3 Chemicals to Watch Out for This Winter

3 Chemicals to Watch Out for This Winter

Winter can be a fun time to frolic outdoors with your dog, but at the same time, precaution must be taken. There are several chemicals that are more prevalent during the winter months, and these chemicals can pose some serious health issues to your dog. Take a look below at our list of 3 chemicals to watch out for this winter. By keeping these chemicals in mind, your dog can enjoy a safer winter and you can feel more confident that they will not have to have an emergency trip to the Vet.

3 Chemicals to Watch Out for This Winter

3 Chemicals to Watch Out for This Winter


Antifreeze is used more in the winter months as people tune up their cars. Anti freeze has a sweet taste to dogs, but just a small teaspoon can kill him. Make sure you keep anti freeze locked away in a garage closet in a location your dog or cat cannot get to. Anti Freeze smells sweet to your dog so do everything in your power to keep your dog away and never ever pour antifreeze when your dog is nearby! Ingesting even small amounts of antifreeze or suspect your dog of doing so calls for an immediate trip to the vet and you still might not have caught it in time.

Road salt

When you walk your dog outside, he may pick up road salt on his paws. If he licks the road salt off, he can ingest it and experience a great deal of intestinal discomfort and issues. Be sure you wipe your dog’s paws after all walks so you can be sure any road salt is gone. Even if your dog doesn’t generally lick their paws salt is drying and will crack their paw pads which could lead to absorption through their paws.

3. De-Icer
Do you use a de-icer for your car? Be sure it is safe for pets. De-Icers brought into the home should always be checked for safety, as they can quickly become ingested by kids and pets. Before you buy your de-icer this season, read the label for safety. This is not something we have ever had to deal with as I have never lived in a location that it has been below freezing for very long ut it is certainly a fact of life for many across the country and world!

When you keep your eyes peeled for these chemical hazards, you can enjoy a safer winter season with your dog. Check your home for these 3 Chemicals to Watch Out for and make changes and take precautions where necessary.

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  1. Antifreeze is always at the top of my list, but it’s so easy to forget road salt! Thanks for reminding me, Felissa!

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