Responsibilities of a Pet Blogger #PetBloggerMonth

Responsibilities of a Pet Blogger #PetBloggerMonth

As a Pet Blogger there are few things more important than spreading Awareness about Animal Health and Wellness. What might be second nature or old news to us is new and important information to our readers, followers, and fans and if the information we share helps care for even one dog or cat or rabbit or ferret or mini pet pig the time spent creating the content was worth it. How does a Pet Blogger share information in a way that educates readers and not looks down on them is what we will be discussing in this post.

We know many of our readers are not Bloggers or Pet Bloggers. The idea to start a Blog might never have crossed their mind or maybe it has crossed your mind but you haven’t taken the plunge. That is ok. The simple act of sharing one of our articles makes you an active participant in helping care for an animal that is not your own maybe giving a pet owner the information they didn’t even know they needed or wanted. Without readers who share our content we would be helping very few. On the other hand I know that there is a large number of Pet Bloggers that visit our Blog on a regular basis.

Responsibilities of a Pet Blogger

Responsibilities of a Pet Blogger

1. Readers, fans, followers, and people that just stumble on a Blog Post from Google and then share with their friends are just as important in the process as the person behind the Blog.

2. Content should be timely. In fact it should come a bit ahead of events, holidays, and seasons in order to start spreading so that when the information is necessary the person that needed to know already does and can use that knowledge to make informed decisions.

3. Not all content needs to teach or inform your readers but a good portion of it should. What you share is up to you, your voice, your blog, your niche, and your brand but it should be authentic to you. Copying and pasting information from a Veterinary Website will not go over as well with your readers as if it comes from your heart.

4. Don’t preach to your readers. You might have a few favorite products and you should certainly share them with your readers but you should also offer options at various price points and various needs. There are foods out there that are too rich for Indiana or not rich enough for Davinia and so they don’t work for us but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a valid option for another dog. Every animal is different and has different needs. In our house we stick to one food at a time and have in the past mixed two lines of the same food in order to be the right mix but I never felt it was an option to feed completely different food. For some that might be the right option or only option due to food sensitivities.

5. If as a Blogger you found out information about a brand make sure you substantiate it before you share it. Telling your readers that brand X creates treats that kills pet on purpose is probably wrong. Killing animals does not help their product get purchased again. Accidents happen, bad interactions happen, bad reaction happen just like they happen with food manufactured and distributed for you and me. Many brands create their food and treats using years of solid research. They have testing, quality check, and retesting to ensure products that leave the factory meet every specification and requirement it is supposed to. If in doubt read a companies website, call their customer service number, reach out to a brand rep and have your questions answered. Encourage your readers to do research themselves and make the calls or send the emails so they they have the answers they seek.

6. Share the life, love, and happiness a pet brings into your home and family. Share the good times, the happy adventures, and the fun you have. But also share the frustrations, issues you face, and challenges that come your way. By sharing all of these times you help your readers come up with solutions to their own challenges you help them in the middle of the night to deal with an issue. You arm them with the information they need in an emergency situation and you help them know how to turn issues and stress into happy adventures.

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