CleverPet Equals Happy Healthy Well Adjusted Pets #Tech #Dogs

CleverPet Equals Happy Healthy Well Adjusted Pets


Enter CleverPet a company I was introduced to by my sister. Her friends from Grad School are the Scientists that created CleverPet. After a long Sunday Night chat with their Chief Science Officer I can tell you this is not a fly by night product. This product will help your dog learn! CleverPet was developed on the back of 11 years of creating hardware and software to interact with animals. It is their specialty and passion and really shines through in the product.

What is CleverPet?
Step by step it teaches your dog to engage with it when you cannot be around to keep your dog company. It gives your dog a job which means it makes your dog happy and busy while you are gone. It builds on simple behaviors in a step by step process leveling up as your dog successfully performs the tasks given. Your dog is rewarded for each correct response through the release of their breakfast kibble! Instead of scarfing down their food as you run out the door in the morning they eat slowly and have to work for it. Their brain is put to use figuring out how to get the reward. The best part is you measure out the amount your dog receives over the course of the day so that you know exactly how much your dog is eating.

CleverPet Equals Happy Healthy Well Adjusted Pets

With CleverPet, we can be proactive about addressing dogs’ needs to be engaged throughout the day. With stimulating games we’re directing their energy in appropriate directions, and even teaching them new things. – CleverPet Chief Dog Trainer Graham Bloem

You can check on your dog throughout the day via the CleverPet website and mobile app for real time updates to see how much of their food they have been rewarded as well as what level they are on.

This product has a real use in so many pet homes to help enrich the lives of pets.

CleverPet is the real deal but they need your help to see their project come to fruition. The creators of CleverPet are scientists. They know how to create tools to interact with animals in order to make their lives more enriching which means they make animals happy but in order to get this tool into the homes of pets across the World they have created a Kickstarter Campaign to help raise the capital so that this product can hit store shelves in 2015! While they would love for you to become a backer it is just as important to get the word out and help promote the campaign. If you could click on any or all of our share buttons that would be amazing and CleverPet would be very thankful.

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CleverPet Happy Healthy Well Adjusted Pets #Dogs #tech

CleverPet is a learning console that engages and teaches your dog. It uses scientifically proven techniques to offer interactions that adapt to individual dogs’ needs. – CleverPet

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