How to Tell If Your Dog Is Too Cold

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Too Cold

Now that the temperatures are dropping, you want to be sure you are doing all you can to keep your dog warm and safe. So the question is, how do you know when your dog is too cold? For the past few weeks all Indiana wants to do is cuddle under the covers. I know that the house isn’t too cold – the thermostat is set at 65 at all times but she cries until I go over and cover her. Her body is not freezing but she isn’t warm to the touch either. I just worry that if I put pajamas on her now she will wind up spending the entire winter in progressively warmer clothing and well she shouldn’t need anything. Davinia doesn’t seem cold occasionally yes I will find her curled up in a tiny ball but if I go to cover her most of the time she will uncover herself within minutes.

I think Indiana just misses the sun because if she goes to lay in the sunspot on the stairs she doesn’t cry to get covered and can lay there for quite a while perfectly happy. She also doesn’t cry to be covered when we are visiting grandma and grandpa and I think their house is not as warm as ours.

How to Tell If Your Dog is Too Cold

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Too Cold

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Too Cold? Step 1 Check their Paws.
Look at your dog’s paws. They should look moist, dark, and smooth. If you see any severe cracking or discoloration, you may need to seek medical care. Extreme temperatures can cause this uncomfortable damage if you aren’t careful. There are a bunch of safe products you can put on their paws if you see they are getting dried out from walking on the salt or the dry heat in the house.

– Indiana’s paws look normal so we are fine there.

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Too Cold? Step 2 Check their Nose!
Look for any color changes in your dog’s nose. If it appears to have reddened or pale, there may be some damage as a result of the cold. Seek medical care if you notice these extreme color changes. A change in color might not be obvious especially if your dog has a very black nose. Color change would be more obvious in a self colored, tan, liver, or pink nose.

– Indiana has a dark nose not as dark as Davinia’s but it seems fine.

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Too Cold? Step 3 Peek at their ears.
Just like noses, the skin inside of the ears will change colors when exposed to extreme temps. Look for any heavy reddening, pale skin, or even black spots. If the pink or red doesn’t go back to normal within 5 minutes of coming inside from the outside these can all be signs of damage and vet treatment should be sought out.

– Indiana’s ears are normal.

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Too Cold? Step 4 Watch for inactivity.
If your dog is hiding in the yard or doesn’t want to be active, chances are he is not comfortable. The cold weather can be painful to his exposed areas and his joints, so he may retreat. If your dog does not seem interested in the outdoors, don’t force him or her. Bring them in. Older dogs will become slower in the winter and might need some medical intervention to help with stiff muscles and joints. If you dog has not had a senior check up now is the time to get that done so that you vet can better monitor what is going on and if necessary prescribe something to help them feel less achy.

– Indiana and Davinia are given the option as to whether they go out into the yard. I might lift one or the other up and carry them the last few feet to try and get them to go potty but I am out there with them so if they stand by the door and will not go out into the yard we come right back inside and try again later.

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Too Cold? Step 4 Feel their fur.
Fur should never be stiff or frozen as a result of the outdoor temps. If your dog is experiencing this, medical care should be sought. Fur should feel soft and warm to the touch. If it feels different, your dog is being left out in the cold too long.

– Indiana’s fur is certainly no where near frozen but it is cooler than it should be so I am indulging her and making sure she is covered when she wants to be. Who am I to argue if she wants to cuddle under my covers at night. We both stay warmer that way!

Be mindful of the time your dog spends outdoors during the winter season. Follow these tips and your dog is sure to thank you.

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  1. These are great clues of what to look for in the wintertime, especially for those dogs that love to play so much, they might not show signs of wanting to go back inside right away. We’ve had problems in the past with Haley wanting to catch snowballs and ingesting too much snow when playing (she would come inside and tremble and would also have to urinate a lot). We’ve learned to watch her carefully when there’s snow on the ground. Great tips!
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  2. Two French Bulldogs says

    Hopefully people pay more attention to their pups. Good points to share
    Lily & Edward

  3. Wonderful tips, thank you! People always told me I was too easy on my dog when I would let him back inside as soon as he finished his business, but he was so thin furred that I always worried.
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  4. These are wonderful tips! Our doggies shiver easily so we make sure to cuddle them and give them blankets all the time!
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  5. I wasn’t aware you could check the paws. These are such useful tips for finding out if your dog is too cold!
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  6. Are dog (babies) stay in side. There a part if are family, but I would think 45 degrees bring in or have them a place they can stay warm and dry. ….; )

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