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PetSmart Fashion For Every Season – $125 Gift Certificate Giveaway

PetSmart Halloween Fashion
Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall no matter the Season PetSmart has you and your pet covered. Literally! Whether your dog hates walking in the rain or likes to be warm and cuddled up in the winter you will be able to find something special at PetSmart. Maybe you just need new collars and leashes and a warm coat for winter walks. That is just fine by PetSmart. Now before we get you too excited about this giveaway we have some thanking to do.

Meet your Fashionista Event Hosts for Fall Fashionsta 2014:
Fall-Fashionsta-2014-150This PetSmart Fashion for Every Season Giveaway is part of the Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event. The Fall 2014 Fashionista Giveaway Event is hosted by The Chief Blonde at Still Blonde after all these Years and Katy from Modly Chic to who we are forever grateful for allowing us to participate. Why are we grateful? This is an All FASHION! Only FASHION event and is the Largest Fashion Giveaway event on the internet with $26,000+ in prizes, 100+ participating blogs and a whopping 3/4 million entries in just one week! Each individual blog has a minimum of $125 prize – did I mention it is all fashion some practical some fun and some because you always wanted something from that designer! For every giveaway in the Fall Fashionista Event that an entrant enters, they gain one entry toward the Fall Fashionista Events Main Event Prizes when we say this event is big we mean HUGE!

What is the Grand Prize?Fall-Fashionista-Events-2014-2 Glad you asked! $500 PayPal is the Grand Prize but I might be a little more excited about the 1st place prize from Midnight Velvet. Their dresses are perfect for the Red Carpet at BlogPaws! And everyone that is going to the 2015 Conference in Nashville will want a new pair of boots and might even need a new suitcase $300 spending spree! Click here to enter the Fall Fashionista Grand Prize Giveaway

What sort of Fashions can you find at PetSmart? That all depends on what you are looking for.

PetSmart Fashion for Walking in the Rain

PetSmart Fashion for Walks in the rain
Davinia and Indiana used to love to walk in the rain. Their little tails would wag as we would get soaking wet. No matter how hard it was raining they insisted that we go for a walk and not a short one the same length as normal. We even went for a walk in a Tropical Storm when we lived in Miami! Now they want nothing to do with going out in their yard if it is raining. And heaven forbid that it rained during the night. Nope not interested in going out. Yes they are spoiled but sometimes I can’t wait hours for them to decide they will go potty which is where PetSmart Rain Gear comes into play. Raincoats, rain boots, towels they can roll around in to dry off.

PetSmart Fashion For Every Season – Winter Wear

PetSmart Winter Wear for Dogs and Cats
Want to dress your pet up for the photo shoot for the family holiday card? Enter them in the Ugly Sweater Contest? Dress them for the Holiday party you are hosting or just let them look festive while staying warm you are sure to find the perfect thing when visiting PetSmart. I am all for dressing the cat for the two minutes it takes to take the picture. Or to have a little fun while keeping your dog warm on a cool winter day. It is not the right olors for Davinia or Indiana but I really like the look of the middle outfit. At the end of Fall start of Winter when the temperatures drop the first time and the house is chilly the girls love to get dressed in pajamas. They only have one pair each but they really need a second. Not too warm but something they can wear while bundled up under the covers.

PetSmart Fashion for the long Winter Months

PetSmart Fashion for the Winter
Davinia and Indiana haven’t owned a real winter coat since we left New York. They have a Winter Jacket that is more like a dress. It was made by a friend and is Asian Themed Silk cut long with a very thin lining. Not exactly practical unless the girls have a hot date during the winter or are invited to a Christmas party. iN the past I have put them in their “jackets” and taken them for a walk around the block to wish everyone a happy holiday. But last winter was freezing cold and if the temperature drop last weekend and earlier this week is any indication of what is in store I want to get Davinia and Indiana Winter jackets. Something that will keep them warm when they go out in the yard or so that we can go and play at the dog park during the winter. Davinia undresses herself in the snow so that she can jump around int he snow piles unhindered. It doesn’t need to be a super parka marshmallow fluffy but it does need to be able to get thrown in the wash once in a while since any rain in the winter make orange mud in the yard. Join us on our Fashion shoot this Friday as we try on some fun things at our local PetSmart! We will update with the Twitter Hashtag we will use so you can follow along and see what we get.

Friends of Two Little Cavaliers Dressed in their PetSmart Fashions!

Friends of Two Little Cavaliers dressed in their PetSmart Fashions

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  1. I think we would get Baby the cute Trick or Treat dress from Martha Stewart.
    Aimee recently posted..Tex For Mayor 2014My Profile

  2. Stephanie Phelps says

    I would love to get the Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

  3. We’d love to get some cute outfits for each pup, some socks, hair bowties, and maybe even a couple of fancy collars/leashes ­čÖé
    Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs recently posted..#WigglebuttsGoHollywoof Road TripMy Profile

  4. I have had my eyes on some cute boots and they have lots of purple shirts and collars this year. We were there today and I seen a collar I liked but ma said I had to wait to get it.
    Carma Poodale recently posted..WW-Happy 20th Anniversary To My Pawents!My Profile

  5. I have a hard time deciding because I love so many, but here is my favorite right now:

    I need three of them for my three little dogs!
    Michelle Swank recently posted..BoneFish Grill #HelloNewMenu ReviewMy Profile

  6. Jenna Wood says

    I love the Precision Pet Outback Log House and the Hot Dog Medium Costume ­čÖé

  7. I would get a wacky paws reflective travel harness. I like that the dog can carry her own lunch on hikes! ­čÖé

  8. I would love to get a whole new line of dishes and bowls along with the collar and leash matching sets.
    Carol Bryant recently posted..Dog Apparel for Humans Makes a MarkMy Profile

  9. Kathy McCrae says

    Loving the Hip Doggie Skull Mohawk Hoodie for Dogs & DC Comics Batman costume.

  10. ellen beck says

    I would get my dog Odin the Top Paw® Cowboy Rider Costume for Halloween. He would look awesome pawsome in that!

  11. Yvonne Woodstock says

    If I am lucky enough to win I will be splitting it up among 2 adult daughters who are the mommies to our 3 precious granddoggies for THEM to pick out our granddoggies Xmas Gifts! I can only imagine what they might choose. I am sure Michigan daughter Brittany would pick out something warm and cozy similar to the Pedigree Perfection Int’l Hooded Snowsuit for her Yorkie Buxton to help him through the cold Michigan winters. Last year we had Polar Vortex winter with 35 degree below zero temps, and hope it’s not quite that bad this year. As for our Florida daughter Amanda and her 2 female furbabies, I can only imagine she might pick out something girly and foo foo for her tiny girly girl Chihuahua Flare like Pink Royally Adorable Tank top and for her female pitbull/bulldog Chevy maybe something like a large Grreat Choice┬« “I’m A Princess” Tee in pink and black. I’m sure they would have fun picking out cute things for my granddoggies no matter what they chose.

  12. Pawsome giveaways! I really like the Martha Stewart clothing line at PetSmart so we might have to pick up a few of those outfits if we won. There is a really cute pink dress that would look great on Shiner!
    Ann Staub recently posted..A Tour of Gus and Jack’s HomeMy Profile

  13. Hartman & Rose Horse & Hound Dog Collar

  14. I would pick up the doggy boots!

  15. I am a huge fan of the Martha Stewart Pet Smart Collection because they have plenty of warm sweaters for the winter. I usually get one for Mitzie because she chews off her fur.

  16. Amanda Sakovitz says

    id love to get the Top Paw® Cowboy Rider Costume

  17. How exciting! We think the raincoat is absolutely adorable!!

  18. Mary Happymommy says

    The DC Comics Batman Costume would be cute for my dog.

  19. Would love to get my dog a new bed… Love this one
    ComforPedic Beautyrest Memory Foam Pet Bed

  20. I would get a blue Coastal Pet Products Breakaway Safe Personalized Cat Collar for my cat.

  21. steven weber says

    I would get all sorts of fun toys, clothes and new harness for my pup.

  22. maleficent m says

    I wouldget my baby the winged dragons outfit and a cat scratching tower.

  23. Thomas Murphy says

    I would get the DC Comics Batman Costume for my dog.

  24. I would get the Top Paw® Skeleton LED Light Up Hoodie in large for our dog!

  25. I would use it to get an underground fence!

  26. The top paw turtle rider or top paw ice cream sundae for for my little sweet bo

  27. love those sweaters just to cute for words, xx Rachel
    speedyrabbit recently posted..Disapproving Bun Day!My Profile

  28. I just got a puppy a couple of weeks ago so I would have lots of stuff to get. I love the Disney® Kermit Ride Along Costume. It is so funny!
    Erika W. recently posted..Exploring Charleston #2 – Ro Sham Beaux and O’Hara & FlynnMy Profile

  29. Oh my goodness I would get the Disney® Eeyore Costume for my Frenchie!

  30. I would love to get my dog some snow booties. I am determined to give her more exercise this winter. Also I would get some fish tank fashion accessories…I would dress my fish up but they don’t hold still ­čÖé
    Crissa Robertson recently posted..Wish List WednesdayMy Profile

  31. Tammy Horn says

    I would get the Top paw Dog harness in neon pink, and matching leash and collar. Also get one for the kittens too. ­čÖé

  32. I would love to get my dogs new collars like the Coastal Pet Products Personalized Comfort Soft Dog Harness.

  33. Mendy Dinsmore says

    First he would need these, Hip Doggie Swiss Alpine Ski Vest, Hip Doggie Super Star Sweater Vest, and this new Christmas item. Bret Michaels Pets RockÔäó Tree Fireplace Hoodie

  34. I would pick up the Martha Stewart Pets Vintage Witch Costume for sure for Halloween for my pup.

  35. I’d like to get a cat tower for our new kitty we got two weeks ago from the shelter.

  36. I think I would get the Wagwear Ski Jacket to start with!
    Liza @ Views From the ‘Ville recently posted..Are These Hot Toys on Your KidsÔÇÖ Wishlists? (+ Giveaway)My Profile

  37. I think I would want to get this Martha Stewart Pets Bat Tutu costume. Even without the bat wings, this would be cute for a dog.

  38. I would love to get my kids a fish tank for Christmas!

  39. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I love the PetPals Eco Friendly Cat Tree!

  40. courtney b says

    im going with the skull hoodie. my husband would love our pooch in that! lol

  41. Stephanie Shipley says

    One item I would really love to get is the Whisker City® Santa Cat Jacket. It would be so adorable on my cat!

  42. robyn paris says

    i will get these Top Paw Dog Boots for both of my dogs if i won..

  43. Kellie Rose Wilson says
  44. soha molina says

    I’d get Grreat Choice┬« Devil Cat Hat

  45. I would get the Santa Cat Jacket and some bow ties.

  46. I would choose the pet bed

  47. Margaret Smith says

    I would like to get my dog some sweaters and some toys. Also, I’d like to get our cat some toys too.

  48. Alyce Poalillo says

    I would get the dog I sit for the Hip Doggie Alpine Ski Vest for Dogs for Christmas as my cats are not so much into clothing.

  49. morgan carrico says

    probly IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Combo with Scoop and other things for the shelter

  50. I would get the Hip Doggie Alpine Ski Vest for my little puppy. She doesnt have much fur and gets cold when we go out in the winter time, plus it would look so freaking cute on her ­čśÇ

  51. Ann Fantom says

    I would like to get our guinea pig the All Living Things Bumble Bee Small Pet Costume

  52. Kim Henrichs says

    Pretty sure that Martha Stewart Pets® Vintage Witch Costume is a definite!

  53. If I won I would get the Denver Broncos jersey for dogs.

  54. I want to get our dog Otis a coat, and one I like at PetSmart is the Wagwear Ski Jacket. He’d look good in it!

  55. Dana Rodriguez says

    I would SO get the All Living Things® Devil Small Pet Costume for my Mr Nibs

  56. BlackAsphodel says

    Those outfits are hilarious and cute. Love the red devil horns on the front page kitty!

  57. I’d love to get the Martha Stewart Pets Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume for my doggy!

  58. billy johnson says

    Top Paw® Buffalo Check Heart Hoodie i think is so cool and would look awesome

  59. I think the Pedigree Perfection Int’l Dot Pajamas are absolutely adorable!
    Thank you!

  60. Katie Bellamy says

    I’d have to get the Grreat Choice┬« Devil Cat Hat for my cat! So cute!

  61. Barbara R. says

    I would like to get the Wagwear Reflective Raincoat.
    Item: 36-5196859 This woudl be perfect for walking the dog on a rainy dark night.

  62. Colleen Boudreau says

    I would get the Grreat Choice® Cat Tutu.

  63. I would get the Hip Doggie Snowflake Longjohns.
    My dog would not be happy but he’d be cute ­čśë

  64. Kimberly Schotz says

    I would like a 49er Football Jersey for our dog Mort.

  65. I have 3 beagles girls and my latest addition, Daisy(who we call Daisy dot) could use a rain coat, her sisters both have 1 and she sometimes borrows her sister spare but the red and white polka dot rain coat would be great for her, the rain boots are cute too if I can find some that will fit her, (tried getting boots for my beagle mix Roxy who has skinny jack Russell paws and could find any that would fit her), the Martha Stewart pumpkin dresses are cute and would be great to take them all trick or treating, and I would definitely get them all a couple outfits for winter, a new winter coat and a fleece hoodie(if they l have DGG Warmies(which I had bought a few of when I first had my Roxy, I will get them all a couple of them as Roxy loves hers and she could use a couple new ones)
    katie mitchell recently posted..Decadent Doggie Natural Jerky ReviewMy Profile

  66. Peggy Johnson says

    One thing would be the Seattle Seahawks Jersey

  67. Brooke Adametz says

    I’d buy a steelers jersey for my lab!

  68. I’m not sure I could get my dog to hold still long enough to get it on her, but I love the winged dragon costume. So cute!

  69. Barbara Montag says

    For sure I’d get the for cats The Grreat Choice Fish Hat & the Whisker City Santa Cat Jacket.
    thank you

  70. Stephanie Galbraith says

    I’d get the Top Paw┬« Halloween Bows! They are so cute!

  71. Susan Christy says

    Lucy would look adorable in the Martha Stewart Pets┬« “Trick Or Treat” Dress

  72. abbie guerrero says

    My mom has two cats and I would get them a halloween costumes! Probably a devil costume because there is a kitty that is a little devil haha.

  73. I have two kitties and I LOVE the butterfly wings and the witch hat for them! And I know my boyfriend would want them to wear bowties!

  74. Kayleigh p says
  75. I’d buy my Toby the Luv-A-Pet┬« Stripe “Rescued” Dress

  76. I would get the batman costume

  77. I would get the fleece lined booties

  78. i would get my dog a jacket and some treats

  79. I love the Grreat choice mouse hat!

  80. I like Eeyore costume and for my second dog, I would get the Martha Stewart Pumpkin costume.

  81. Judy Thomas says

    Love the wings! Wish I could enter ­čÖé Good luck all!

  82. My little dog gets so cold when she goes outside in the winter! I would get her a the Top Paw blue plaid raincoat.
    Dede recently posted..Fall Fashionista Sponsor Spotlight: KaiiMy Profile

  83. Michelle Waller says

    I would love to get our rottie puppy a few dresses and maybe a sweater or two for this upcoming winter.

  84. Would definitely purchase the MARVEL Spiderman Costume

  85. DC Comics Classic Batman Costume Dress, Top Paw® Dinosaur Costume, DC Comics Classic Wonder Woman Costume,Hip Doggie Swiss Alpine Ski Vest, Pet Life Two-Tone Jewel Coat, and Hip Doggie Polar Fleece Hoodie

  86. Tanya White says

    I would choose The Hip Doggie Alpine Ski Vest for Dogs and the Beautyrest Channel Top Napper Dog Bed.

  87. We will be bringing a new puppy home in early December and I would love to get him a puppy sweater so we can take a family photo to send Christmas cards with.

  88. Darlene Owen says

    I love the New

    Top Paw® Princess Rider Costume

  89. April Brenay says

    they have a costume with a surfer riding on the back that I want to get my doxie!

  90. So, our dogs don’t really wear clothes that often but I DO like to change out their collars and put bandanas on them! So I’d get some fun new collars, maybe even the Top Paw┬« Glow Bone Light-Up Dog Collar!
    Jenna Z recently posted..The Box Game-A Lesson for HandlersMy Profile

  91. I like the Martha Stewart Pets Cable Sweater, and the Quilted Hoodie. I would also buy some dresses and collars.

  92. Nicole Vosburgh says

    I would love to get her the Martha Stewart Pets Skeleton Dress!

  93. IÔÇÖd buy the Top Paw┬« Halloween Bows!

  94. I would love the Disney Eeyore Costume for my dog, Cassie Mae.
    Andrea recently posted..Welcome!My Profile

  95. The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

  96. I’d love to start with the Whisker City┬« Holiday Bells Cat Collar…. but I doubt that my cat would tolerate it. I’d probably end up buying good quality food and natural litter.

  97. I like the Disney Pooh costume!

  98. i would get the Hip Doggie Alpine Ski Vest for Dogs

  99. Laura Wilson says

    I would get the Muttluks fleece lined dog booties and a coat for my dog.

  100. I would definitely get all of the cat bowties. OMGoodness! They are so cute! I would also probably get the Santa outfit for one of my cats.
    Shelia S recently posted..AYL USB Charger/Sync Cable #Review #AYLAppleCetifiedLightningcableMy Profile

  101. i would get a halloween outfit for our daughters chi-wa-wa mix

  102. Reptile dragon wings for halloween

  103. Megan Filzen says

    I would use it for Lillie-Belle’s Dog food!!!!!

  104. Darlene Carbajal says

    I would buy the Batman costume. So cute!

  105. Donna Teller says

    There are so many things I would love to get but I really like the Kermit Ride Along Costume.

  106. David Fultner says

    I think a bee costume would be cute.

  107. Sophie takes glucosamine and chondroitin for joint issues…and it’s not cheap. $125 would buy several months’ worth of it!

  108. rickel bart says

    the martha stewart pumpkin costume!

  109. Evelyn Goettner says

    I would pick up the Hip Doggie Polar Fleece Hoodie.

  110. Barbara Fox says

    I might just pick up the Top Paw┬« Cowboy Rider Costume….even if it’s after Halloween I could put eMaggie in it to make my granddaughter laugh!

  111. ReadWriteRed says

    I would like to buy some purin a cat food & arm&hammer litter

  112. Marilyn Nawara says

    I would like to get the Martha Stewart Pets® Pumpkin Face Sweater for Fang. He would look so cute wearing this sweater.

  113. I would get my Lily the Hip Doggie Swiss Alpine Ski Vest in Pink!

  114. With 3 beautiful kitties I would get

    Kitty Mansions Athens Cat Tree

    and catnip!

  115. I would love to have the Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed. My dog would be so happy.

  116. Mary Somerville says

    I’d like to get my girl the Hip Doggie Stripe Cherry Hoodie.

  117. A Christmas sweater for my chihuahua mutt, Otis ­čÖé

  118. Samantha D says

    My dogs both need new collars. Like the new kong comfort collars. For winter my dog daisy could use a new coat. (those ugly sweaters are pretty cute too!). And for my cat i’d choose the cute grrreat choice cat collar. So cute.

  119. I might choose the Grreat Choice® Butterfly Wings for my cat

  120. I would love to buy the Top Paw Ice Cream Sundae Costume – so very cute! ­čÖé

  121. I would maybe get our Bella the Denver Broncos Pink Jersey, Martha Stewart Pets┬« Bow Dress and Top Paw┬« Pet HolidayÔäó Mrs. Claus Dress. Thank you!

  122. I might get the Top Paw monkey ride costume. I can’t believe how cute that is! I’ve never dressed up a pet for Halloween, so I didn’t know how many great options there were

  123. Ashley Miller says

    My dogs are in need of bed so I would def use the gift card to get them each a bed. My little girl would love the Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed!

  124. I would get the Pet Life Two-Tone Jewel Coat, Martha Stewart Pets Tweed Dress and so many more!

  125. I might get the Top Paw Glow Flowers Light-Up Dog Collar.

  126. One thing we’d have to get is the cat tutu for my daughter’s cat, Pippi

  127. Let’s see I would get Green Bay Packers Jersey,DC Comics Batman Costume and the Hip Doggie Snowflake Longjohns!
    Deb K recently posted..LEGO DUPLO Batcave Adventure! 10/24My Profile

  128. trisha kilpatrick says

    I love the Grreat Choice® Cat Collar because my cats are such jokers.

  129. I went to their site and I would love to buy the all living things halloween retile dragon wings too cute.

  130. april taylor says

    My Kiwi would look so cute in Grreat Choice® Cat Tutu.

  131. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I would love to get some bed items for my dog whens he is in the kennel. Plus a cute outfit would be great too!

  132. wendi watson says

    i love the alpine ski vest!!!

  133. Rebecca Graham says

    I would get the Martha Stewart Pets Pumpkin Face Sweater for dogs.

  134. New collars and winter sweaters for my pups

  135. My dog needs a new collar and leash! And a Halloween costume!

  136. Grreat Choice® Cat Collar
    Item: 36-5220524 and the TIES are cool for my cats.

  137. amy williams says
  138. Sarah Matos says

    I would love new food and water bowls. Also a new comfty bed for our pup

  139. I have rottweiler rescue sisters and I think they both want to dress up like ice cream sundaes. So that’s definitely happening weather I win or not ­čÖé

  140. courtney hennagir says

    I have to get the santa cat jacket for my kitty! So adorable!

  141. I’d love to get my cat the Grreat Choice┬« Devil Cat Hat! It fits her personality to a tee!

  142. I probably buy the blue hello kitty bone dog toy ­čÖé

  143. My dog Juno would look fabulous in the Hartman & Rose Estate Dog Collar

  144. I would get the Hip Doggie Swiss Alpine Ski Vest because Belle has outgrown all of her winter coats

  145. Debbie Bray says

    I would get the top doggie hip longjohns

  146. Michelle L. says

    I would definitely outfit Coco in some of the adorable sweaters and raingear at PetSmart!

  147. The Top Paw® Pumpkind LED Light Up Hat is so cute!

  148. I’d start with the Santa jacket for my senior Bengal cat because she’s always cold, and we could use some holiday cheer.

  149. Since this is just in time for Halloween, I might get Puppy Mister some of the Halloween dragon wings! That would be too cute.

  150. I would buy the Pedigree Perfection Int’l Dot Pajamas on page 8. So cute.

  151. I would get the Disney Eeyore costume

  152. The Disney Miss Piggy Costume. Thanks!

  153. the Blue wilderness dog food, the only brand my sheltie will eat

  154. The panda cat hat, too adorable to pass up!

  155. I would most definitely want to get the Armarkat Cat Tree for may favorite animal on the planet…. Shadow! He so needs one and I would love to gift this to him on Christmas day! I seriously adore my kitty! Thanks for sharing!

  156. tammy shelton says

    I will get the Grreat Choice® Witch Hat for our kitty.

  157. I would get the
    Martha Stewart Pets® Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume
    Top Paw Gel Memory Foam Lounger Pet Bed and
    Martha Stewart Pets® Raccoon Blanket Dog Blanket

  158. Both of my babies need new leashes and collars. I would love to try the Top Paw Glow collars that light up at night.

  159. I like the Grreat Choice® Fish Hat! So cute!

  160. I’d get the DC Comics Superman Costume costume for my mutt

  161. Joanne Willey says

    I would like to get a Halloween costume, Top Paw Bat Costume looks sooo cute!

  162. Kelly Kimmell says

    Our cat needs a new scratching post.

  163. Megan blumenthal says

    I would choose the Martha Stewart butterfly costume dress! Thanks for the giveaway.

  164. I’m loving all the Halloween costumes – my dogs would be the most fashionable ones on the block! My favorite for my black dog, Scarlett is the Top Paw┬« Bat Costume. So cute!

  165. There is the MOST adorable lion costume my little dog needs, and a sherpa coat for the little girl Shih Tzu.

  166. April Farley says

    I love the top paws riders outfits especially the Sheriff one! Ohhh it is too funny! I would so get that for our lil guy!

  167. I would get treats, toys, and food..maybe a costume for Christmas.

  168. I think I’d buy a winter outfit for my Roxie grrrl. She has super super short hair and it gets COLD here in MN. We could do longer walks all winter if she had a coat and boots. Yes, I think she would learn to be very happy for them.


  170. ellen casper says

    I would get the Hip Doggie Alpine Ski Vest for Dogs

  171. I’d get my dog the leopard pajamas and some boots for when it’s cold and rainy outside.

  172. I would 100% pick a rain coat. Maybe something like the Wagwear Rain Vest. I also might get the really adorable Wagwear Fleece Turtleneck. He really needs wet and cold weather gear and I love the styles that Petsmart offers.

  173. ELIZABETH C. says

    One of the items I would choose is the Top paw devil costume. Item: 36-24305. So cute!

  174. Ellie Wright says

    I might get Dallas Cowboys Jersey for my dog, Bentley.

  175. I’d definitely pick up the Hip Doggie Polar Fleece Plaid Hoodie for my Pomeranian puppy–he’d be the cutest pup around.

  176. Tracy Pryor says

    I would get the dog Seattle Seahawks Jersey.

  177. I would definitely get the New York Giants jersey for my dog.
    Lauren M. recently posted..{Friday Reveal w/ #GIVEAWAY} The Night House by Rachel TafoyaMy Profile

  178. My cat doesn’t like wearing a lot of clothes but he does manage with his harness and since this Santa costume fits just like his harness, I think I’ll get him the Whisker City┬« Santa Cat Jacket. I love costumes on cats ­čÖé
    Shane R. recently posted..Cheers to Vegan Sweets Cookbook #Giveaway (8/7-8/15) USMy Profile

  179. Betty Wojnar says

    pink top paw dog boots

  180. Michelle Spayde says

    I would get the Bret Michaels Pets RockÔäó I’m Too Cute Tutu Dress. It would look adorable on my Pomeranian.

  181. Jennifer Rote says

    I might get my dog the Precision Pet Daydreamer Pet Bed.

  182. Debra Guillen says

    I would get the Sweet Pickles “The Beauty Queen” Breakaway Cat Collar and TagWorks Blingz Personalized Heart ID Tag with Crystals

  183. Charlotte Winters says

    My cats eat Fancy Feast cat food. The canned and dry. I also have two birds and two dogs to feed. This GC would buy a lot of food for my assorted animals.

  184. I would get the Top Paw Pumpkin Costume!

  185. I would start with the Top Paw® Lion Costume

  186. i love the puppy hot dog costume. makes me laugh every time!

  187. I would love their Konga Bed for our golden retriever

  188. Erica Barnes says

    I’d get my mom’s dog something from the Bret Michaels Pets Rock toy collection.

  189. Amanda Kinder says

    Two of the things I would probably get would be a collar and a personalized tag for my Siamese-mix kitty.

  190. If I won this I would get the Scoop Free Ultra Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box for my four kitties!

  191. I would buy dog toys

  192. cassandra aubut says

    The Diamond dog tags you personalize

  193. Baltimore Ravens Football Jerseys for my three boys – a pug, shephard mix, and husky mix.

  194. I like the Top Paw® Glow Bone Dog Leash!

  195. Mary Cloud says

    I’d get some of the Butterfly Wings for my girl cats and some treats for them for Halloween
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  196. Jimmy Rector says

    something nice for my cat

  197. I love the top paw dinosaur costume!!!!

  198. Heather Bridson says

    I would love to get them superhero costumes. But I really think new Id tags, collars and leashes would be great!

  199. Holly Kennedy says

    I think Nelson would like the Whisker City® Skyscaper Cat Tree.

  200. Daphne Turner says

    I might start with the Weaver Leather Embellished Dog Collar and work from there.

  201. lissa crane says

    I would love to get my fur baby the DC Comics Classic Wonder Woman Costume for this Halloween! Very fashionable!

  202. Dawn Keenan says

    I adore the spiderman costume for doggies, plus the New England Patriots Jersey.

  203. Seyma Shabbir says

    I would love to get a cat costume for my sisters cat! The Grreat Choice® Devil Cat Hat. hahah

  204. I would love to get a Snoozer Lookout Car Dog Seat and of course a couple cute Christmas sweaters and some toys!

  205. Susan Robbins says

    I love the Disney Eeyore costume for my shitzu mix who loves to be dressed up and have a big fuss made over her.

  206. I would get Missy, my Cocker Spaniel, a super cute Halloween costume! (:
    Sara R recently posted..Cocoa Cravings Cacaos Chocolate Review & GIVEAWAY!My Profile


    I would buy my cat a Grreat Choice® Fish Hat for Halloween

  208. molli vandehey says

    i want to get my cat a costume, and try some fancy cat food

  209. Karen Raider says

    I like the Muttluks Dog Booties for my dog Brandy. She doesn’t like going out in the snow and this would solve that proble.

  210. Dorothy Boucher says

    Top Paw® Glow Bones Light-Up Dog Harness

  211. If I won I would get some football team jerseys for dogs.

  212. I would get each of my dogs some blinging collars and my Min Pin the DC Comics Classic Batman Costume Dress!

  213. Melanie Montgomery says

    I love the flexi® Freedom Soft Grip Retractable Dog Leash

  214. I really like the Top Paws Shark Costume for my dog for Halloween. So cute!

  215. i love the ladybug small pet costume

  216. My big guy needs a new gentle leader and leash; I’d like to get him this set, which is stylish and padded:

  217. Alice Elzey says

    Lots of toys for the cats, a scratcher, and some food.

  218. I’d definitely love to get the Whisker City Santa Cat jacket for my guys for Christmas!

  219. I really like the Cutest. Dog. Ever. Tee
    Tammy Woodall recently posted..PetSmart Fashion For Every Season #FashionistaEventsMy Profile

  220. i would get Top Paw® Cowboy Rider Costume !! super cute

  221. jeanette sheets says
  222. I’d get the DC Comics Classic Wonder Woman Dress Costume for my girl Jewels, a pair of dog shoes (It’s hot where we live and it would protect her paws on hot pavement for walks) and maybe a cute new collar.

  223. My cats will usually only tolerate costumes for a few minutes, but it’s so worth it! I’d love to get the Grreat Choice┬« Panda Cat Hat for my cat Bear,
    Crystal recently posted..Taking An Afternoon Break! #mymikesmomentMy Profile

  224. Crystal Renee says

    The Top Paw Pumpkin costume is so adorable! I want my dog to wear that for Halloween. ­čÖé

  225. Sharon Rooney says

    I would get the Paul Frank Faux Hawk Hooded Sweatshirt and I would love to get him a football jersey but they don ‘t have our team. He is always in always in attendance to watch all of the Sunday games on tv. Mainly for any food that may drop on the floor.

  226. My dog is WAY too big for an outfit, but he’d look awesome in a Petmate┬« Spike and Stud Dog Collar and if I can locate one that’s big enough, a Top Paw Spike Boy Studded Harness. He’s a rock star!

  227. I would buy the Disney® Pooh Costume

  228. richelle bowers says

    I would get Top Paw® Hard Sole Outdoor Dog Bootie Set

  229. If I won the giveaway my top 2 things to get would be the Solvit Car booster seat and the Solvit auto harness for small dogs.

  230. Diane McMahon says

    We are constantly at PetSmart for dog food, treats, and toys.

  231. Sharon McIntyre says

    I need to get some pajamas and winter coats for my 2 little pups!

  232. christine j says

    I would love to get the Hip Doggie Thermal Shirt in camoflauge! so cute!

  233. Barbara Butler says

    I think my callie would look cute in the Witch Hat

  234. Kimberly Flickinger says

    I love the Martha Stewart Pets® Pumpkin Costume!

  235. Steve Stone says

    I would like the BLUE WildernessÔäó Grain Free Adult Dog Food.

  236. I would get the Parka with the removable hood, Dog Socks, and the Raincoat!

  237. I would get some devil horns for my cat and a skeleton outfit for my dog.

  238. One thing i would like to get is a top paw sherpa coat. Its going to be a cold winter. thanks

  239. I so need to pick up some new fleeces for my MinPin so my first choice would be Hip Doggie Polar Fleece Hoodies. With any extras, I would get her a new blanket so she can curl up in it and look like a princess.
    Shai Williams recently posted..RamblingsMy Profile

  240. I think the Martha Stewart Pets Pumpkin Face Sweater is adorable!

  241. Lauren Becker says

    i love the DC Comics Batman Costume for dogs!

  242. Christie Mullen says

    I like the Whisker Kitty glow in the dark collar.

  243. tina reynolds says

    I really like the disney tiger costume and the Top Paw® Hard Sole Outdoor Dog Bootie Set so cute

  244. I have always thought about trying out some of the doggie boots to keep my dog’s feet warm in the snow when he goes out to potty.

  245. Amanda Alvarado says

    I think I’d get the Dallas Cowboys Jersey for our 2 dogs!

  246. I love the Top Paw® Frog Costume. So cute!

  247. Angela Cash says

    I would love to have the Muttluks Fleece-Lined Dog Bootie Set for my pup. She has outgrown her jacket from last year so I would also buy the Pet Life Snow Fashion Parka Dog Coat to keep her warm on our hikes.

  248. I might get the Hip Doggie Swiss Alpine Ski Vest for my dog.

  249. heather eg kaufman says

    I like the DC Comics Batman Costume.

  250. Ally Swanson says

    If I am the lucky winner I would use the gift card to buy some cute winter gear like the Pet Ego Dogrich Italian Coat, the Pet Life Ski Parka, Hip Doggie Alpine Ski Vest for Dogs, the Pet Life Luxury Mink Coat, and the Hip Doggie Ear Muff Hoodie.

  251. I think I’d start out with the Disney┬« Kermit Ride Along Costume. Then get the camera running while the dog tries to get the frog off his back!

  252. I would probably be boring and pick my dog up some food and Greenies!

  253. I would get them a haloween costume

  254. Dana Truitt says

    I wanna get my NuNU (she’s Min Pin) a cute little halloween costume. The Disney┬« Kermit Ride Along’s soooooo cute!!

  255. Gina M (Wild Orchid) says

    I would love to get this for my dog–

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  256. I would get the deShedding tool/brush for cats, 2 panda hats, a few bows and a couple santa costumes. my cats will likely kill me if I try to get them in the costumes, but even if it lasts long enough for a picture it would be worth it!

  257. I would get the headless horseman and the pumpkin Halloween outfits for my dog.

  258. Anita Duvall says

    Gidget would like to have the Winnie The Pooh Costume, The Eeyore Costume, A Pair of Rain Boots, and a Rain Coat!!

  259. Heather Voorhees says

    I would get the All Living Things┬« Halloween Reptile Dragon Wings for my cat’s Halloween costume.

  260. Michele Cupp says

    I would be using it to buy Simply Nourish Dog Food for my Black Lab and Advantix for fleas and ticks.

  261. Anastasia Falling says

    Awwww such cute stuff!!! One thing I’d love to get is the DC Comics Batman Costume for my dog!! ­čÖé

  262. Rachel Travis says

    I would buy the simply nourish dog food and a dog bed!

  263. Katie Amanda says

    Rocket really needs this: Wagwear Rain Vest. Thanks!

  264. oh my gosh, I’d get so much! The santa cat jacket definitely, and some cute bow ties!

  265. I think that I would get the red polka dot and the blue plaid rain coats (they get so muddy and gross here), although some of those halloween costumes are so cute and tempting!

  266. I would get the Top Paw® Spider LED Light Up Costume

  267. Ashley Morrissey says

    Not sure! Maybe a fish for my son!

  268. I would get my Pom the Niners jersey

  269. danielle Marie says

    i would get ots and lots of cat food for my roommates cat.

  270. Rebecca HM. says

    I love rescuing animals! I have my now four permanent fur family members 3 cats, and a small dog. Cats could definitely use new litter boxes, and a scratching post, our little doggie could use some big girl toys. As she has outgrown everything.

  271. I would get the Grreat Choice® Witch Hat for my cat!

  272. I would get one of the Disney outfits!

  273. Our conure could use with a new cage outfitting of the braided perches, the fuzzy tent to sleep in and of course a restock on his nutriberries

  274. Ruth Griffeth says

    Well I looked at a bunch of different costumes for my wonderful girl. My Cocker Spaniel, Halo, she has been in the family for almost 7 years now. She was a pound find that I got for my kids, but she kinda picked me so she is my girl, and she is also my service animal now, for Fybro she calms me down, I see her as my DRAGON, I have to pick the Martha Stewart.

  275. I would get her the Muttluks Fleece-Lined Dog Bootie Set and Pet Ego Hunter Coat to keep my puppy warm during the winter!

  276. New collar and leash and maybe a bed for for the kitties :0

  277. How cute is this?? My 2 dogs would love this, I wish I could enter!

  278. We have a little girl who loves to dress up. She would love to rock this one…
    Bret Michaels Pets RockÔäó I’m Too Cute Tutu Dress.

  279. The Bears jersey for my dog would be adorable!! He’s as big of a Bears fan as I am! lol
    Dominique recently posted..Five Ways To Encourage Your Toddler To Read!My Profile

  280. I have a Norwegian Forest Cat, so I would get her some devil horns (because she is a little devil! ­čśÇ ) and a Santa outfit to use for my Christmas cards. ­čÖé I also love the butterfly wings that they have for cats.

  281. I want to get my cat the Devil Cat hat for halloween–because she’s such a demon!

  282. Marti Tabora says

    I would get the Coastal Pet Products Personalized Dog Collar for my dog and I would get it in the sunset orange color. Because orange is one of his favorite colors.

  283. Sara Theissen says

    For my cat, I would buy the Grreat Choice® Cat Collar.

  284. I like the Grreat Choice® Devil Cat Hat

  285. Sara Sharp says

    The Armarkat Cat Tree is totally cute, I would love it we have 4 cats!

  286. Danielle Porter says

    I like the Disney Eyeore costume!

  287. i would buy some food and treats! and a new toys r us toy! ­čÖé

  288. I would get my dog the KONG® Classic Treat Dispensing Dog Toy and the Top Paw® Headless Horseman Rider Costume!

  289. i would love to buy the dinosaur costume for one of my dogs and one of wonder woman for my other dog

  290. I think I’d be scooping up the Tigger Halloween costume!

  291. The Top Paw Dog Boots would come in handy for the cold winter.

  292. I’d get the dog Disney┬« Eeyore Costume!
    Lisa Weidknecht recently posted..Tomorrowland Movie Trailer #Disney #entertainmentMy Profile

  293. Disney Tigger Costume would look cute on one of my daughters dogs. would buy some more costumes

  294. I’d get the Martha Stewart Black cat pj’s for my dog ­čÖé

  295. Amanda Hendricks-Selby says

    I’d get my cat a tutu and a princess hat, and maybe some wings

  296. Crissie Woolard says


  297. Lots and lots of dog food.

  298. Allyson Bossie says

    I would get this bed for my Akita K&H Feather Top Ortho Pet Bed

  299. The Prevue Pet playtop bird cage is what I would buy
    michelle k. recently posted..Spa Party Take Home GiftMy Profile

  300. I’d pick up a dog wonder woman costume! So cute!

  301. I think I will probably get my dogs Halloween costumes either for this year or next. Also, my little dog gets cold (she’s only 8lbs) really easy, and I think I would like to get her a few more sweaters.
    Jennifer Marohn recently posted..Shop and Learn Cash Register ReviewMy Profile

  302. alena svetelska says

    i like the Hartman & Rose Horse & Hound Dog Collar

  303. kristen mcclary says

    my dog would look so cute in the Wagwear Reflective Raincoat especially because it rains here a lot he would get a lot of use out of it

  304. I would pick the hip doggie polar fleece plaid hoodie as one of the items.

  305. I’d get my cat a pumpkin outfit!

  306. I would get the Martha Stewart Pets┬« Pumpkin Costume Dress, it’s very cute.

  307. Dorothy "DJ" Reynolds says

    I would get my Kane a Pet life Ski Parka for the winter.

  308. One item I would get with the gift certificate is the Hip Doggie Stars and Stripes Turtleneck Sweater from PetSmart. My dog would look great in the olive color and the weather is turning cooler.

  309. oooh definitely the DC Comics Classic Superman Dress!!

  310. crystal sheckles-gibson says

    I love the little hats and tutus for cats. I would have to get the Devil Cat Hat.

  311. I like PetSmart… there many time.s

  312. Brittiany Douglas says

    I would definitely buy my Avery the rain coat! Precious!

  313. Bridgett Wilbur says

    Both my dogs can use top paw dog boots and also a nice warm coat for the winter. Not to mention the Halloween costumes are great.

  314. Kassie Jo Lauhoff says

    I really like the KONG┬« Dog Bed…Its big enough for both my doggies.

  315. Michelle Harasewicz says

    I want to get the Hip Doggie Snowflake Longjohns for my dog.

  316. Jessica H. says

    Oh goodness, I would get both of my cats bow ties and my dog some Top Paw dog boots! Thanks for the chance! (:

  317. Since it’s so close to Halloween (if I get it quickly enough) I would definitely use it to buy the DC Comics Batman costume. Thanks.

  318. Michelle C says

    I like the DC Comics Batman Costume! Thanks for the chance to win!

  319. I got my eye on the Pet Ego Dogrich Italian Coat

  320. Haha I think the Grreat Choice® Cat Collar would drive my kitties crazy! I would love to get them each a Whisker City® Elf Cat Hat for Christmas! Adorable!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com
    Cori Westphal recently posted..30 day Challenge to get fit?My Profile

  321. possibly the DC Comics Superman Costume

  322. Julie Matek says

    I would love the disney tigger costume for my dog

  323. My Sadie girl has advanced arthritis in her hips and back, so she would probably appreciate a hip and joint supplement like Cosequin more than a costume ­čÖé

  324. Jennifer Hiles says

    I would just have to get my pup the Disney® Kermit Ride Along Costume. It is so darn cute!

  325. Wes Hovorka says

    I would get some stuff for my new dog benson

  326. Dawn Monroe says

    Id get the bumble bee costume so my lab can look great on Halloween.

  327. I would get the Glitter Cat Tie

  328. Maryssa T. says

    A Halloween costume for my cat!

  329. Kathy Hanley says

    The first thing I would get is a new outdoor bird feeder. Mine were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy and never replaced. I would get the dog some treats and toys!

  330. sherry butcher says

    Solvit Pet Car Safety Harness, Purina® Beneful® Healthy Radiance Adult Dog Food, Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews Dental Treats, oyShoppe® Talking Cow Dog Toy, Top Paw Elevated Arch Double Dog Feeder and KONG® Comfort Dog Harness & Traffic Loop. Would to buy all this stuff!

  331. I would get the Top Paw Pumpkin and the Top Paw Skeleton costumes for my two dogs.

  332. cindy legg says

    the martha stewart pets best friend pullover and the grreat choice cutest dog ever tee

  333. Shauntea Crutcher says

    I would get the Dallas Cowboys jersey and the Top Paw Skeleton LED light up hoodie if I won.

  334. Courtney B says
  335. Erin Madigan says

    I would get my precious God-dog the Denver Broncos Jersey.

  336. Heidi Daily says

    I would get my chihuahua the Top Paw® Caterpillar Costume, and the Hip Doggie Stripe Cherry Hoodie.

  337. I would get the Hip Doggie Major Trouble Hoodie.

  338. brandi hawn says

    i’d like to get the top paw dinosaur costume to use with my boxer puppy diamond, every time I see that costume, it makes me chuckle ­čÖé

  339. Shakeia Rieux says

    I would get my in-laws dog Boots a Hip Doggie Reversible Puffer Vest,a Hip Doggie Polar Fleece Hoodie and a Top Paw Soft Sole Outdoor Dog Bootie Set

  340. The DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume for my puppy! ­čÖé

  341. My Ralph needs a new winter jacket. An alpine ski vest would be great.

  342. My Cane Corso could use the Hip Doggie Reversible Puffer Vest for when we go camping. He gets cold easily.

  343. Halloween costumes for sure

  344. Heather Dawn says

    I Would get my dog the Bret Michaels Pets RockÔäó Cheetah Hoodie.

  345. Darlene Sullins says

    I would gets some things for my cats like the Purina® TIDY CATS Instant Action Non-Clumping Cat Litter, cat food and treats and an All Living Things® Exercise Small Animal Playpen for my bunny.

  346. I would get some christmas sweaters for my girls!

  347. Tara Liebing says

    I would get our cat the Trixie Palamos Cat Tree. He would love to have something to climb around in/on.

  348. Tara Liebing says

    I would get our cat the Whisker City Rhinestone Specialty Cat Collar. It is pretty cool and very fashionable.

  349. I would get the DC Comics Batman Costume and several other super hero costumes.

  350. I would get my cats some cat scratchers or furniture.

  351. Denise Welch says

    Like a lot of stuff I start with the Top Paw® Lion Costume for Halloween

  352. I forgot to mention that my cats while they are not into outfits or anything would love to have charms for their collars, or maybe even another collar with bling ­čÖé (and bells! I have to hear them coming!)

  353. There are so many cute items from Petsmart this time of year. If I had to pick one item for my puppy, Elizabeth, it would be the Ice Cream Sundae Costume….she would be so darn cute!

  354. Tiffani Jade says

    I would get the Whiskers City elf cat hat for my kitten.

  355. I would buy the winged dragon hoodie costume for my mom’s dog. So cute!

  356. Christanna Tucker says

    I’d get the HipDoggie eyelet dress and vintage bomber jacket.

  357. Cheryl Raymond says

    Cat food and liter!

  358. Edna Williams says

    I would love to have the Hip Doggie Skull Mohawk Hoodie for Dogs. Awesome!

  359. golden storm says

    I would pick the Pet Life Two-Tone Jewel Coat and the KONG® Reflective Control Grip Plus Dog Leash and Platinum Pets Personalized Pet Bowl

  360. Echota Keller says

    We would get a whole wardrobe and some toys for our sweet Pug, Muffins.

  361. I would definitely pick up the Batman costume! So cute!
    Jenn @ hellorigby! recently posted..Whirlwind Month Part 2: Demi & SevenMy Profile

  362. Rose Reeder says

    We probably would buy mostly Hills┬« Ideal BalanceÔäó Adult Dog Food. Great for our dogs.

  363. Sarah Cool says

    I would get my dog enrolled in the petsmart dog training

  364. Melissa C Tippie says

    If I won the $125 Gift Card I would buy toys, cat bed, cat scratching post etc for my son’s pet cat Tiger for Christmas gifts. Thank-you for a great #giveaway ­čÖé

  365. Patricia C. says

    I would love to get our cats a fashionable pet Carrier so they can travel in style!

  366. Sharon Kaminski says

    I would pick up some science diet dog food and a winter coat.

  367. Oh my gosh I’d totally get the Grreat Choice┬« Mouse Hat!

  368. I would go for a Halloween costume for each of my dogs. They need to be fashionable for their “trick or treating”!

  369. Nichole Smith says

    I have fish & pet-smart has a great selection of aquarium products. I would get the Disney┬« Mermaid Minnie Aquarium Ornament and it’s fashion related because Minnie makes hair bows so she’s kind of a fashionista. Right? lol

  370. I would definitely pick up some Halloween collars for my dogs, and probably a new rain resistant jacket for my little dog. I love the Martha Stewart collection so some stuff from there would be great.
    Adriana Reyes recently posted..ARC Review: Out of Control by Alexandra IvyMy Profile

  371. A new bed for buster and food!

  372. I have one dog I might be able to wiggle into a sweater. Otherwise, this great prize would buy dog and cat food for several months for our indoor pets and the neighborhood strays that we feed. Thank you!

  373. Roxi loves going under blankets so I think she would love the Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed
    Janice Crespo recently posted..Baked Meatballs RecipeMy Profile

  374. id give this to my sister who has a teeny tiny dog that she dresses DAILY! she’d love the turtle and the winged dragon costumes!

  375. rochelle johnson says

    All Living Things® Devil Small Pet Costume

  376. Paula Tavernie says

    I would get the DC Batman Costume for my dog!!! He would be so adorable!!

  377. terra j sweeps says

    The skull hoodie would be great for the winter months!

  378. I love the holiday bells cat collar, too cute!

  379. Stephanie davis says

    I want to get Mommacita a browns jersey!

  380. Teresa Thompson says

    I like the DC Comics Classic Batman Costume Dress.

  381. Kayte CookWatts says

    The “Food Critic” bowtie would certainly be appropriate for our cat, Albus.

  382. I’d pick up toys

  383. KaylaSue Simundson says

    I would get the Grreat Choice Butterfly Wings they are so cute!

  384. My little pup needs a Broncos jersey! Also, she could use a little coat to wear!

  385. I would get the Green Bay Packers Jersey!!!

  386. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    I would have to buy the Hip Doggie Swiss Alpine Ski Vest!!

  387. Christine Petchenick says

    Dog booties!

  388. Madison Frady says

    I would get my two blue heelers Patch and Chesney new dog beds.


  389. I love the devil cat hat! What a cutie.

  390. Debra Holloway says

    I would buy stainless steel food and water bowls, a dog harness, and plenty of treats.

  391. Linda Bradshaw says

    If I won, I would get the Kitty Mansions Athens Cat Tree. I have 4 cats and this would be so great to have. Linda Bradshaw , teachinmomma123abc at yahoo dot com

  392. Katy Dutcher says

    New collar and leash:)

  393. Sacha Schroeder says

    If I won, I might get the DC Comics Batman Costume for my lab and the Martha Stewarts glow in the dark skeleton costume for my beagle mix. ­čÖé

  394. I would get Lady some of the wellness dry food. She is getting older and trying to keep her weight under control.

  395. Sarah Munson says

    We always put a sweater on our Puggle in the winter when he goes outside and he’s grown out of his old one and needs a new one!

  396. Sarah Munson says

    Our puggle needs a new sweater!

  397. I would get sweaters for my dogs and lots of greenies!

  398. Brittney House says

    I would like a PetPals Eco Friendly Cat Tree.

  399. probably get food and toys for our cat

  400. I would buy cat food and the Grreat Choice Witch Hat

  401. I would get a Broncos Jersey for one dog and the Green Bay Jersey for my other dog. We love football and Petsmart

  402. Kassie Brown says

    I would buy toys and dogwood.

  403. I would get my boys Wagwear Ski Jackets.

  404. Carolyn Daley says

    I would use the gift card to buy my cats the Whisker City Hotel Cat Tree.

    • Carolyn Daley says

      I would love to buy the Grreat Choice Devil Cat Hat for my mischievous cat Mushu and the Grreat Choice Witch Hat for Nikko.

  405. costana hornbaker says
  406. veronica hay says

    New collars for all of my kitties, we have 3. The cute princess hat and tutu for my two females and definitely a top hat for my big tom cat

  407. joe gersch says

    i would get the
    Pet Ego Home Comfort Traction Control Socks for Dogs

  408. I would get the Batman costume for my dog, Abbott.

  409. I’d get my dog a nice new bed and a halloween costume!

  410. Angela Ash says

    I love the Hip Doggie Puppagonia Rain Parka. There are a couple bad rainy seasons where I live and my dog hates to walk in the rain without a raincoat. The parka would be ideal to help keep her dry and is very fashionable as well.

  411. Laura Fugate says

    I would buy the Grreat Choice Devil Cat Hat. Kitty needs that!

  412. I’d get my pup Tyson a Disney┬« Pooh Costume and my pup Crook a Top Paw┬« Skeleton LED Light Up Hoodie.
    Precisely Mine recently posted..A Peek Inside My Beauty CaseMy Profile

  413. I would get the Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Red!

  414. Melissa Mazzur says

    I would buy dog treats and coats for winter!

  415. I would get the boys a Dallas Cowboys Jersey and some sweaters.
    Happi Shopr recently posted..Chisum Crew and the 2012 Undy 5000My Profile

  416. I’d love the Sweet Pickles “The Jockey” Cat Bow Tie!
    Sonya recently posted..The Oracles: The Mists of Time Amazon/Paypal GiveawayMy Profile

  417. I would get dog food and new toys

  418. feathermaye says

    My little Starbuck really needs a new bed, and I’d stock up on her favorite food and treats.

    • feathermaye says

      And new team wear! We love to have here wearing Houston Texans (NFL) and Georgia Bulldog (SEC) for game days!

  419. Claire Rheinheimer says

    I think I’d just get a Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed for our dog. We don’t really dress him up.

  420. Joan Garrison says

    I would get my cat a new cat tree we had to throw the old one out.

  421. robyn donnelly says

    We would probably get food and supplies for our cat. Maybe a toy or two.

  422. I would get a halloween costume for my dog!

  423. I would buy my black cat a Grreat Choice┬« Witch Hat. She looks like a witch’s cat anyway! Thank you for the fun giveaway.

  424. I would get the Grreat Choice® Devil Cat Hat.

  425. Karen Drake says

    I would get each of my dogs a Martha Stewart Pets® Puffer Vest for winter.

  426. I love to dress Chuck up as a pirate for Halloween. He sits on the front porch with me while we pass out candy.

  427. Michelle McCulloch says

    Whisker City® LED Santa Cat Hat

  428. My dogs don’t like going outside in the rain so I would get them a rain jacket and booties!
    Amanda recently posted..Chase N’ Chomp Review & GIVEAWAYMy Profile

  429. courtney gibson says

    I would get some hoodies and a jacket for are little rescue dog she tends to get cold. I really like the Bret Michaels Pets Rock Cheetah Hoodie.

  430. stephanie baker says

    Fabulous hair is a must in fashion, so I’d love NATURE’S MIRACLEÔäó Jasmine Pear Scented Whitening Dog Shampoo & Conditioner for Jack, my Pomeranian.

  431. I’d get a bee costume for my pup Bella– adorable!!!

  432. I would love the Sweet Pickles “The Correspondent” Cat Bow Tie for our cat.

  433. I would get the Superman dress costume, a reflective harness so she can be safe while she’s strutting her stuff, a heart tag and the fulmination long hair trimmer, so we can keep her hair looking amazing

  434. The Grreat Choice jester collar for cats is hysterical (and I just happen to have a jester costume in very similar colors for me!!!)

  435. Peggy Rydzewski says

    with 2 dogs and 2 cats we would get pet food.

  436. Samantha Daleo says

    I think I would get my Beagle Boy the DC Comics Superman Costume.

  437. Leanne Godfrey says

    I’m interested in getting the Top Paw Bat Wings Hat and the Grreat Choice Pumpkin hat!

  438. Addrienne Mertens says
  439. I love the Disney miss Piggy costume!

  440. I would stock up on dog food, treats & toys

  441. Emily Smith says

    I would buy each of my two dogs some Top Paw Dog Boots and a 49ers jersey!

  442. Susan Smith says

    I like the DC Comics Batman Costume

  443. Linda Crispell says

    I would have so much fun dressing our dog up in the Winnie The Pooh costume. Seriously though,we need a new collar & leash …. fashionable ones of course.

  444. I might get the Disney Eeyore Costume, the Dallas Cowboys Jersey, Martha Stewart Pets® Pumpkin Face Sweater, some raincoats and dresses.

  445. Annmarie W. says

    I’d love to get our Ozzy one of the Martha Stewart Pets┬« Barn Coats in red!

  446. Christina Sparks says

    I like to get Brushing Chews Dental Treats, my one dog has really bad breath and I hope this would help with this.

  447. I would get the skeleton costume for my dog, so cute and spooky.

  448. I would have to get a lot of the Martha Stewart line. Our little rescue puppy needs several coats to get outside in the winter:)

  449. I really like their Whisker City® Santa Cat Jacket!

  450. I’d get the Top Paw┬« Cowboy Rider Costume

  451. Melanie Comello says

    I would get all three of my dogs new beds. In particular the Top Paw Orthopedic Pet Beds! I’m not sure who’d be happier. My dogs, or my hubby, because hopefully that would mean that our st bernard wouldn’t attempt to “sneak” onto the bed with us at night lol.

  452. I’d like to get a new pet bed for my cat, like the Whisker City┬« Animal Print Cuddler Cat Bed at Petsmart!

  453. I would get Boo a skeleton costume for Halloween!

  454. I’d get the Whisker City┬« Glitter Cat Tie for my dapper little shorthair.

  455. Trisha McKee says

    I would get the caterpillar costume.

  456. OH MY! I would HAVE to get two pairs of the Hip Doggie Snowflake Longjohns, one red, one green, for my long coat Chi-wow-wows… too cute!

  457. Michelle Castagne says

    Top Paw Devil Costime is really cute. I would also get the
    Top Paw® Glow Paw Light-Up Dog Harness and lots of other cool stuff for my dog.

  458. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    I like the Panda Cat Hat for our wonderful tuxedo cat and the Whisker KittyGlow in the Dark Collars and the Martha Stewart Pets® Pumpkin Bolster Dog Bed
    Item: 36-24064


  459. Ashley Busse says
  460. Andrea Darst says

    I’d get my two boys each a Coastal Pet Products Personalized Tough Dog Collar so they can be personalized and stylish!

  461. I would get two of the Hip Doggie Mink Sweater Vests for my dogs & two Pet Life Snow Fashion Parka Dog Coats for my dogs.

  462. Dusty Whittaker says

    I think I would use it to get a little Top Fin Aquarium so my 2 little daughters could watch and feed the fishies.

  463. My pets won’t allow costumes but I’d love to get a new collar/leash combo for my dog since his is worn out.

  464. The hot dog costume. I know of a chihuahua it would look hilarious on ­čÖé

  465. Love the pooh costume. thankyou, ken

  466. Kim Keithline says

    I would get a Top Paw Adjustable Stand Alone Pet Gate

  467. Robin Christofaro says

    I would definitely have to go with the Pink Steelers Jersey!

  468. Nicole Carter Weasley says

    I would get the Top Paw® Headless Horseman Rider Costume

  469. Oh, my “niece” needs this cute outfit: Disney┬« Eeyore Costume. I love Eeyore.

  470. Blue buffalo dry pet food!

  471. Jessica M. says

    Pet Ego Home Comfort Traction Control Socks for Dogs is something I’d consider after looking at the website… Also, my dog needs a new coat, he has one, but it is a pretty thin material, I think.

  472. Kathleen Whitney says

    Chew Toys!

  473. Rhonda Scott says

    I would get my dog top paw dog boots, a batman costume and a Sherpa coat.

  474. I don’t think my rabbit would go for it, but I’d love to see him in the turtle costume…then he could be the Tortoise & the Hare for Halloween!

  475. Kristin Welch says

    I would love to get our blue heeler a new collar and also the Top Paw Rhinestone Cable knit sweater

  476. Carolyn Gates says
  477. I might buy the Bissell® Spotclean Pet Plus Portable Spot Cleaner if I won.

  478. I would love to buy my girl a polka dot rain coat! She hates going out in the rain. It would look so cute on her!

  479. laurie damrose says

    I like the Fireman pet rider costume.

  480. Kathy Kuykendal says

    Toys R Us Tunnel Pop Up Cat Toy,Grreat Choice® Ball Cat Toy,Majestic Pet Cuddler Pet Bed, and Armarkat Enclosed Pet Bed

  481. Christian Alejandro says

    I’m a big fan of the Top Paw Sheriff Rider Costume

  482. I really could use this Top Paw Orthopedic Pet Bed for my lab who has arthritis

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  483. I would love to win and give it to a friend of mine who runs a Sanctuary for Senior pets so that she can go shopping for them

  484. I’d get the Top Paw┬« Sherpa Coat for our dog – she gets so cold during winters here in New England!
    Karen recently posted..Nature Made ChildrenÔÇÖs VitaminsMy Profile

  485. Leslie Davis says

    nEW lEACH AND COLLAR AND SOME NEW BOWLS. ­čÖé Sorry about Capslock. ­čÖé

  486. susan smoaks says

    i would get dog food, dog treats and a costume for our baby girl

  487. It gets cold here in the Winter, so I’d get the Top Paw Dog Boots and more winter “clothing” to keep our dog warm when we go outside.

  488. Amanda Petrik says

    Halloween costumes for the pup!

  489. Jonathan G says

    I would pick up dog food & treats for my dogs, and cat food & treats for my cats.

  490. Daniel Scott says

    I like the Martha Stewart Pets® Pumpkin Bolster Dog Bed and the glow in the dark skeleton costume.

  491. Lots of Canidae cat food for my Lily, so she’ll be stocked up through winter. And some cute dog sweaters for her too

  492. Michelle Macaluso says

    I would get the Top Paw Hard Sole Outdoor Dog Bootie Set. It gets so hot in AZ and the doggies need protection on their feet.

  493. I’d love to use it to buy this: Bissell┬« Spotclean Pet Plus Portable Spot Cleaner.

  494. I visit pet smart all the time. I have three dogs and a cat. I would buy them a grooming kit, new doggie beds, a cat tree for her to play on. They have so many wonderful things. Thank you for such a wonderful Fall Fashionista 2014 Giveaway!

  495. Kimmy Ripley says

    I love the Bret Michaels mummy sweater.

  496. Kayci Stanley says

    I’ve been thinking about getting my little dogs some dog boots like the Top Paw Dog Boots from PetSmart. I might get some of those if I won. I would like to keep their paws protected from the salt on the sidewalks this winter. It would look pretty cute too ­čÖé

  497. I would have to get a Green Bay Packers Jersey.

  498. I love the Martha Stewart Pumpkin costume! I’d love to dress my Bailey boy up!
    Caitlyn recently posted..New Theme: PenscratchMy Profile

  499. William Krawic says

    I’d get a Kurgo Dog Life Vest

  500. I would like the Top Paw® Cowboy Rider Costume.

  501. the cat santa jacket in preparation for the holidays

  502. I think precious would be sweet in a super-hero costume

  503. michelle Hill says

    Would love to grab a Halloween costume for her

  504. I want to get Pippi (Australian Shepherd) some boots. I’d also love to get her a rain jacket and a Steelers Jersey.
    Kimberly Hilbert recently posted..Artist Trading Cards for all agesMy Profile

  505. I like the Top Paw Princess Rider Costume and the Top Paw® Glow Flowers Light-Up Dog Collar.

  506. A superman costume!!

  507. I’d get many fashion accessories and clothes for my 3 cats and my dad’s poodle. I really love the Butterfly wings! –>

    I’d also get a very stylish cat carrier!

  508. I’ve got aquatic turtles, and I’ve been wanting to get a larger tank for them. If I won (crossing my fingers and toes), I think that I would get this tank and stand:
    Aqueon® 25 Gallon Aquarium & Stand
    Item: 36-5155553
    Libby’s Library recently posted..Grilling with Kingsford Charcoal and Walmart Beef!My Profile

  509. I would get a Batman dog costume.
    Cecile recently posted..{Book Review} An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial FreedomMy Profile

  510. Katherine Riley says

    I would get the Trixie Moriles Cat Tree, so the 6 cats could have fun.

  511. Brandi Price says

    I would definitely get some new fashionable leashes and collars for my babies!

  512. The Superman Costume would be perfect for my sheltie

  513. I’d totally get Trixie a Bears jersey (but not the pink one, the regular one), the cute “rescued” sweatshirt, the Martha Stewart Pets┬« Monarch Harness (!!!!), the Bret Michaels Pets RockÔäó Logan Skull Dog Collar, and the Martha Stewart Pets┬« Layered Holiday Dress… and maybe some treats too.
    Suburban Style Challenge recently posted..Reminder: The Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event Ends Soon!My Profile

  514. Puppy toys, food, and a puppy costume for my cavalier.
    April recently posted..Maggy London Illusion Dress ÔÇô Giveaway US 10/31My Profile

  515. I would get the Halloween cat collar and santa suit. How cute!
    Melanie K. recently posted..ChildrenÔÇÖs First Aid Cap Comforting Cold/Warm TherapyMy Profile

  516. OMG! The cat costumes!! So cute. I’d totally get the Ladybug Hat and the Devil Cat Hat!
    Kristin recently posted..You donÔÇÖt really love pumpkin.My Profile

  517. melikegarfield says

    I love Halloween and sharing it with my pets! I would LOVE to get them some toys and outfits, preferably DC Comics Superman Costume, DC Comics Batman Costume, the Martha Stewart Pets Bat Tutu, the KONG® Halloween Hedgehog Witch Cat Toy and the KONG® Halloween Feather Mouse Cat Toy.

  518. Martha Stewart Pets® Pumpkin Costume is cute.
    Thanks for the contest.

  519. I was just notified that all of my ÔÇťlikesÔÇŁ from facebook have been wiped for the past 30 days. This is under my ÔÇťMeelie KuempÔÇŁ profile. I am attempting to go back to all 110 blogs and ÔÇťlikeÔÇŁ under another account, but all updates I liked or shared will remain under that profile. Additionally, while I can usually hit edit on the giveaway form and make sure a page is liked under my other account, I canÔÇÖt update the facebook name. My other facebook page is under my full name, Ce-li-na Lun-din Ku-em-per. Hopefully this will not disqualify me, as I spent so much time entering, I look forward to it each year! Thanks either way for the great event!

  520. Well, I will definitely get the Disney® Miss Piggy Costume for my little pig! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  521. I would buy our dog a Bears jersey ­čÖé

  522. I love the Grreat Choice® Devil Cat Hat!

  523. Currently I got my eyes on the Pet Ego Home Comfort Traction Control Socks for Dogs. I’ve heard that these socks are non-slip socks and that’s exactly what I’m looking for! So far, I’m not really having luck with his feet accessories; they are sometimes too big, too small, don’t fit, or sometimes he doesn’t want them! :/
    And the other thing I got my eye on is the Chicago Bears Jersey! *yay* Also the Hip Doggie Snowflake Longjohns! I think that would be perfect for my Chihuahua dog! Along with the Hip Doggie Swiss Alpine Ski Vest! ­čÖé Love the Top Paw┬« Pumpkin Socks! They look so cute!! ­čÖé

  524. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    I would stock up on Wellness® Core Small Breed Adult Dog Food and some toys

  525. Sammantha D. says

    I’d get the Martha Stewart winged dragon costume as well as a Dallas Cowboys jersey for my dogs!

  526. Terry Cross says

    The Martha Stewart Pets “Trick Or Treat” Dress is super cute!

  527. RICHARD HICKS says

    I would like to get their cute Disney® Piglet Costume
    Item: 36-24303

  528. I’d buy butterfly wings for my cat.

  529. omgosh I just love the Martha Stewart Pets® Winged Dragon Hoodie Costume sooo cute and perfect for my moms dog
    Tricia Nightowlmama recently posted..The Book of Life & $25 Visa Gift Card & #BookofLife Prize Pack GiveawayMy Profile

  530. Jeanette Green says

    Love the Top Paw® Skeleton LED Light Up Hoodie! How cute.

  531. laurie brown says

    Hip Doggie Skull Mohawk Hoodie

  532. pup needs new sweater for the snowy winter ahead

  533. Lorina Padgett says

    I would buy my baby a TagWorks Blingz Personalized Heart ID Tag with Crystals and pair it with the Grreat Choice® Princess Cat Hat.

  534. Connie Tucker says

    The Grreat Choice Devil Cat Hat as it truly fit’s our little devil’s personality!

  535. I would get food and litter for my pets.
    Crystal Rose recently posted..Daily Deals: 10/15/14 at Beyond the Rack
    White Gold Plated Pink…
    My Profile

  536. I’d start off with the Top Paw┬« Knit Sweater
    Mimi recently posted..Adventuring With GoProMy Profile

  537. I love the Disney® Eeyore Costume!

  538. a collar and lead for my bearded dragon!

  539. Melissa Masek says

    I would redo my fashionistas wardrobe starting with a new jersey for football season ­čÖé

  540. I would pick up the Pet Ego Home Comfort Traction Control Socks for Dogs..& Top Paw Glow Bone Dog Leash ,,,,,Polar Fleece Hoodies !!!!!!!! TY

  541. Stacey A Smith says

    a cat bed


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