5 Common Pet Owner Mistakes

5 Common Pet Owner Mistakes

Dog owners can become quite busy with the hustle of everyday life. And so, they may find themselves skipping out on some necessary precautions that can protect their pet. These 5 common pet owner mistakes that many dog owners make, and don’t even know they are making could cost you your relationship with your beloved pet. By being vigilant and mindful of your actions, you can avoid these mistakes and provide a safer environment for your dog.

5 Common Pet Owner Mistakes

5 Common Pet Owner Mistakes

1. Always use a leash.
When out in public, never take chances. Always put your dog on a leash. Even if your dog has never in his life ran away before, you still want him in some sort of restraint should he become easily spooked by something, want to chase a wild animal, or smell something good on the other side of the street. This will also help you guide him away from potentially dangerous situations. With Cavaliers I would never let them off leash in an open area. the first bird, rabbit, squirrel, or butterfly that they spot and they would be off on an adventure without me. We stick to being on the leash when not in our own yard or at the dog park.

2. Don’t over feed.
We love seeing our dogs happy, and sometimes it can be easy to over feed them. Find other ways to shower your dog with love besides just showering him with treats. When your dog is overfed, he becomes prone to a variety of health problems.

3. Always supervise your dog around children.
Even if your dog has done well around children, you may have him around children who don’t do well around dogs, don’t know how to interact properly with a dog, or do something your dog does not appreciate. Never take chances. Always be within close proximity when your dog is around children.

4. Don’t brush off symptoms that last more than a day or two.
If a health symptom seems to be nagging for a few days or more, it is time to see a vet. Don’t ignore any issue even if your dog doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. Dogs are stoic creatures and do not always want you to know when they are in pain. Your vet has been trained to evaluate issues and determine what the proper course of treatment should be.

5. Don’t assume your home is pet proof.
Before leaving your home for a length of time, always do a quick walk through to make sure any items that can pose harm are put up. Just because there was nothing harmful yesterday does not mean that there isn’t something left out by accident today. At the Two Little Cavalier House we avoid the situation altogether because Davinia and Indiana are crate trained. Davinia used to get in all sorts of trouble when she was home alone before we discovered the crate. In fact she told us she wanted a crate of her own when we got one to crate train Indiana when she was a puppy. WHen the crate was set up and the bed put inside Davinia ran in and claimed it for herself.

What other mistakes do you think people make when it comes to their dogs?

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  1. Excellent points. I think more potential pet owners should research the breed of the dog to be sure it is getting all the activity it needs. Some dogs require more activity than others. Those that don’t get the proper amount of activity sometimes get into trouble by chewing on walls, etc. Then the poor dog is blamed. This can usually be avoided by doing homework before you adopt. Your doggies are so cute.
    mariodacat recently posted..Redefining Food Is Love #HillsPetMy Profile

  2. Great list. I think a lot of people get complacent and don’t think about the “what ifs”. I think another mistake is that people expect too much out of their dogs. They expect the dog to tolerate children, deal with other dogs jumping on them, and happily greet every person. Dogs have limits too!

  3. I think a top tip is to make sure you don’t become complacent about spending quality time with your dog.
    Lauranne recently posted..Try training your own dog!My Profile

  4. Mom experienced number 5 last year. Every year she has jelly beans in a bowl on the coffee table at Easter time. No one has ever disturbed them. Last year she came home and I had eaten half of them, the rest were on the floor. Our house is always in pet proof condition, but for some reason, that day I decided to eat jelly beans. Luckily they were not harmful, and since then, no candy is left out.
    Emma recently posted..How the #BestDogEver is Enjoying the Pawsome WeatherMy Profile

  5. It is easy to assume that your dog won’t get into anything while you’re gone. We put Pierre in his kennel when we leave, but Bentley is free to roam the house. I always put rubber bands on the cabinets that have hazards even though he has never gotten into them. Flat screen TVs need to be anchored for security. Pets, children and even adults can be killed or seriously injured if it gets knocked over.
    M. K. Clinton recently posted..Leaving the Dogs Behind for VacationMy Profile

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful articles about the common pet owner mistakes. i give my pets more treats to make them happy. This article helped me to understand that overfeeding led to health problems.

  7. Great great list that I am going to pin in hopes lots of pet owners will read. I especially relate to pet-proofing your home before you go out. We have a 6 month old puppy who eats everything that’s not nailed down so this one is especially important to us!

  8. Thanks for linking up to Tips and Tricks!
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  9. What great tips! Thank you for sharing at The Wednesday Round Up! We hope to see you back next week!
    Emily @ Love, Pasta and a Tool Belt recently posted..Comment on The Wednesday Round Up #25 by EmilyMy Profile

  10. Great list! I wish I could say that Not leaving them in a hot car would be an obvious one, but we see it way too often around Hotlanta. Thanks for sharing!
    Steph recently posted..15 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas you still have time to make!My Profile


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