Elf on the Shelf Alternative For Dog Lovers Veterinarians and Children

Elf on the Shelf Alternative For Dog Lovers Veterinarians and Children

What could be more fun than a mischievous puppy that comes out to play when everyone else in the house or clinic is sleeping? Enter Mischief Two Little Cavaliers own take on the holiday fun. Mischief the Cavalier puppy loves to bring a smile to your face when everyone else is in a grumpy mood. And unlike the creepy Elf on the Shelf dude, Mischief appeals to everyone including the dogs! Also unlike that creepy elf that only makes an appearance for a month each year in an effort to bribe kids to behave on the run up to Christmas Miss Mischief is here to stay.

Wait, maybe there is a lesson to be had in that thought. Those Christmas presents you had to bribe the kids to behave for are forgotten just as quickly as Elf on the Shelf. On the other hand Mischief the Puppy our Elf on the Shelf Alternative is going to be a full time COMMITMENT. Now that is a lesson to share. Puppies and Kittens, Dogs and Cats are not a game or a toy that can be forgotten until next year. They are with you every day through every season, good days, bad days, and everything in between. And just like Mischief our stuffed puppy they are mischievous and get into things and cause havoc.

Elf on the Shelf Alternative - Mischief hanging out in the tree
Mischief hanging out in the tree! We don’t have a Christmas tree in our house but at grandma and grandpa’s house all of the tropical plants are inside for the winter and you can bet that Davinia and Indiana make a beeline right for them every time they visit.

Elf on the Shelf Alternative Mischief Under the Mistletoe
Do you kiss your dog under the Mistletoe. I know that if it were up to Indiana Mistletoe would be hanging in every available inch of ceiling space. She loves to give kisses.

Elf on the Shelf Alternative Mischief in the Baubles
Mischief gets into the Baubles! If they shouldn’t get into it they do get into it. Food or not if the house is too quiet and the pup isn’t taking a nap you can be sure they are up to no good.

Elf on the Shelf Alternatives Mischief takes a nap
Mischief takes a nap in her very own stocking sleeping bag. Every couch. Every chair. Every Bed. Every pillow. Every blanket in this house belongs to the Cavaliers. It is no wonder that Mischief found the stocking and decided to use it for a nap. If Indiana or Davinia could fit inside they would have done the same thing!

Elf on the Shelf Alternative - Mischief dreaming of a White Christmas
Mischief Dreaming of a White Christmas.

Some Elf on the Shelf Alternative Pups!

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  1. much nicer then the elf,xx Rachel
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  2. Those are just so cute!
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  3. We’re dreaming of a white Christmas too.
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