DIY Chemical Free Barbeque Bug Bomb

DIY Chemical Free Barbeque Bug Bomb

DIY Chemical Free Barbeque Bug Bomb

I cannot believe that July 4th is next week. I am not exactly sure how Spring became Summer and we are at the end of June.

During the summer with the longer days and nice weather people tend to spend more time outdoors. That outdoor time includes meals which means BBQ. Do you love to grill out at night but hate all of the mosquitoes that want to join you? Nothing ruins a good time faster than a bunch of nasty bug bites. To repel these bugs, you might think you need to spray some chemical filled toxic products or really smelly natural ones that make you just want to go insid. Well the good news is, there is an alternative.

Next time you gather outside to feast, try one of these chemical free barbeque bug bombs instead. This way, you can focus on your food (while your dog focuses on you dropping the food) instead of bites.

Here is what you will need:
Rosemary sprigs
Sage springs

Find these fresh springs at your local gardening center. You can even grow these plants in your own flower beds and gardens and just pick the sprigs as you need them. Fresh is best for this project.

Directions for your DIY Chemical Free Barbeque Bug Bomb:

1. When lighting the grill, place the sprigs on the coals or grid of the grill.
2. Keep the heat on low for several minutes. It will begin to toast and then burn the sprigs.
3. You will notice a smoke rising. This is the natural oils in the sprigs burning. A wonderful scent will be released.
4. As the scent is released and the smoke travels, bugs will be warned to bug off. The scent will repel them and you can enjoy a few hours of pest free eating.

How easy is that? You can repeat the process as much as you would like and as much as is needed! Don’t worry about over doing it, there is no such thing. Burn as much as you would like to control the pests.

Give this trick a try the next time you want to cook out with your friends. It is a great way to keep the area free of pests without using any harsh chemicals that may pose a hazard to children or pets!

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  1. That is such a great and creative idea. I bet a lot of people will be using this.
    Katherine G from La La Land Mommy recently posted..Grr! My Time Management Skills Suck! This Mom Needs A Schedule!My Profile

  2. Great idea! I’m going to try this for just sitting out on the patio. The bugs are horrible. Thanks for sharing.
    Dawn recently posted..Fun Bouncy Balls!My Profile

  3. So simple – that’s brilliant!!
    Lauranne recently posted..Claiming back my life….. and trying not to burn down the fence in the process.My Profile

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