!

Managing a flea infestation if you have carpet is the single hardest battle you will ever fight. Fleas and ticks love carpet because they can burrow their way down deep and reproduce jumping on and off your dog at will. No carpet means there is no where for the fleas and ticks to hide. If you cannot rip out your carpet invest in some diatomaceous earth. It basically makes it so that the fleas and ticks cannot reproduce or continue their life cycle. You can sprinkle it on the carpet, their bedding, even your yard.

How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Fleas? Check Your Pet Often

Completing regular checks on your pet can help you stay in control of the situation. Where you see one there are more. You can use a product to kill the fleas you see, bathe your dog in a natural flea and tick product, and reapply Preventative if you are at your 30 days. If not you can go with essential oils which can help especially when your dog already has preventative. These pests get out of hand incredibly fast and this is one way to help.

How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Fleas? Natural Flea and Tick Shampoo and Conditioner

Although you don’t need to bathe your pet every night, giving them a flea bath once in a while can help remove any flea on their bodies and fur. Fleas can be tricky little critters and hide in the nooks and crannies of your dog’s body. Help keep your dog flea free by giving baths at least once a month about 24 – 48 hours before their next application of flea an tick preventative. Using a natural product is a safer option as they general are made of Essential Oils that the fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are not a fan of but without having to worry about additional pesticide usage. Some areas of the country can get away with just Essential Oil protection but if you live in the South that is just not an option.

How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Fleas? Vacuum Regularly

You can vacuum up fleas and ticks, their eggs, and larva. You will want to vacuum daily for about 30 days in order to stop the cycle of infestation. Yes, it takes a long time to get all of them because they can lay dormant and hide in the tiniest of spaces. Be sure to empty the vacuum canister or bag after each use and to put it directly into the trash can preferably in direct sunlight. You can also put a piece of paper towel or napkin in the canister or vacuum bag that has been coated with either a Citrus Essential Oil or Lavender.

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  1. I have not had a flea in over 25 years with my ShihTzus. They are fed and bathed organically, and treated w/ homeopathy, Chinese herbs, chiro , acupuncture. I am told fleas are not attracted to healthy animals. Very happy you referenced the diatomaceous earth. There was a great article last week in Revival Animal health about just that.

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