Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Why are we talking Halloween at the end of August? If you haven’t been to the store lately go. Everyone is getting their Halloween sections ready to go. From Candy Corn – yum! to Masks and Costumes all of sorts they are on shelves and ready for you to plan your Halloween fun. Halloween is around the corner even if that corner is over 2 months away, it is time to start thinking about Halloween safety tips for dogs. Keeping your dog safe from chocolate candy consumption or trick and treating mishaps is important. These Halloween safety tips for dogs are easy to follow and a great way to make sure you all enjoy the Halloween season.

Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

1. Keep candy up high.
Avoid placing candy bags and bowls out on tables and counters. Instead, always put them on a high shelf or above the fridge in a secure container or locked away so nosey dogs can’t find them. Not only can the chocolate be harmful so is the ingredient Xylitol as well as the but so can the foil paper and plastic wrappers. Be safe, keep candy up high. As we all know it is best to be prepared so make sure to check out petMD’s Chocolate Toxicity Meter and know your chocolate.

You don’t have to keep your dog treat-less though especially as Halloween in the season of Pumpkin! Dogs love Pumpkin and it is really good for them. Here are two recipes for Pumpkin Dog Treats your dogs will love:
No Bake Dog Treats
Pumpkin Cheesecake Icing Dog Treats

2. Be considerate with décor.
Halloween décor that makes noise or surprises people can be fun and frightful, but your dog may not appreciate it as much. Be mindful when decorating your home, to be sure you are not using anything that may alarm them or scare them. We did a fun post last year on how to decorate with Bats for Halloween that you can find at the Dollar Store! It is a fun way to get into the season without your dog getting upset.

  • Be mindful of where you display things and what they look like from different angles.
  • Don’t make it look like the decor is attacking the house.
  • No glowing eye
  • No things thing that are motion activated and make strange sounds.
  • 3. Be comforting during trick or treating and partying.
    Try not to over stimulate the dog when trick or treating happens. Turn off or cover the doorbell if it excites them, or keep them in a bedroom until the guests are gone. All of the commotion can be scary and stressful for dogs, so be sure to be as comforting as possible. If you need to turn off the lights and go into a room on the other side of the house and watch a movie with your dogs. Most people will skip over a house with no decorations on the outside and the lights off on the inside. If you feel bad leave some candy with a note on your front steps in a covered container.

    If you are having a party in your house find a dark and quite room that you can lock from the outside that your dogs can stay in while the party takes place. While you might allow your dogs to mix and mingle during a regular party you don’t know if one of the costumes will upset your dog which would be worse then the missing out. Give them a special treat or a new toy to play with so it doesn’t seem like a punishment and if when most people are gone a few calm friends in non scarey costumes want to say hello and spend some time with your dogs perfect!

    4. Don’t forget the leash.
    In all honesty leave the dogs home while you are trick or treating. With so many things going on you don’t need the extra distraction or to be distracted when you really need to be paying attention to what your dog just picked up off the ground or to the kid in the crazy costume that just walked by. Take your dog for a long walk Halloween morning or late in the afternoon on Halloween Day when the only trick or treaters that are out are the really little ones. Because it is light out and for the most part will not be in very scary costumes you dog should have no problem with them going by. If your dog has a costume go ahead and let them wear it on your walk. People will notice it and might even run inside to find a dog treat or two for your special trick or treater.

    What Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs Do you Have?

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    1. Keeping candy high up is a biggie, you don’t want dogs getting into all that chocolate!!

    2. These are great tips. I am always sure to check the height of everything for the dog and baby! It’s scary how fast things can go wrong with decorations and candy!
      Chelley @ A is For Adelaide recently posted..A Birth BlessingMy Profile

    3. Oh this is our first Halloween with our dog. It is good to know what to expect. It’s hard because our dog is such a scrounger. If the kids drop a piece of candy, he is RIGHT THERE trying to get it. We have to be extra cautious especially with so much chocolate that is going to come in at Halloween.
      Amber Edwards recently posted..Amazing WorldFoods Thai Chicken RecipeMy Profile

    4. Jenna Wood says

      We have used thundershirts in the past to help keep our pets calm during fourth of july and halloween. These are really great tips though!

    5. Keeping candy up high is a great tip. My dog will get into anything if he thinks it’s food!

    6. These are great tips! I always worry about my dogs when it is Halloween. I usually lock them up in a separate part of the house to keep them safe from getting loose.
      Stefany recently posted..Jewelry In Candles Review and Dazzling RevealMy Profile

    7. We keep Mr. Cooper in a separate room that night. That way the constant doorbell doesn’t drive him bonkers.

    8. My dad & his fiance will love this information. #ThrowbackThursdayLP
      Shauna Hartley-Lynn recently posted..Priority Chef Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler ReviewMy Profile

    9. These are some great tips. We recently adopted a puppy so I am thankful for this post. #ThrowbackThursdayLP
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    10. Thx for linking these tips up over at the thoughtful spot! Hope to see you back soon!


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