Animals of Alaska

Animals of Alaska

Animals of Alaska
There is no shortage of animal sightings in Alaska. The animals of Alaska are found on land and out at sea. Alaska has a large population of Grizzly bears, black bears, moose, caribou, deer, foxes, Dall sheep, Big Horn sheep, and wolves. In the ocean, Alaska is home to the white Beluga whale, and Humpback, Grey, and Blue whales as well as sea lions, seals, and otters. In the sky, the two most sought after birds to see are the Bald Eagle and the Puffin. If you are an animal lover, you have to visit Alaska!
The Dall sheep is found up high in the ridges of the mountains. It finds safety up top and comes down into the prairies to eat the grasses. They have their young in the spring and within a day are making the trek up the mountain to safety, if they weren’t born up there already. Dall sheep have a beautiful thick white fur coat that keeps them warm all winter long.

Animals of Alaska Dall Sheep

The moose is one of the largest land mammals and is a sought-after sight for many people visiting Alaska. Just like with Elk, the males will lose their antlers every year and grow them back in the spring. The cows give birth in early June and spring the summer eating all the flowers and grasses that they can find.

Animals of Alaska Moose

Grizzly bears can only be found in Alaska and northern Canada. Seeing them in the wild is a rare and awesome sighting. They typically eat fish when the salmon are spawning in the rivers. In the spring though, you can often see them on the highways as they eat their favorite flowers, the dandelions.

Animals of Alaska Grizzly Bear

When boating in the Gulf of Alaska it is not uncommon to see mammals sunbathing on the rocks or to have whales breaching in the bay. As you get closer the sea lions honk at you in hopes that you will go away. The porpoises will jump in front of the boat to see if they can swim faster than you. It is not uncommon to see otters holding hands and floating on their backs in the bay.

Animals of Alaska Sea Lions

The animals of Alaska are amazing. A few you will only see in this small area of the world. These animals are majestic and magical and a huge part of this wonderful ecosystem.

Thank you to our reader Kristi for sharing her Alaska Journey with us and for letting us see some of the Animals of Alaska up close and personal!

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