Switching Dog Foods Is Scary #PawNatural


Switching Dog Foods Is Scary But Following a Few Easy Steps You Can Make the Transition Go So Much Smoother!

Switching Dog Foods Is Scary #PawNatural

Only Natural Pet is so excited to be launching a brand new kibble 10 years in the making called Canine Power Food. Manufactured in the USA and formulated by a Holistic Veterinarian this food packs a Nutritional punch. Each piece of kibble is infused with PowerBoost a raw freeze dried blend of superfoods like Green Lipped Muscles, Pumpkin, Sea Cucumber, and Probiotics. Canine Power Food is soy, corn, Gluten, oat, and wheat free. It is packed with all the good things that your dog needs in order to be healthy inside and out. With all of these great ingredients that really take the health of your dog to heart checking this food out is a great idea.


Anytime there is a new food there is the fear that switching to the new food will upset everything which is why everybody thinks switching dog food is scary. Transitioning to a new food does not need to be scary or upsetting to you or your dog. For Davinia and Indiana a food is either awesome or not and they give their paws of approval on this one. Whisper on the other hand is special she does not like change or new things – it is a little better if it involves food but not much. At least trying a new food does not mean she has to walk into any scary places she can eat at home so that means she might approve. Whenever we go and visit lately I have noticed Whisper limping a bit on your back leg. It is not an injury but likely from her past life before my parents adopted her and walking in the mountains doesn’t help it. Canine Power Food on the other hand will help! High quality food with the addition of PowerBoost will help her body become healthier. From the first bite Whisper loved the new food and wanted to know if she could have more. I probably should share this since this is Canine Power Food but the one that went crazy over the food was Dora my parents cat. The dogs all really liked it but my parents have had to put the bag of food in another room and close the door behind it because Dora kept sticking her head in it! Whisper is excited to stay on the food and is placing her order for another bag just as soon as the Canine Power Food officially launches!

Switching your dog to a new food is scary. What if they don’t like the new food? What if it makes them sick? What if, What if, What if. There are so many factors that go into a smooth transition to a new food you literally have to brace yourself with the thought that you are switching Dog Foods to a better food for your dog. It is really as simple as that. If you are comfortable and happy with the new food that is half the battle. Lowering your stress will lower your dog’s stress over the change and they might not even really notice much other than the new taste and flavor.

Once you are stress free over the switch everything else is easy.

Switching Dog Foods Is Scary but these tips will help ease the transition

Step 1
Let your dog try the food. Don’t pour it in their bowl switching dog food is scary imagine finding a new food on your plate that you didn’t expect to be there. Give it to them as a treat. Do some basic command refresher work with your dog and use the new food as a reward. Once you determine if your dog likes it you can feed up to 25% new food and 75% old food.

Step 2
Determine what the right amount of new food is for the first day. If you are switching from a similar product the transition will be much smoother but that doesn’t mean a low nutrition food switch to a high nutritional value food cannot happen it should just be done slower. A Dog Food with a higher nutritional value is going to be very dense and rich for your dog. Take it slow. If the food does not have a probiotic in it purchase some to help make the transition to the new food smoother.

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Step 3
Expect success switching dog foods is scary but when you are calm and happy so is your dog. Remember what I said about stress free equals a happier switch? Expect that your dog will transition without a problem. Stress is often most noticeable at potty time. Don’t expect instant perfection. There are a number of reasons your dog might not need to potty immediately and not all of them is a bad thing. A richer more Nutrient rich food with little to no fillers means less poop or at least that is what “they” tell me. I can’t say that I really notice this part at all but many people including scientists say so. A slow transition should mean you see a gradual change if any at all. What I am saying is if your dog doesn’t potty when he or she normally does. Don’t get upset. If you are worried massage their tummy a little wait a half hour and see if they want to go potty now. If they show no signs of distress they likely don’t need to go. The same is true on the opposite side. A rich food might make your dog need to potty more often. It is the same as if you went to a fancy restaurant and ordered a steak cooked perfectly or a fish you wouldn’t normally purchase to make at home and it comes with all of your favorite sides. Obviously you are not going to switch your dog from eating salad for lunch and dinner to an entire steak dinner but you get the idea. This is where the probiotics will help with the transition. A happy tummy with all the right bacteria in it will more easily process the new food.

Step 4
Continue with the slow transition letting your dog get used to the new food. A few days at 25% new food vs old food and move on to a 50 -50 and several days later 75% new 25% old so that eventually you get to completely new food. A slow transition is a healthy transition.

Then comes Davinia and the entire step by step plan gets thrown out of the window. She is a very picky eater and either loves her food or hates her food. When she loves her food she will eat it for about a year and all of a sudden stop cold Turkey. Will not eat another bite. So how do you switch a dog like Davinia to a new food? In the past I would say a “prayer” cross my fingers let her try a new food and if she would eat it use it for her next meal. Davinia never had an issue with the cold turkey method but it is not ideal and now I know better and have several foods that she has pre-approved of well before she quits eating her food. Indiana on the other hand has to transition slowly because her stomach is very sensitive. Only Natural Pet’s Canine Power Food with PowerBoost is certainly on our list for when Davinia decides she is done with her current food. Both Davinia and Indiana really liked it and I think it makes a great senior food being so packed full of protein which Davinia needs and no fillers which Indiana doesn’t need and it gives them a boost of extra nutrients they love pumpkin so that is a huge plus right there. If you have a dog like Davinia I suggest purchasing one of their trial size bags of the food so that you can have your dog check it out now while they still will eat their old food and use the bag as a treat. When the time comes you can purchase a full size bag and know your dog will be happy.

Only Natural Pet Canine Power Food

In addition to the Poultry Feast, they also have Just Fish Feast and Red Meat Feast. These will be available for sale on October 6, 2014. You can purchase the Canine PowerFood™ exclusively from OnlyNaturalPet.com , Pet360.com or petfooddirect.com.

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  1. You know I never thought of it as a big deal. But I will be sure to follow these steps.
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  2. What sweet puppies. These are great steps to changing over dog foods.
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  3. Thanks for sharing these steps. I’m always so nervous to try new things like this.

  4. Your dogs are SO cute!! We use Nutrish and love it. We followed these tips when we switched him over.
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  5. Luckily my dog is not sensitive and can be switched fairly easily but for some dogs, it’s definitely not good. I always do the partial switch where you change the percentages but I never thought of offering a few kibble as a treat first, great idea.
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  6. Thank you for the tips. We have been with our current dog food for ever but it’s good information to have on hand if we decide to make a change…possibly when he is older to a senior food.
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  7. Terrific tips. I’d heard the same thing about fillers and the amount of poop. I did notice when we put our cat on a better food he did indeed start pooping a bit less.

  8. Our vet told us the same thing, you have to wean them into the new food by slowly replacing the old. Always worked for us!
    Scott recently posted..High-End Music Solution for OutdoorsMy Profile

  9. I’m always nervous to switch food too. My dog does pretty well with it. We try and make it a gradual switch.
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  10. You have beautiful dogs. I’m so glad to see people taking the time to feed their pets healthy foods. We always paid extra for healthy dog food, and our pets enjoyed a long, healthy life.
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  11. What a great post! I remember the first time we transitioned Miley onto some new food and it wasn’t pretty. lol She’s much better now and enjoys a rotation of all natural dogs foods.

  12. I agree, switching dog food can be scary and I am glad to know that others have the same feeling. I definitely do not want to upset my fur babies.
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  13. Not familiar with dogs, but it reminds me of kiddos too. It can be scary to switch or try new foods too!
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  14. Cute puppies! Canine Power Food sounds super! I’m so excited to be able to purchase quality dog food for my other family members too! I’m all for natural ingredients! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂
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  15. Switching pet food is difficult. In fact, I tried to switch to a cheaper brand and it ended up costing us $350 at the vet because we ended up with a constipated cat!
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  16. When we switched, we did the same – we weaned her off of the old food slowly, and increased the ratio of the new food. That way her stomach didn’t throw fits!
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  17. Lots of great information! Thx for linking it up at the Thoughtful Spot!
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