Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool this Summer

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool this Summer

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

When temperatures begin to soar, you will need to work hard at keeping your dog cool. With all of their heavy fur, they can overheat a great deal quicker than humans, so keeping their temps at bay is essential. Take a peek below at some helpful tips for keeping your dog cool this summer so you can enjoy a season of fun in the sun.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool this Summer

1. Keep fresh water out 24-7
Work extra hard during the summer at keeping fresh water out. Water bowls should be cleaned regularly and filled so your dog always has access. You may even wish to keep multiple bowls out in the summer so your dog never has to venture far for fresh water. Cold but not iced water is the best option for your dog. Ice water after a long play or exercise session can harm your dog. It is best to help them cool down gradually.

Take your dog to the groomer to get a haircut and eliminate some of that extra coat. It will help them feel cooler and remove some extra weight from their bodies which is sure to help as well. Though I will caution you to be mindful of your dog’s haircut. Most dogs have a coat that help them regulate body temperature so shaving it off is not ideal. Making sure to groom them regularly to get rid of dead undercoat and keep them bathed will help their coat function as it is meant to.

3. Offer shade.
If your yard doesn’t have any natural shade, provide some with a canopy. If your dog spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer, they should have a retreat they can go to if the sun becomes too much. Make sure that your dog has somewhere cool and out of the sun for indoor rest as well. Be careful where you place their crate or favorite bed so that it is not in direct sunlight. A fan to help circulate the air as well as open windows or air conditioning is a must for the summer months.

4. Watch the forecast.
If temps rise too high, the weather man may advise to leave pets indoors. Be sure to watch the daily forecast so you know if there is a threat of hot temperatures. This way, you can let your dog out to use the bathroom and quickly bring him back in.

5. Open a vent.
Open floor vents so your dog has the chance to soak up the cool air. They will love napping on these cool spots and soaking in the relief.

What other things do you do to keep your dog cool?

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  1. Great tips , thank you so much for sharing this post that is very useful now that summer is near
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  2. We have the kool kollars that get filled with ice for us when we go on a walk. They work well.
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