Make A Crate A Home For #CrateHappyPets

Make A Crate A Home For Crate Happy Pets

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Not all dogs are alike. Not all dogs love their crate from the second it comes into their house like Davinia and Indiana did. Some love their crate but will tear apart anything nice you leave in there. And some will go potty in their crate. Every dog is unique and an individual. You need to do what is right for your dog. But what I can tell you is that neither of my dogs see their crate as a horrible place to be. Yes, there might be times they don’t necessarily want to be in their crate but unless I am in the room they quiet right down on those occasions and go to sleep.

Winter crate

For Davinia and Indiana the more layers of blankets or pillows or a bed on top of the blankets the better. Though it is dependent on their mood and the season of the year. During the winter they like to have lots of fleece blankets to cuddle in and lay their head on. They also like to have a blanket covering their crate to make it darker and keep the warmth inside. They do also have crate bumpers which they use to rest their head on so sometimes I will take them out and roll up a blanket along the inner corners for them since the blanket is softer.

Getting ready for an adventure #cratehappypets

Yes, they do share a crate and yes that crate could fit another dog inside. For the first few years they both had their own crate but they didn’t seem to mind sharing a crate and in fact preferred it so now they do all of the time. There is usually a doll or two buried somewhere in the pile of blankets in their crate that they can cuddle with. Once in a while I will put a doll in the crate with them when I need to leave that one or the other is showing interest in that day. We still have the first 2 crates I ever purchased for them. One is at our house and one is at grandma and grandpa’s house but in all honesty we could use a third crate so that we can keep one either in the car or the garage for when we go for car rides.

Crate with a front porch

When they go to grandma and grandpa’s house they have their own room that they have to sleep in where they have their crate and what grandma calls their front porch which is a pillow like dog bed put right in front of the crate door. You can usually find Indiana inside the crate and Davinia on the pillow front porch even when the room is open and they can wander around the house. Don’t tell anyone but the last time we went over there to baby sit for Whisper and Dora we saw Whisper stick her head in the crate to check it out.

Mini Spring Banner Printable Make a Crate A Home For Crate Happy Pets

During the spring and summer unless we are at a hotel their crate can usually be found without a blanket or anything covering it because we do live in the South and it is pretty warm here so they prefer their cool breeze from the a/c and fan. We recommend helping your dog become really comfortable with their crate before you attempt a visit to a hotel! Check out these crate training tips about getting it right from the start.

Spring Puppy Mini Banner

In honor or Spring I thought it would be fun to put up a Spring Banner as decoration on their crate! The best part is that we thought some of you might want to do the same so we had it made up as a printable and you can download it and turn it into a craft project this weekend! Just click for our Spring Mini Banner

Crates and carriers on the shelf
Whether you are looking to purchase your first crate or need an additional crate check out the sale going on at PetSmart® for crates, kennels, and accessories.They can usually be found on the side wall near the dog food or back wall of the store while carrying bags are either near the chew toys or flea and tick aisle. If you can’t seem to find what you are looking for just ask! The associate can help you find the product in store or order it to deliver to your house or the store while standing with you!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My dog LOVES his crate. We have it filled with blankets and pillows for him.

  2. We saved a kitten and had to keep him separate from the older cat in the house so we opted for a large crate but he did not like it one bit and we ended up having to give him a bathroom as his temporary house while he waited out the quarantine time. Now that he is bigger and much stronger than our older cat we have to put the older cat in the crate at night because the new cat terrorizes her something terrible at night because that is his play time and the older cat just could not care for it. ha

  3. My little dog enjoys her crate as well and thinks of it as a safe place to be. She travels with us every summer and stays in her crate while riding in our car. 🙂
    Jennifer B recently posted..Sweet Potato Chili Crockpot #RecipeMy Profile

  4. I have a folding one for when we travel with Speedy,it makes a great holiday home,xx Rachel
    speedyrabbit recently posted..Guys Day Out….Down The Rabbit Hole!My Profile

  5. Your dogs are well taken care of. I love the little spring banner – festive!

  6. Our dog is a crate dog- and he sleeps in there at night. He feels comfortable in his crate.
    AJ @ NutriFitMama recently posted..Chattanooga Raccoon Mountain Half Marathon | A MUST DO race in TNMy Profile

  7. My Beasley has a crate and loves it! She totally feels safe when inside too which is a plus!

  8. OUr dog is no longer in a crate but how cute our your two doggies. I love that you decorate for the holidays

  9. My cat loves a fort, but she isn’t fond of the crate or the carrier. Your doggies look pretty happy though!

  10. I love how happy your girls look in the crate – and the suggestions are super, too!
    Carol Bryant recently posted..8 Secrets Before Buying Dog Food from the VeterinarianMy Profile

  11. Aw what cute puppies. It is nice to make their crate feel like home to the.
    becca recently posted..Music Monday #MusicMy Profile

  12. What adorable Puppies. Ive been looking to add a Puppy to my life since I now live alone. The Puppy in the Crate is so adorable
    Lorane recently posted..Introducing Fan Week 2015!My Profile

  13. Such cute babies you have, Great advice on crates.
    Debbie Denny recently posted..Winter’s Hardest-hit Cities to Receive Lowe’s Makeovers! @lowesMy Profile

  14. Awe what sweet photo’s! Looks like they like the crate!

  15. We only had to crate our pittie when he was younger. All of our other dogs got to enjoy a room to themselves but the pit loved his crate.

  16. Our boys never liked their crate and we never had any real reason to teach them to like it. But, I know so many people that have dogs that request to get in their crate on their own.
    Amethyst Moon recently posted..Music Monday, 5 Songs For Women’s History MonthMy Profile

  17. Our first dog loved her crate and we kept it available to her for her whole life. Our second dog hated it and we got rid of it after a couple of months.

  18. Awww…that’s so cute! The spring decorations make their crate a nice home!
    Stacey- Travel Blogger recently posted..Easter Dinner Ideas: 5 Tips For a Great Holiday #HoneyBakedEasterMy Profile

  19. That spring banner is adorable! I love the idea of dressing up the crate!
    Courtney recently posted..Tuscan Ribollita.My Profile

  20. Aww they have a little hang out area together. I love that you guys call the bed in front of the cage a front porch!

  21. How fun that they go to grandma and grandpa’s, lol. I love all the considerations you take for them!!

  22. We have never had to use crates with our dogs but I love all the tips here to making them comfortable. Our dogs love their beds and their blankets.

  23. I believe in crating. Keeps the dogs safe adn the home in one piece – especially with a puppy!
    Debbie L. recently posted..Natural Garden Product RecipesMy Profile

  24. Oh the doggy is so cute! I like that you are trying to make sure they staty safe by crating

  25. How cute is that Spring banner! My 9 month old puppy would love to tear that up! LOL! He’s full of puppy shenanigans and LOVES his crate!

  26. Our puppies love their crates. As long as you make them comfy there is nothing wrong with it 🙂
    Ashley @irishred02 recently posted..HP Solutions for Busy Moms and Dads | #HPSmartMomMy Profile

  27. My sister decorates her pups crate! They seem to like spending time in there!

  28. We think one of our dogs had a traumatic experience with his crate before we got him because he will only willingly enter it if he is highly stressed and our other dig is in it with him. The second dog on the other hand loves hers and sleeps in it every night and goes to it when we leave the house.
    Carissa Bonham recently posted..30 Creative Recycled Craft Ideas You Can Make Yourself!My Profile

  29. They are just too adorable! I am loving their little smiles.
    Krystal recently posted..Family Fun With Edible FingerpaintMy Profile

  30. We have always crated dogs, mostly because with raising puppies we have someone who isn’t housebroken at any given time. Now it’s just standard. I do love finding new and fun crate pads to pamper them with, though.

  31. I guess finding useful, reliable information on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

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