How to Make Your Deck Dog Proof

How to Make Your Deck Dog Proof

If you have a deck built onto your home, the warmer weather will surely have you enjoying it more. Decks can be a great way to relax and unwind as a family, but if you are not careful they can pose hazards to your pup. Take a peek below at how to make your deck dog proof, so it can be a safe space that the whole family can enjoy.

How to Make Your Deck Dog Proof

How to Make Your Deck Dog Proof

1. Install a gate on the deck. This will help keep your dog on or off the deck if you wish which can in turn keep them safe. A baby gate works great! When looking at houses last summer if they had a deck I wanted to make sure that the dogs could not go down into the yard without my knowing about it. If the stairs going down from the deck were too steep that was also a negative in my book. Our deck which I call a porch or balcony is contained so that the dogs cannot go anywhere.

2. Give your dog plenty of fun toys, a blanket, and some shade. If your dog will be outside for any prolonged period of time and cannot get inside on their own make sure to have water out there with you for your dog. This serves two purposes. It will keep your dog busy and out of trouble and will also cut back on their need to chew and gnaw. This will keep your deck looking great and keep them from damaging teeth on the wood.

3. Use low odor/chemical stains and paints. If your dog will be eating snacks or food off of the deck, you don’t want them ingesting harmful chemicals in the process. If your dog is low to the ground it is also a good idea to steer clear of any harsh chemicals and toxins. Your vet or home improvement store can suggest items that will work well for you.

4. Measure the slats.
You want to be sure your dog can’t slide his head through the slats and either choke or become caught. Measure your slats to see if they may need to be readjusted. If you can’t adjust them, you at least know to avoid this area with your dog. If your dog can get their whole body through or can barely get their head through consider getting some sort of bamboo like fencing that will not allow your dog to get stuck or jump down. It has the added bonus of making the area more private. You could also do away with the slats and replace it with plexiglass if you want to keep the area more open looking.

5. Keep wood smooth.
Always keep the wood in good repair to avoid splinters and slivering. Your dog will appreciate it!

Does your dog enjoy spending time on your deck during the summer? Davinia certainly does. She will go out while I am working and take a nap in the sun or the shade depending on her mood at the moment.

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  1. I am going to be building a deck in my new garden. I will definitely be thinking of your top tips when I do!!
    Lauranne recently posted..#TrainingTuesday – Puppy TrainingMy Profile

  2. Mom has learned never to feed us on the deck as inevitably crumbs fall in between the deck boards causing us to try to lick between them or claw at them to get the piece out. It’s much more fun finding the crumbs in the grass.
    Emma recently posted..A Beautiful Spring EmergesMy Profile

  3. Mark munoz says

    What to put between the slats on the Redwood decking so the paws of my puppy won’t slip through.

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