pawTree Dog Food Provides Customized Nutrition

pawTree Dog Food Provides Customized Nutrition

We get asked to check out a lot of different brands of food. Some we are interested in learning more about and others we will not share information about. In order for us to talk about a food we have a few criteria that have to be met.

pawTree Dog Food Provides Customized Nutrition

1. The food has to have been created by a company that uses Nutritionists to formulate their food. These Nutritionists have to be given access to research about the individual items that go into the food and have to have gone through food trials before they are ever offered to the public. Depending on the size of the company they can either produce their own research or purchase the research from the few facilities that produce it and offer the resulting papers to others to use in order to create the food.

2. I have to be given access to speak with the Nutritionists, Scientists, and Researchers either over the phone, in person, or in conjunction with a tour of the facility. I don’t sit there and grill the person but I want to hear first hand how and why they created that line of food.

That is why I was so excited when I found out about a new Dog Food Company called pawTree. Not only does that not only is each batch of food overseen by the Vet but the Vet is the one that owns the production facility! Yes, a Veterinarian oversees everything from Research and Development to product testing to production for sale. Not only that but Dr. Bessent has a holistic veterinary practice treating dogs, cats, horses, cattle and birds on a daily basis in southern Wisconsin so she doesn’t spend as much time at the practice as she used to because she is so busy overseeing the high quality food, treats, and supplements that are being created.

pawTree Veterinary advisory council

The pawTree Difference

After getting to meet and speak with Dr. Bessent and the entire Veterinary Advisory Council at pawTree I decided that it was time to put Davinia and Indiana on not only a really high quality food but an entire Nutrition plan that is meant for them to feel their best. I started out by filling in the Pet Profile on Davinia and adding in Indiana. Don’t forget to upload an image of your dog because their image and your special name for their food will be printed on the bag. Fun! You can add and subtract things to your order once your pet’s evaluation is complete and you set the timing for your shipments. Set it so that you know a bag is on the way before you get to the end of the bag your dog’s are eating from.

Customized Dog Food Provides the Nutrition Your Dog Needs

Why we LOVE pawTree

From our first order of pawTree Davinia has not pushed away a single kibble and Indiana has not had a single upset stomach! In our house that is huge. We transitioned slowly starting off with just the food and treats and eventually adding in the Joint Support Plus for their old ones and joints, the Wild Salmon Oil, and the several times a week addition of a few shakes of Superfood.

pawtree review

They also love the dental treats which are unlike any dental chew or stick your dog has ever tried. I knew that if Davinia liked it she would be fine with the required 3 chews in order to coat her teeth. But I was worried that Indiana who will swallow things whole would chew it once or twice and swallow but even she gives it a enough chews to coat her teeth in the good stuff.

pawTree Wild Salmon Oil

Davinia and Indiana have now been eating the food for a full 3 months and love it as much as the day they started eating it. They are currently eating the Duck Formula but if they tire of the flavor or even just to switch it up a bit so they don’t get bored I can always ask to have them on a different formula. But for now everyone is really happy. Their coats look great. They have more energy. Their teeth are getting better. And most importantly everyone is eating and no more upset tummies!

Two Little Cavaliers only talks about products that we feel will benefit other pet owners. We take the recommendation of a food that we eat very seriously which is why we wanted to be on it for a while before we said anything about our long term use of pawTree products. All products discussed in this post were purchased by us. The links in this article are affiliate links to the pawTree Website.

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  1. That sounds awesome! Pierre tends to have sensitive stomach, so I am very careful with the food that he eats. Bentley can and will eat almost any food, but I want him to have a top quality diet. PawTree sounds like a great source.
    M. K. Clinton recently posted..Marvelous Products Osteo-PetMy Profile

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That sounds great. I would love for my dog, Milo, to try this.

  3. This sounds like great food and a great company. I am so glad your pups like it!
    Stefany recently posted..We saw Guardians of the Galaxy and you should too!My Profile

  4. It is hard to believe that there is a product that is this individualized and specialized for dogs! My little old man chihuahua would probably really benefit from this. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. PawTree sounds like a great product. I love that the production is overseen by a vet. I’ll have to try some.
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  6. We love PawTree! Great review!
    Rachel Sheppard recently posted..Feel Good Friday! Norbert: What Can Little Me Do?My Profile

  7. I need to get this for our small dog! He is very picky and demands only the best dog food.

  8. I’ve never heard of this brand before! I’ll have to keep my eyes out for it! I’m always looking to make sure my Charlie has the best!
    Jennifer @ Mom Spotted recently posted..15 Summer Desserts that use Fresh Fruit!My Profile

  9. Your pups are gorgeous. I think that is neat how they personalize the food. Makes it special for each dog and I think the owners would appreciate it as well.
    Carlee C recently posted..Showing Our #JuicyFruitFunSide Through Summer Reading Rewards!My Profile

  10. Oh I want this for my puppy. A neat little thing to get in the mail.
    Tess recently posted..Rambles and Crushes (formerly “Tuesday Things”)My Profile

  11. These look like great foods! I love that the brand is so well rounded- perfect for all breeds!
    Chelley @ A is For Adelaide recently posted..Our San Diego Zoo Trip in Photos! #travelMy Profile

  12. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    Sound like great food and I think it is great that a vet owns the production facility. Your dogs look like they really like the food.

  13. I like that this is specialized. I think that both of my dogs would like it too.
    Stefani Tolson recently posted..WIN a 30 Minute Private Session With #FamilyTalk Spokesperson MJ CorcoranMy Profile

  14. Oh that sounds great?! My dogs would love it too! Might have to sign up myself.
    kristin recently posted..Your Universal Studios Hollywood Super Silly Fun Land GuideMy Profile

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